Today Was Headshot Day

Because I haven’t had a new head shot for about fifteen years, maybe twenty, today I dragged Pat Gaffney out to the little fake waterfall beside our favorite grill and said, “Headshots, I need them.” And she was, as always, a peach, and took a million of them.

Among them were a few flukes like this one, which I am going to send to Bob whenever I’m annoyed at him:

And this one, which will always remind me of how much fun I have with Pat:

But now I have narrowed the choices down to six. I think I know which one I like best, but of course Argh must weigh in on it.

I asked Bob which one he liked best and he picked this one:

So not a help. I e-mailed Pat and Mollie and Krissie, too, so now it’s over to you, Argh. Which one of those three headshots scares you the least?

76 thoughts on “Today Was Headshot Day

    1. Moi, I like top left best — or bottom right, which appears to be basically the same photo, just not so closely cropped.

      Of course, the scowl is a gem, the embodiment of Aaaaaargh!!!

  1. The three photos where you are smiling and wearing your glasses. I like the glasses. You look amazing.

    1. I could only see three photos at first. Out of the six together. I would go with one, three and six.

  2. Looking at the 6, which are in two rows and 3 columns, my favorites in order are:
    Best: row 2 col 2
    2nd: row 2 col 1
    3rd: row 1 col 1

    The scowling one is fun! 😉

  3. To add to the absence of consensus: From the top left, the first two look over-cropped to me. From the bottom left, the first two show too much of a busy background. Of the rightmost ones, I slightly prefer the bottom one, but the top one is a close second.

    1. Agree with all of these comments and agree with Patrick’s final choices. How’s that for a smattering of consensus?

  4. I like the bottom left, too. Of course I’ll check this again tomorrow and come to a different conclusion.

    1. I’m shocked to find that so many agree with me. My favorite is the bottom left one as well. It looks both friendly and approachable to me.

      1. I agree, bottom left is the most becoming of the good pics. Save the scowl for when Bob deserves it…
        Have fun with the rest of your sorting and settling in after your move. Taf

  5. You are limiting yourself. Visit any of several GIF Maker websites and use all six photos rotating at some interval. They all look good to me but keep Annoyed Jenny because reasons (Bob).

    1. No, no, this is for publicity. When people ask for a head shot, they want a small picture that just shows the face. As in, “Look, the author has a face.” Nothing gaudy or moving.

  6. Bottom left and bottom middle. Maybe photoshop away the extra-flyaway hair? A little hair flowing in the breeze is good but you probably don’t want too much.

  7. Upper left or bottom right if it’s really just a headshot you need. Bottom left if you want something less close up. You look most happy and relaxed in those

  8. Bottom left and bottom middle – both eyes visible in glasses frames, great (authentic) smile. Looks like someone who who writes fun, wicked, witty, kind books.
    I’d crop a little closer to the face, to minimise busy background and fly away hair.

  9. I realize this isn’t helpful, but I actually like the scowling pic the best . . . if you weren’t scowling. Your glasses are very cool, but they just take up so much space and it’s hard to see the expression in your eyes and those amazing cheekbones. Are there any smiling pics without the glasses that you like?

    1. I’m squinting in all the ones without my glasses.
      I actually like the scowling one, it’s the real me, but I don’t want to scare readers.

      1. I love the frames on those glasses, and saving the scowl for when you want that reaction for Bob is a good idea.
        When I first used Photoshop after work it caused me to lose track of three hours while I was playing with it. That was decades ago but even early versions of that software had wonderful tools and menu options. Taf

      2. Awww, that’s too bad. Also, you know we don’t scare easily. 🙂

        OK, of the six, I like the lower left as just a good fun pic of you.

        But for an author headshot, unless you’re planning to go unconventional, I prefer the top center and top right (which I swear are the same pic). I like the more gentle smile for an official pic and I think the head tilt to that side looks better.

        1. They were taken really close together, like seconds apart.
          Unless I uploaded the same pic twice. Always a possibility.

      3. I like that best too – it embodies a great ‘don’t fluff my duck, sunshine’ intent. That said I think choose the one that you think best reflects you. The all have a great vivacity which is what I get from your strong book characters.

  10. I prefer the top left one, with the top middle one coming second.
    These minimise the distracting background, and your hair looks less wind-tousled. The top right as well as the bottom row make both distracting elements more prominent.

    The lower row, with more background showing, would (I think) be less suitable for the sort of small head-shots of authors you see on the dust covers or back covers of books, while the more cropped top row centers you, the author’s portrait, looking as if a reader could have some good fun and laughs with your stories.

  11. First two on the bottom row. And Bob’s favourite of course. Nothing wrong with two pictures of yourself.

  12. If I had to choose, top left and bottom right.
    I have had the most horrendous pic taken for my driving licence renewal. I wish I could look half as good as you in those photos.

  13. I vote for bottom right, but cropped slightly less, so there’s just a tiny bit more background. Also, whichever you choose, can you get Photoshop or something to blur the background? That’d solve the distracting background problem and might give you more photo choices.

  14. These are so cute! I like the Angry Jenny one a lot, but from the 6 grid, I would use the middle bottom one. To me it seems the most relaxed, and I like that the frames of your glasses are not blocking your eye.

  15. Obviously, the top “Bob” pic is the best! 😀
    I like the center bottom of the six -pack. It seems like the best combo of relaxed, profes, interesting, great smile, and lovely.

  16. I like them all, and I can see I’m not alone in that (they’re all getting picked, right?). My favorite is the top left and my second favorite is the bottom right. I think that’s the same shot, just with more background in the bottom right? I like the background–it’s pretty–but I prefer that your face take up more of the shot. I think you look good in all of them (nice job, you and Pat), but I think you look most friendly and approachable in that shot. Even if you don’t feel that approachable, it makes a nice book jacket photo.

  17. I like the top left. It minimizes the background and it’s my favorite smile. The ones where you’re leaning into the rocks seem to be sending a message, more “I love the rocks” or “I’m heading toward the rocks” than “I’m rocking out.”

  18. Any of these would be fine, but since you asked #4 AKA bottom left, for no discernible reason

  19. I’m also Team Bottom Left. Having met you in person, it seems the most “Jenny” to me of them all.

    I have to update my author photo too. It still has dark brown hair and is about 25 lbs ago. Sigh.

  20. Top Left is an excellent head shot for back book flaps and other promotional items. The bottom middle one is also excellent for flyers, events, journalism articles about you. I like these two the best because your eyes are visible through your glasses frames, your face tilt is complimentary, and your smile is genuine – not too wide, not too posed.

  21. For headshot I like row 1 pic 1

    Also love both the scowl ans the having fun 1.

    Once upon a time I had a pic of you & I together taken at the Loiusville signing for Maybe This Time. I lost it somehow years ago!

  22. Get those rocks outta there! In that case, I’ll take any headshot as long as it is top right.

    How elegant you look these days!

    1. You know you used a good photographer when people like all of the shots. It is great to have a friend take the photos so you are relaxed and happy during the shoot. Good for you Pat and Jenny! Taf

  23. For publicity, I would go with bottom left or top left. All six are great but I think that top left in the bottom left shows your great sense of humor and your kindness. And all of those things are true and your fans will love them. Actually, I’m just running into the same problem. I haven’t changed my head shots in six or seven years so now I pulled a few from jury duty which my agents approved.

    I gotta tell you I think you look fabulous. Even better than you did. 11 years ago.

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