Wear The Lilac Towel Day, May 25, 2021

May 25th, as all Douglass Adams readers know, is Towel Day, the day to flaunt your towel in memory of an amazing author, who gave the best general advice of all time: Don’t Panic.

May 25th is also, as any fan of Terry Pratchett should know, Wear the Lilac Day, in honor of the events of the Discworld People’s Revolution (see Night Watch) whose rallying cry was,”Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg!” And after Pratchett’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Wear the Lilac Day has been used to raise awareness and funding for Alzheimer’s research.

Because of this, today is the day that Argh Nation Wears the Lilac Towel in honor of these two great authors. We shall never forget (although we may be a little absent-minded at times and are easily distracted). Thank you, gentlemen, for multiple weirdly great characters in many twisting, startling plots not to mention brilliant observations on life in general and some of the funniest, smartest writing in specific. You are missed. Continue reading

Happiness is Lots of Color

{This was set to publish on Sunday and didn’t. That does not make me happy.]

When my kitchen stove went up in flame, the plastic things on both sides of it melted. I ended up with a lot of plastic blobs and no kitchen tools. (Okay, the stainless steel stuff made it, but that was all hanging on racks out of the direct flame zone.) So when it came time to replace them, I did something I’d never done: I bought a set. In turquoise. Because you know what looks good in a blackened kitchen? Color. It feels like those pictures of burnt forests when the wildflowers start to grow again. Then there’s my bathroom which I had done all in white tile figuring I’d add the color later and it would be easy to change. Now I have a bright orange plastic fish that holds my tooth stuff and bright green canvas fish hanging under my window to hold washcloths and a turquoise squeegee next to the mirror . . .

Color makes me happy. What made you happy this week?

This is a Good Word

I was reading about libraries that keep bats on site to eat the insects that would otherwise eat the books, and I came across a new word (well, new to me) for bats: flittermice. I purely love that word.

And it reminded me of when I was in Australia and somebody described somebody who was extremely happy about something that had happened as “chuffed as fluffy balls.” I purely loved that, too.

And then there’s “gobsmacked.” I have no idea where I picked that one up, but it’s a perfect way to describe somebody who’s absolutely stunned by what’s just happened.

Sometimes the Good Word comes from an associate who surprises you with it and then you wonder how you ever lived without it. “Clusterfuck” comes to mind for that one (and thank you, Bob Mayer).

And then it occurred to me that Argh People, being extremely word-oriented, probably had some great Good Words, too. So share the wealth, people. Put your Very Good Words in the comments (with definitions) so we can all feel chuffed as flittermice about them, especially the ones that leave us gobsmacked (that would be “tittynopes” or the last few crumbs or grains of rice left on a plate, and I still don’t believe that’s a real word, that has to be a joke).

The Jennifer Crusie Method for Story Writing

RWA has a new writing series for new romance writers called from Pen to Paper, and I just did a phone interview for it with the wonderful Erin Novotny. She wanted to know my process (stop laughing, you loons, have some respect) so I wrote up a quick outline which I’m including below. I think the interview is mostly us laughing, so the outline is probably more coherent.

The Jennifer Crusie Method for Story Writing
(Not Efficient, Fast, or Logical; Not Really Recommended)
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This is a Good Book Thursday, May 13, 2021

Read some new books but nothing I’d recommend with enthusiasm. Reread a lot of Georgette Heyer, whom I can recommend with enthusiasm. Also read a lot about my new phone which is so freaking complicated it took me two days to find the phone app (shouldn’t that be the first screen and not the camera?) and then another two days to find the hoop to jump through to find my voice mail. I need another Heyer just to calm down.

What did you read this week?