Podcast Tomorrow, Panicking Tonight

Bob and I are doing a podcast tomorrow/Monday at 8pm Eastern Time for The Modern Romantic. I am very nervous. It’ll be live, so the possibilities of me screwing up are endless. The live stream of the podcast will be accessible on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Youtube and Twitch TV. If you miss the live broadcast and still want to hear it, the audio will be posted at The Modern Romantic website: https://www.modernromanticmagazine.com/. I believe that takes a week or two.


I would like to point out that Bob’s picture is from fifteen years ago. He’s younger than I am, but not twenty-five years younger.

49 thoughts on “Podcast Tomorrow, Panicking Tonight

  1. SO COOL!!!!!!!!

    OOh, I’m not a subscriber to any of those thingies (actually, I don’t subscribe to anything), but I’ll ask my daughter if I need a Youtube TV account to watch. She’s the techie in the family.

    1. I don’t think so. At least not for Youtube. In my advocacy work we use YouTube videos to disseminate stuff broadly.

  2. Could you let us know when the recording’s available? It’ll be too late in the UK to watch it live. Though I’d really like to see you both. Good luck!

  3. Very exciting! Happy for you!

    Totally understand the nerves, but I think that a podcast is the perfect forum for you because it taps into your speaking skills as a teacher. Plus, you’ve done many presentations on writing and storytelling so you know how to focus when in that flow and field questions.

    Really, I think you got this and I look forward to checking it out:)

    1. Some degree of nerves means you have a really strong chance for a very good show. You usually don’t notice the nerves once you are “On”. At that point you are engrossed in the performance and concentrating on doing the best you can. Taf

  4. I thought Bob’s photo hadn’t been updated.

    You two will be great! I look forward to watching/listening to it!

    If you need to, can you switch from being anxious to excited? They’re similar and it’s advice given to folks who are about to present to get over nerves.

  5. I worry about technology–will my wifi stay strong, will the camera and microphone on my computer be enough, if I need headphones will mine work–and I worry about losing my grip because I’m hypomanic: once I’m in front of a group or on a live broadcast, the stress tips me over and I become . . . animated. And completely devoid of any kind of censor. And then hours later, I realize what I said because in the moment, I’m not even listening to myself, I’m completely manic. There’s an upside: I give good, energized speeches because mania will do that for you. The downside: there are still people who aren’t speaking to me because of something I said while I was flying. Argh.

    I will be fine. As long as the wifi holds out and the microphone works and . . .

    1. You will be fine because you are fine…
      Has anyone reported sightings of your New Jersey cat? Your cat looked great in the photo you posted before your move.

      1. No. And a lot of people are looking.
        My neighbor set a have-a-heart trap for him, but I think he’s too wary for that. He was a stray cat for years before I trapped him inside, so he’s savvy.
        The other problem is that he’s a Maine Coon, which is a really valuable breed. So the chances are that somebody adopted him the way I did. I think half the neighborhood was feeding him before I trapped him inside and seduced him with designer cat food and fresh water.

        1. Well, in the tradition of St. Anthony and the purse, have you tried asking St. Francis? A friend of mine told me years ago to try that one and he’s definitely fished up some lost pets in my experience and I got it verified for sure by a few people and saw the “lost pet” posters go down for some others. (I fear the ones that did not fish up…weren’t able to be fished up :/) I note I’ve also done some prayers to St. Genesius over theater things like finding things I can audition for and to get light cues right, and that’s worked.

          (note: all of this is odd because I am NOT into Catholicism, I’m a pagan sort. But hey, whatever works.)

          Unfortunately praying for love or a new job has utterly struck out (I got to the point of trying St. Jude, even)…I don’t think the universe can provide either of those things for me. Clearly I can only ask for little things and get them, but not big things where nobody else wants me back either 😛

          1. Hi Jennifer, I am sad you feel that way about love, a new job &/or return theatre parts. I believe you can have all three at some point. This is just now – a mere dot point on the journey of your life. I wonder if you can positively believe that you deserve them they will all be achieved in various ways . I sincerely wish this for you.

        1. You all did great! I thought it was fascinating. And, I’ll echo the Australian reader(?); I also think “One in Vermillion” was very strong.

          Three run homer!

  6. I’m so excited at the thought of hearing you and Bob talk, I won’t care what you say. It will just make me happy to listen to both of you. Same goes for your books, I don’t care what you write, so long as you both keep writing. Your books are the perfect pick me up.

  7. Count me in with the folks who say you’ll be fine. Try to let go of things you can’t control, like wifi—I say this as a non-techie who had to get a barcode from Bowker and nearly went into cardiac arrest over it. (It was easy, once I stopped hyperventilating.) If you and Bob can banter the way you do in emails, it will be great, and it will also be great if you can’t. This is going to be a great way to publicize the latest collaboration! It will be splendid! Nothing but good times ahead.

  8. I was also nervous when I had to start teaching to a camera during the lockdowns. We hate to look at ourselves!

    But once I got into the flow, everything was fine. You’ll do great! Especially given the rapport you and Bob already demonstrate on text/email.

    I’ll try to catch the livestream on YouTube.

  9. I am hoping to watch it on YouTube tonight. I can’t wait to see (and hear) the two of you talk about the books etc. Fingers crossed I don’t get caught up in something and forget to watch!

    1. There’ll be audio in a week or so.

      If you do catch it live and the video works, pay close attention to Bob’s hair. The day that picture was taken, a professional worked on him with a curling iron for at least half an hour. I am fairly sure he hasn’t seen a curling iron since.

  10. I’m really looking forward to this. And I’ve just realised that I might be able to watch it live, given that it’s now 6.20 am Tuesday in Tasmania and still only 4.20 pm Monday in New York.

    1. Math. It’s hard.
      So it’ll be about 10:20 in Tasmania? I would think we would be annoying in the morning.

      1. I had calculated 10.30am in Perth, Australia, so I’m going to have to double check. ( I count eight hours back, the next day!!!! How’s that for confusion? Today is the 19th of September, in Australia, and One inVermillion is waiting for me in my inbox. A Crusie-Mayer podcast and a new book in one day. Oh joy. All the best with the podcast.

        1. Hmmm … Nope, there is some confusion with my calculations. I am 12 hours ahead. So it will be 8am here. UTC plus 12 hours. Argh. Good thing that it will be available to listen to in a week.

  11. Loved the podcast! It was like visiting old friends. I’m thrilled that you are continuing your collaboration.

      1. I forgot it was about eating. Just got excited about the possibility of getting to see you both chatting about upcoming projects!

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