Happiness is OMG THE SNOW’S GONE

You never know how much doing something sucked until you don’t have to do it anymore. Ask my dogs who are small and have therefore been hip deep in snow while peeing. I’m sure there’s some satisfaction in feeling the snow melt away under you, but even better would be no snow in your private parts. Which we have now thanks to several days of melt. Well, there’s still some down in the woods and up on the hill in front of the house, but since we don’t have to walk there . . . bliss.

Also, February is over tomorrow. Really, nothing but good times ahead.

What made you happy this week?


Argh Author: Deborah Blake’s Furbidden Fatality

. Our own Deb Blake has a new book out today, Furbidden Fatality, and since it has a lot of rescued animals in it, it’s right down Argh’s alley. Also, great cover!

A lottery winner uses her good fortune to save a local pet sanctuary, but when a body is discovered on the property, she just might be in the doghouse in this first book in a new, charming cozy mystery series. Continue reading


Working Wednesday, February 17, 2021

This week, I slashed the top of my right thumb open, bringing symmetry to my life since I’d slashed the top of my left thumb open back when I was an art major making engravings. Dueling scars. I know they’re supposed to go on cheeks, but I’m a hands-on woman. Except not this week because my thumb hurts.

What did you do this week?


Happiness is Candy on Sale

I love those fat, juicy red candy jujube hearts that show up every February. (Valentine’s Day, not so much, but the candy hearts, yes.) And starting today or tomorrow, they will be on sale, along with all the rest of the heart-shaped sugar in the world. February is the Month of the Dead (as far as I’m concerned) and then there’s the snow problem, and it’s cold as hell here, too (except isn’t Hell hot?) but at least the candy is on sale. And delicious.

Also Happy Valentine’s Day. Or Happy Lupercalia, which had priests slapping women with bloody strips of goatskin, which is still marginally better than getting generic red roses and a sappy card with bad chocolates, not that I have bitter memories or anything. Why yes, I do write romance; why do you ask?

What made you happy this week?


Happiness is Brioche in the Breadbox and a Cat in the Bedroom

I made it out of my driveway (thanks to my neighbor Allan and his snowblower) and into town and the first thing I bought was bread because you can make it through damn near anything if you have bread. Naan, challah, sour dough, whole wheat, and my personal weakness, brioche. One of my favorite things from my childhood was thick white bread toasted and then slathered with butter and topped with an equally thick layer of sugar, so that the sugar melted into the butter and formed this ambrosial sludge on top of the toast. Needless to say, I can’t do that any more, but brioche toast and butter is a pretty good substitute.

Also Emily and I are now at the I-still-don’t-trust-you-but-I’ll-let-you-scratch-me-behind-the-ears stage of our relationship. Also, she’s ridiculously fat and fluffy and laid back, so I think the whole adoption thing is shaping up well.

What made you happy this week?