The Twelve Days of Trudy (Hot Toy)

Here are all the posts on writing the novella “Hot Toy.” Most of the “Twelve Days” posts were just word count posts to keep my honest, which is not interesting. It has, however, inspired me to do a “Twelve Days of Rewriting Nita”, so there’s that.

Trudy One: Ice Station Zebra, Not. This is mostly a wrangle with Bob because I want him to tell me how to butch up my action scenes and he wants my Girl to save the world. It’s a Christmas story, Bob. Focus.

Trudy Two:Smuckers and Other Excuses: Skip this one, it’s just me ranting about sugar.

Trudy Three: Tivo and 2358 Words: Look, I wrote something, and then I babbled about TV. Skip this one, too. Damn, this series is worthless.

Trudy Four: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Very short “what I did today.” Skip it.

Trudy Five: The Temptation of Pratchett and 5500 Words.. So I’m thinking that maybe these posts were designed to just make me post word counts because there is nothing of value in this one, either. Skip it.

Trudy Six: Bleah. These are just updates on how many words I did. No interesting discussions. Well, it was the first time I’d done a Twelve Days.

Trudy Seven: Collage and 8500 Words. This talks briefly about how I use collage for Trudy with a picture.

Trudy Eight: Regrouping and 10,000 Words. Coping with my inability to be linear.

Trudy Nine: Prying My Mind Open and 1200 Words. Arguing with Bob some more.

Trudy Ten: Bob Was Right. Terrible title for a blog post, but a short riff on what happens when you get rid of something wrong and replace it with something right.

Trudy Eleven: Sorry. Skip this one line post that just say “Couldn’t write today.”

Trudy Twelve: What Have We Learned from This, Dorothy? A summary of the conclusions I drew from the first Twelve Days.

Other Trudy posts:

Trudy, the Collage: The collage process for Trudy.

Trudy and the Woman With a Lot on Her Mind: Essay on process.

Collaging Character: A post on finding images for character collage using “Hot Toy” as an example.

So, Hot Toy: The good stuff here is in the comments where we talk about what makes a novella work, both specifically in “Hot Toy” and in general.

New Toy: The Pricess of Rewriting Hot Toy. Outline of proposed revision.