Podcast Tomorrow, Panicking Tonight

Bob and I are doing a podcast tomorrow/Monday at 8pm Eastern Time for The Modern Romantic. I am very nervous. It’ll be live, so the possibilities of me screwing up are endless. The live stream of the podcast will be accessible on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Youtube and Twitch TV. If you miss the live broadcast and still want to hear it, the audio will be posted at The Modern Romantic website: https://www.modernromanticmagazine.com/. I believe that takes a week or two.


I would like to point out that Bob’s picture is from fifteen years ago. He’s younger than I am, but not twenty-five years younger.

Happiness is Lunch with a Pal

I spend a chunk of my morning arguing with Bob in e-mail about the first act (he won because he was right) and was just trying to convince myself to get out of bed when the doorbell rang. I am not used to doorbells ringing. Or doorbells, for that matter. So I put on my jeans and went to the door and there was Pat Gaffney and Louise, her beautiful mixed-breed dog who looks like a boxer to me but Pat says no. Pat then said, “Lunch,” and I said, “Absolutely,” and we walked one block to the grill and had a wonderful time discussing absolutely nothing of value but all of great interest, and I gave Louise some of my bacon when Pat wasn’t looking. Then we said good-bye and she walked back home to do things, and I came back home to look at Act One again and fell asleep instead.

In other words, a perfect day so far.

Happiness is a friend who rings your doorbell with a dog and says, “Lunch?”

So who rang your doorbell and made you happy this week? (“Doorbell” is metaphorical here, but keep it clean.)