The Twelve Days of Shar (Dogs and Goddesses)

In 2007, I collaborated on a book with Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich called Dogs and Goddesses. Here are some of the posts about writing that book. The only one that’s fun is the chat at the end. The other twelve are just keeping my nose to the grind book.

The Twelve Days of Shar
Day One: Kami and her Poster
Day Two: Aimless E-mails and Eggless Muffins
Day Three: Beating Out A Scene
Day Four: What Not To Wear in Mesopotamia
Day Five: Finding Shar and Milton
Day Six: I Don’t Know What I Think Until I See What I Wrote
Day Seven: Brokeback Publishing
Day Eight: 59,000 Words
Day Nine: Act Arcs and Other Stuff
Day Ten: Death and Laundry
Day Eleven: No Killing, No Cookies
Day Twelve: Not So Bad
Dogs and Goddesses Plotting Chat