Working Wednesday, July 17, 2019

  • I am re-blocking Nita and having a marvelous time.  Any task that involves graph paper and colored markers is My Kind Of Job.  Also, appalled though I am to see school supplies in the stores already, I am delighted to report that there are school supplies in the stores already.  I don’t need any. office supplies, but come on, it’s for work.   

So what did you do this week?

Random Friday

I need to post something insightful for a change, or at least interesting, but it’s taking all my energy just to put up with the normal little stuff I’m dealing with here, so you’re getting random little stuff.  You can just skip this post.   It has no fiber or vitamins whatsoever, probably because of that bastard, Tom Hiddleston.

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The Nita Posts

I’ve been working on Nita for three years. Over two hundred posts on just about everything as I struggled with the story, first as just a game and then as a serious book. The posts below are organized as to topic and in chronological order after that, but they’re all over the place because the story shifted over the years. It’ll take me awhile to get all the titles (over 260) and links up, but here’s the list so far:

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Argh Independence: A Whole Blog Clean-Up

So here’s the plan:

I’m going to spend the rest of the summer putting Argh posts back up in sections.  But this time, all the posts in a series will be linked and will have a master page with the posts linked and labeled.  Needless to say, this will take time, and I’m doing other things–writing a book, cooking, shaving dogs, throwing out half my belongings–but my goal is to try to get one section up per day.    Today’s plan is the Questionables, but since there are a zillion of those, that may slop over into tomorrow.  I celebrated my holiday early. when Krissie was here (we had a fabulous time) so the next six days will be given over to being a cleaner, meaner blogger.   Well, not meaner.  You know what I mean.

In other news, I had a bitch of an MRI last week–90 damn minutes breathing on cue–but it was worth it: my heart function,  the EF anyway, is back to normal.   Went from 15% to 59% in a year (normal is 55 to 70%).  So I can ease up on the death jokes.  And get hit by a truck tomorrow, but that’s life for you.

In still other news, Krissie told me she knew how to groom dogs and took the clippers to Milton.  He looks bald in some places and chewed in the others, but at least the neighbors laugh whenever they see him, and then they pet him and tell him it’ll grow out.  I clipped Mona,  too, but she just looks like a choppy little lamb.  Milton looks like we ran the lawnmower over him.  Yet to come: Veronica.   Also, pictures if I can get that organized.