Working Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Well, our plan to start Rocky Start in January is moving along nicely: Bob says we’re at 11,000 words, which is impressive because we were only at 7000+ when I gave it back to him. We’re at the interesting part of the beginning where he says, “How about this?” and I say, “Oh, I like that, how about this?” and he says, “That’ll work,” and then we look at what we’ve got and it’s too many characters and doesn’t make sense. That’s okay, we’ll fix it.

So what did you work on this week?

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Happiness Is Knowing You’ll All Comment Even Though I Don’t Have a Post

It’s been nuts here. I’m working on two books at once, dealing with a new medication that’s realigning my brain, getting the house locked down for winter, and talking sternly to my cat who has taken to disturbing my typing with a very polite paw on my arm that is impossible to resist. Strangely enough, this all makes me happy, but not as much as knowing that I could put light bulb jokes up here and you’d all still comment.

So go ahead. Make my day.

My favorite light bulb joke:
Question: How many mothers does it take to change a light bulb?
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This is a Good Book Thursday, November 10, 2022

Well, I totally ballsed up Working Wednesday, distracted by the election on Tuesday, and moving my usual phone call with Mollie to Wednesday, and trying to figure out cuts to Lavender and how we were going to organize the new book this time through with Bob, and I just forgot it was Wednesday at all, until the sun started to go down (so early) and I thought, “Better check the comments to make sure nobody did anything horrible” and it turned out somebody did: Me. I forgot Working Wednesday.

So here’s Good Book Thursday, right on time! I haven’t read anything recently because it’s been nuts here except for a YA fantasy that was good but not re-readable so I won’t mention it. And now I have to go cut Lavender and revise the start we made on Rocky Start (prophetic) because Bob wants to finish the book by Thanksgiving. And you wonder why I’m scatter brained.

So what did you read this week? (Aside from the election results if you’re American. I’d say it’s tense being an American right now, but then there’s Ukraine. At least our parties aren’t bombing each other. Yet.)

Pacing: I Might Have Been Wrong

I’ve been working on cutting the first act of Lavender (too slow) and dropping in and out of reading The Thursday Murder Club, which has been illuminating.

The thing about The Thursday Murder Club is the pacing. It’s slow, but measured, releasing information while reveling in character. The point of view shifts not just from character to character but from first to third limited to third omniscient, which should annoy me because it slows the pacing and creates distance. But it also means that you can drop out any time and then rejoin and find something really fun to read without forgetting the plot, or at least any part of the plot that you care about.

Which made me think about pacing in a different way. My take has always been “as fast as possible” which I constantly fail at in the beginnings of my novels. But The Thursday Murder Club has me reconsidering because it’s such a pleasant murder mystery. I don’t care who killed Tony Curran, I don’t even care if he, she, or they is caught. I just want to read about all these people manipulating each other over lemon drizzle. It’s restful

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Happiness is Falling Back

I am of two minds about Daylight Savings Time: Springing Forward is not my fave, but I love Falling Back. Picking up that extra hour of daylight in the autumn is a lifesaver for me because I have a major problem with SAD (working on that now). So today I am cheerful and on wheels because I just got a bigger morning.

How did you fall into happiness this week?

State of the Collaboration: Rocky Start

Just to keep you all in the loop, Bob and I decided to delay starting the next collaboration until after Christmas because we have so much individual work to do. So I wrote a scene just to get my character on the page last week, not really starting the book, and he wrote a scene to get his guy, and then I did another scene so we’d have the meet, and now I’m pretty sure that when we look back to when this one started, we can use Nov. 1. Working title is Rocky Start, although I am still fond of Rose and the Guy Walking the Appalachian Trail with His Dog.

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