Happiness is Stripping Down

So I’ve been stripping down the blog to put it back up cleaner and meaner in organization, and it’s coming along nicely.  And when Krissie was here, we spent time stripping down the house, and she took a lot of stuff back with her.  And then it got really hot here and Mona was looking awful so I stripped her down, too.  I will not be getting my grooming license any time soon, but she seems to have survived to bark at squirrels and snarf cookies, so I consider her a success.  

How did you find basic happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, June29, 2019

It’s Audiobook Month.  Here’s a confession: I can’t stand to be read to, so I’ve never heard any of my books on audio.  I have a feeling I might be missing out, though, if there are some books that are actually better in audio than in print.  Any opinions out there? 

Food, A Rediscovery

I’m toying with the idea of making Fridays “Foodie Fridays” or something less twee, but the last thing I need is to get locked into another Every Damn Week Post (although I will admit that most of the ones we’ve got now just involve finding a picture and saying, “Hey, what did you read/work on this week?” so not labor intensive. Even Cherry Saturdays require minimal research. Happiness Sundays are a bitch, though). And yet I feel an intense need to talk about food, and I’ve seen leanings that way in the comments, too. The problem is, right now food is a problem for me. Or a solution that I haven’t quite arrived at yet. Which pretty much sums up my life.

Where was I?

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Discovery Draft: Why I Was Researching Las Vegas

Since I opened that can of worms by mentioning Las Vegas, here’s the discovery draft of that scene.  You’ll notice that it’s completely unstructured, starts abruptly, rambles, and then just stops; that’s because it’s a discovery draft.  I know it’s terrible.  I haven’t revised it even once.  This is raw Crusie.  And I may decide to cut the whole thing and write a new breakfast scene (there are a lot of breakfast scenes, six I think) with no proposal, so it’s just a placeholder for now.  But this is what happened while I was writing, and why I researched Las Vegas and then discarded it.  

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