Final Decision: Pub Shot 2023

So we were getting a clear winner there when Mollie chimed in and pointed out that head shots were out of date and that the half-body shot was current. Good news: I actually had that for the one that was winning here, so I got to please Mollie AND Argh:

But I think I might use the one where I’m cracking up (Patricia Gaffney is a very funny lady) as my avatar:

I’m not sure because Bob says it looks like I’m yelling at a raccoon.

But I thank you all for your input and support. You’re the best.

I was pulling all the pub stuff together and realized that this is my thirtieth year of publication. Manhunting was published in 1993, and now Liz and Vince in 2023. Not sure what that means. Maybe I’ll just get Krissie down here and make Pat go out to lunch with us and they can lavish praise on me. With lots of snark. That could be fun.

Below: Avatars from the 90s, the 2000s, the 2010s, and the 2020s.

Can you tell that second one was a professional studio shot? I love the glassy eyes. And then in the next decade I loosened up and wrote a ghost story. Good times.

36 thoughts on “Final Decision: Pub Shot 2023

  1. You look great and svelte in that outfit, so it’s lucky that body shots are now in style. ( although that term makes me picture men plucking little shot glasses off some prone model)
    You have a wonderful smile!

      1. Remember when you were asking for business names that had a agenty twist? I’m pretty sure we forgot Headshots- can’t believe it!

    1. I don’t know. Bob does the publishing. Which is unfair, but he won’t let me help, aside from managing the covers which Alisha actually designs. And to be honest, I keep offering, but I’m not pushing him to let me help.

      1. Alisha is a wonderful designer, please let her know she has a knack for art that let a reader judge a book by its cover-witty, colorful, entertaining… Taf

  2. These are great. You look fab and it looks like you had loads of fun on your photoshoot. Hats off to you. And to Pat for taking the pics. Great background choice:)

    I had no idea portrait pics were more in style than headshots for authors, so yay Mollie for pointing that out.

    Related question: How are you liking your first experience with indie publishing so far? Very impressive that amidst your move you’re getting so much done so fast but somehow I’m not surprised!

    1. Bob’s doing all the work, one of the many reasons I really love indie publishing. It’s less stressful (publishing will always be stressful but this takes so much control back that it’s doable) and less waiting and more rewarding. And again, Bob does all the work.

  3. I love seeing all the old pictures and the new ones are really lovely. You look very happy (though the grumpy one was fun too).

  4. I’m glad you chose the happy shots. They reflect how your writing makes me feel. And I want to add my congratulations for 30 years of publishing. Manhunting, and Maybe This Time, are two of my of my all time favourites, (not to mention everything in between which are equal favourites). And now there are even more books to look forward too. Oh joy.

  5. love these. it’s a comfort to me, pictures of someone older than me who looks like she’s having fun.
    I hope this sounded right, complimentary, you know. Sometimes I really can’t tell. Been having a very hard month. not having fun even when there is fun to be had.
    which leads to avoiding everything so I missed the last many pages here.
    I’m doing the insomnia thing in someone else’s house waiting for another funeral tomorrow and somehow managed to remember how cheering this place can be. and then I end up with delightful pictures! with actual delight on my part.

    I treasure this blog even when I can’t bring myself to read it.

    1. Oh, dear, Clancy! I’m glad you remember that Argh has your back, and often your funny bone. I’m sorry to hear about your continuing losses. Take care. Stay here.

  6. These posts about photos of you, Jenny, are wonderful. I love seeing what you look like — which is far better in the 2 more recent shots than in the first 2. Partly because these shots look real.

    I’m happy to know that you’ve moved close to a friend, that you’ve gained more rooms, and that you’re juggling everything in life just as you did before. Love your smiles.

    1. Well, you know, I did wonder about shoving pictures of myself at people. “Here, LOOK AT ME. Also, read my books.” But I needed the feedback. Thank you all for playing along.

  7. Congratulations on 30 years of publishing! Thanks for sharing these pictures—and all your adventures along the way.

  8. Congratulations on 30 years of publishing – and a very sincere thank you for 30 years of creating awesome communities, both in your books, and online.

  9. Um! Just wondering if Bob is updating his picture also? Asking for a friend.

    Wow! Thirty years of publishing that means I have reading your books for thirty years. Congratulations!

  10. Joining the group in wishing you much congratulations on 30 years in publishing and to let you know that the photos you’ve selected are delightful! It is indeed a pleasure to see you smiling and laughing! You do not look like you’re yelling at a raccoon.

  11. I love the shot you picked! You look happy.

    Congratulations on 30 years of publishing! Manhunting remains one of my favorites (I think I own it in print, ebook, AND audio!) so maybe I’ll pull it out and read/listen to it in celebration of you! (Not that it’s easy to pick a “favorite” among your books, honestly.)

    I can’t *believe* it was your first book! I never would have guessed.

  12. Love the new headshot – you look much younger and happier. I’d’ve gone with that for your avatar, too, because you’re looking at the reader.

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