Color Me Happy

I’m SLOWLY getting the house turned out, and while I’m doing that, things are turning up, including some bright quilts and a lot of bright yarn. So happy making. Makes me want to paint the whole house bright yellow. Well, it is yellow on the outside, and of course the bedroom would stay pale blue because that’s so restful, although my bedroom is pink, but since it’s mostly windows and a lot of white woodwork . . .

Color is happy-making, is what I’m saying.

Also, dogs.

What made you happy this week?

Cherry Saturday, September 14, 2019

Today is Housekeeper’s Week, which means this is not my week.
It’s also Cream-Filled Doughnut Week, which means it’s really not my week.
It’s also the day I realized that while my plan was to cut the first scene sequence of Act Two from 9,984 words to 5000 words, I have only cut it to 6500 words, and while I might be able to winnow down another hundred or so, that’s about it.

It’s really truly not my week.

But if you like housekeeping and cream-filled doughnuts, this is your time, baby. Go for it.

Happiness is . . . uh, I don’t know.

Something’s up with the blog.  No idea what, but we’ll be on it.  If something horrible appears on here though, we’ve been hacked.

Wait, it’s happiness Sunday.  Okay, how about it’s gorgeous September weather and . . . I’ll have to think.  Ice cream sandwiches in the freezer?  Happy dogs?  A great new crochet project?

You tell me.  What’s happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, September 7, 2019

September is Read a New Book Month.

Or as Argh calls it, any month, any day, any year . . . .

Although the lure of comfort reads is great, the pleasure of finding a great new book is better.   As for me, my plan is to start writing a new book soon.  That’ll be a thrill, let me tell you.

What new book did you read that was wonderful?

Happiness is Green

The Washington Post just did an article on some research that showed people are happier if they go somewhere that’s green, which Ellen Green already knew.  I couldn’t agree more: Whenever I start to freak, I look out at the trees and feel better.  Go sit in a park, Argh People, or your back yard if you have one.  Green is good.  

Also, it September first.  Happy New Year!  Oh, and also if you’re American, Happy Labor Day!

So how were you green with happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, August 31 2019

Today is the last day of August, which means it’s the eve of a new year.  My years always start in September, my favorite month.  The weather is perfect, there’s excitement in the air, and you can hear high school bands practicing in the distance.   Also, that’s my birthday month, so yay me (waving to all you Virgos out there).  

It’s also Trail Mix Day, if you want to be picky, but for me, it’s New Year’s Eve.

Admin Note: Do Not Use Bleach To Clean

I was getting ready for Krissie’s visit (she’s here!) and scrubbed my dirty floors with spray cleaner with bleach.  Then I noticed I was breathing funny and coughing.  I’m still coughing and hacking today because I poisoned myself with bleach fumes.   Awful.  And now, because of that bastard Tom Hiddleston, I have to drive Krissie to Rockaway to catch the bus to NYC so she can see him in a Pinter play.  (I like Hiddleston, Pinter not so much.) Also in Rockaway, the Genius Bar and Panera for bread, although I may just come back home and try to breath.  All of which is to say, I may not be around much until Saturday when Krissie heads home in Labor Day traffic and I should have my lungs back.  Fortunately, you guys are self-sufficient.  Regular posts will go up automatically so no worries.   And now I must go cough some more.

Feel free to use the comments to discuss your own cleaning mishaps so I don’t feel like such an idiot.  (It’s normal to breath in bleach in cleanser!)(No, it’s not.)