Working Wednesday, February 7, 2024

I’m taking a break–I was making myself crazy–and spending some time on getting this house (cottage?) into some kind of livable space. I dumped so much stuff in here while I was unloading the Pods and then went right back to work writing books that I’ve been tripping over things for a couple of months. It did give me an idea of where things should go, so I’m shifting furniture and figuring out storage and putting holes in the walls to hang things. Very happy to be getting some of this done.

What did you work on this week?

Exploiting You: Let’s Talk Newsletters

So Mollie and Bob think it’s time I started sending out newsletters again, and I’m okay with that as long as I’m not annoying people. And you all are the people I’d least like to annoy so . . .

What would you want to see in a newsletter from me? Let’s be Frank and Honest here (I think I just discovered a new business for Rocky Start: Frank and Honest Skidmeyer’s Dollar Store). This newsletter is for marketing. It is to get people to buy books, preferably ones with my name on them. The major goal is to take your money. So I should at least be giving you something back, right?

What I’m afraid of is being seen as pushy and annoying. (Another business? No.) So the next question is What would you NOT like to see in a newsletter from me?

I told Mollie we’d have to add some fun stuff to it even though we’d keep it very short. What kind of stuff would be Short, Fun, and Not Annoying?

Finally, I’m supposed to look at other author’s newsletters. (Mollie runs a tight ship full of research.) Are there any author newsletters you enjoy that I should look at?

And as always, I thank you for your Support and Feedback (definitely a gift and not a business).

This is a Good Book Thursday, February 1, 2024

And here it is February already. 2024 is just zipping in by. In my efforts to turn back time, I’ve now been rereading Heyer’s mysteries. She definitely gives the romances their short shrift so you have to fill in a lot of the blanks there, but the mysteries are solid. Well, the murder method in No Wind of Blame is extremely shaky, but the romance in that one in so good that I don’t care.

So what did you read in the first month of 2024?

Working Wednesday, January 31, 2024

And there goes January.
My work got kneecapped when I plunged my hand into my dishpan and impaled my right hand ring finger on a hidden knife. Bled like a stuck pig. Two days later, I still have four bandaids wrapped around the finger because it would not stop bleeding. It’s amazing how many things you do with the ring finger on your right hand. Like type. And crochet. But I am persevering. Just a lot slower than usual.

How did you work go in January, 2024?

Happiness is Slowing Down

My life has been so hectic for so long–clearing out an old house (Mollie did a lot of the work there), packing, moving, unpacking (still in progress) while writing two books (third coming up), trying to get all the technical/legal relocation stuff done (still not done), working on promotion, covers, rewrites and more–that I decided this last week to just slow the hell down. My to-do list is never ending, so there’s no point in worrying about getting to the end, now I just knock something off it every day and congratulate myself for the progress I’ve made, not depress myself with the progress I didn’t. I highly recommend this approach.

What made you happy this week?

Working Wednesday, January 24, 2024

I’m part of a stash down group on Ravelry, which means I’m not only supposed to be avoiding yarn purchases, I’m also finishing up WiPs to get those out of inventory. The WiP part is going fairly well, but thanks to sales I bought 28,000 yards of yarn in January. Yes, I have no self-control. But I have finished a cardigan, very close to finishing another, finished four hats and a headband, and frogged a cardigan (because I had screwed it up beyond saving). So there’s that.

What did you work on this week (month)?

Exploiting You: Lethal Crafts

So as you probably know, Bob and I are writing a three book series that takes place in Rocky Start, home of many retired spies. The second book is very male-oriented, but the third book is more female. Somebody is killing the female agents in town, so they’re meeting at the coffee shop one of them owns to strategize. And they all brings crafts to make the meeting less obvious. It’s stitch and bitch, except more stitch and strategize. Stitch and slay.

So the crafts. Rose crochets and she’s the only one who isn’t an ex-agent, so that’s fine. Betty knits and I think she’s sharpened her needles. I asked on Rav and somebody suggested she use Hiya Hiya Sharps, and they do look capable of damage, but it think Better would sharpen them more.

That leaves Lian, who I think embroiders, Bea, Louise,and Coral. There will probably be a couple more, including one character who’s a doctor and not an ex-spy (Jacqueline), so she probably hasn’t weaponized her craft.

So: lethal crafts. Got any ideas?

Rose: crochet
Lian: embroidery (I think)
Betty: knitting
Coral: (German background if that helps)
Bea: (beekeeper)
Louise: (man trap, home wrecker)
Jacqueline: (doctor, not an ex-spy)
Character to be named later: