The Argh Novel, Coronavirus Amusement Project, Spring 2020

Surprise Lily is a community brainstormed writing experiment. We don’t care how it turns out, we’re just here to think stuff up and, if at all possible, laugh. The list below is our weekly output–the Argh People think up stuff, I pick and choose and write on the weekend, I post on Monday, we think some more for the rest of the week, lather rinse repeat–but we do not guarantee chronological order or even coherence. We’re just here to play with fiction and not think about the apocalypse for awhile.

SURPRISE LILY Draft as of May 22, 2020 (composite of Lily 1 through 7.5, revised)

Surprise Lily 1, March 23, 2020: The First Scene which I did because it was in my head, having no plans to do anything with it after that.

Surprise Lily 2

Surprise Lily 3

Surprise Lily 4

Surprise Lily 4 Notes

Surprise Lily 6, April 27, 2020

Surprise Lily Notes 6

Surprise Lily 7, May 4, 2020

Surprise Lily 7 1/2, May 4, 2020

Surprise Lily Plot Notes: Here’s Where We Are Now