The Twelve Days of Mare (The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes)

Mare is one of my all-time favorite characters. Her twelve days are not helpful since I never got a damn thing done, but here’s how she got her start:
And Now Mare. The plan, I had one.

Mare Day One: First Day Organization and E-mails

Mare Day Two:Kind Of Got nothing done on Mare

Mare Day Three: Nope. E-mails asking plot questions I need answered to start writing.

Mare Day Four: Characters, Sharing Of: List of character questions that are of no help to me at all, given the way I write. Good for collaboration though.

Mare Day Five: Characters, Sharing of, Part 2: Character answers. Eh.

Mare Day Six: I Heart NY: My first day in NYC. Skip this one.

Mare Day Seven: Eileen, Krissie, and Jenny, Together Again. Everybody in the same place in NYC. Skip this one, too.

Mare Day Eight: Lots of Good Work: We worked on the book.

Mare Day Nine: Nothing But Good Times: Hectic day. Skip this one, too.

Mare Day Ten: Mission Accomplished: Quick summary, skippable.

Mare Day Eleven:Argh One sentence that says, “I got home.” Skip it.

Mare Day Twelve: Well . . . In which I admit I wrote 0 words in twelve days. SKIP ALL OF THIS.