Saturday Night Ramble

So it’s fifteen minutes until I have to go Zoom with Australia, well, with Amy, but she’s repping Australia, and I’m sitting here WITH MAKE-UP ON (not a lot, but still) and killing time.

Love the Take a Liking To A Viking T-shirt, especially if it’s the college mascot. What’s the college name? Should avoid Leif Ericsson College for something more subtle. Because if there’s anything this story is so far, it’s subtle. (Face palm.) Continue reading

Person of Interest Posts Are All Up

The Person of Interest posts are all back up. I think they’re all linked so that you can just click on the next one at the bottom of each post, but I know they’re all linked in both a Page (look under the Post Series list in the top menu) and in this post. I did promise to go back and do another post on the finale, but reading the post I already did almost put me under. This series is so excellent, so involving, so beautifully crafted, and so true, that I don’t think I can write any more about it. But the posts do talk about craft, so they’re valuable for that, too.

See, I worked on Working Wednesday.

Working Wednesday, May 20, 2020

This week I resurrected the first three years of the blog, did a table for Lily so I could get a grip on her plot, did two tables for Nita, worked on her Act Two, and started a Twelve Days, and resurrected a couple of the old He Wrote She Wrote blog. That’s WAY too much screen time, so I also planted a tomato plant and cleaned my bedroom.

I’m feeling very virtuous.

What did you do this week?

Argh Author: Free Download from Jo Walton This Week Only: Tooth and Claw

Brenda Margriet emailed me to tell me that this week’s Ebook Club Selection is…


Download before May 22, please.

Tooth and Claw is a fantasy tale of a family dealing with the death of their father, of a son who goes to law for his inheritance, a son who agonizes over his father’s deathbed confession, a daughter who falls in love, a daughter who becomes involved in the abolition movement, and a daughter sacrificing herself for her husband.

And everyone in the story is a dragon, red in tooth and claw.

The Twelve Days of Nita: Day Two: Sequence Analysis

I am now deep into revisions with the entire book written, which means lots of analysis. Do not do this during discovery drafts, it annoys the Girls.

Basically, I ran the Act Two plot through the analysis wringer five times:
Once to look at the action only.
Once to look at the antagonist conflict.
Once to ramp up the antagonist conflict because it was weak.
Once to look at the romance.
Once to look at the Button/Max foil romance. Continue reading

Argh 2006

2006 was another light post year, thank God. I’m thinking about redo-ing the tags as I go. The good thing about this–and I needed a good thing because this is gonna take forever–is that there’s some good stuff in here. And a freaking amazing lot of words. Turns out if you blog for fifteen years, you produce a lot of wordage. Who knew? Continue reading

Twelve Days of Nita: Day One: Act Two Is A Mess

I’m very happy with Nita’s Act One. It’s 36,000 words which is 3,000 too many, but since it should be 1/3 of the book, that would make the finished book 108,000 words, and that’s within the normal contract requirement of 100,000, give or take 10% either way.

Then there’s Act Two, which is still a freaking mess even after I’ve been working on it. It’s been awhile since we talked about Nita, so here’s the rough outline:

Continue reading