Reruns: He Wrote She Wrote

Here are some of the Argh Ink ]and He Wrote She wrote posts on the mega book tour we did in 2006, forty freaking cities in one year.

The posts with links are all She Wrote because Bob owns the He Wrote, as he should.

On the Road with Bob and Moot, January 20, 2006


Writing Sex Scenes in Don’t Look Down, March 11, 2006


1 He Wrote: Book Tour Day One: George Bush and the Chain Saw, April 3

2 He Wrote: Day Two: The Morning After, April 4
3 She Wrote: Day Three: Moot Goes To Long Island, April 4
4 He Wrote: Still Alive, April 4

5 He Wrote: Survived the St. Martins Hit Women, April 5
6 She Wrote: Help

7 She Wrote: On the Road, NYC and Boston, Especially Speen Street, April 5

8 He Wrote: Bob Chokes, April 6

9 He Wrote: But Seriously Now, April 7
10 He Wrote: Day Four Retrospective from Day 5, April 7

11 He Wrote: Just Sad, April 10
12 She Wrote: Let Him Eat Ding Dongs, April 10

13 He Wrote: Book Stores, April 11

14 She Wrote: So Glad You Asked, April 12
15 He Wrote: What I Didn’t Know, April 12
16 She Wrote: Publishing Kills, April 12

17 He Wrote: Cliches and Fear, April 18

18 He Wrote: Living the Dream, April 20

19 He Wrote: Cherry Bombs in Publisher’s Weekly, April 25


20 He Wrote: Milwaukee, Land of No Road Signs , May 6

The B&B That Hates Us, October 12, 2006