Everything Else

There’s a lot of random in this blog.  Eventually everything ties to something else, but sometimes you just need an attic to stow the stuff that doesn’t fit in a neat category.  That’s this stuff.

Ever wonder how Jenny sees the Big Picture of her story world while she’s writing? That would be the collages she makes.

Sometimes words on the page all start to look alike. Collage helps break that mental logjam, but so does crochet.

You know those songs that are in some of the stories?  Jenny played that music (and more) while she was writing.

Have you ever noticed how much some of her heroines cook and bake?  Jenny made most of the food featured in her stories, including trying ten thousand different kinds of banana bread to arrive at the one that Andie makes.

Setting plays a big role in Jenny’s books so it’s not that surprising that she spends some time on the places her people live and work in. A lot of time, actually. Floor plans, anyone?

Ever wonder how Jenny gets her titles (sometimes against her will)?

Want to know where in the world the Argh people are? Look at the World of Argh map.

Yep, this is the attic of the blog.