Working Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I’ve lost track of the days. Yesterday, I was trying to remember if it was Sunday or Monday. Real shock when I checked the top of my computer screen and saw “Tuesday.” But I’m cleaning up the yard so the dogs and I can sit out there–it was GORGEOUS yesterday–and cleaning up the kitchen so I can cook and cleaning up Nita so I can get her out of the house, so this week, I am cleaning. Again.

What’s on your work list?

Bad Reviews

Amber Share
Sometimes I think about some of the bad reviews I’ve gotten on Amazon, and wonder why people picked up the book in the first place. My fave may always be “Well, it’s not Shakespeare” (when did I say, “Buy this book, it’s Elizabethan drama”?) but there will be a new you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me comment along at any moment. That’s why I love Amber Share’s bad-reviews-of-national-parks posters, all taken from actual reviews of parks and which all sound like something Trump would have said.
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Cherry Saturday, March 7, 2020

This is Women’s History Month. Just in time for the revolutionary news that a guy will be our next President again. Not that I’m bitter. I didn’t even have a woman candidate I preferred (I prefer somebody who will beat Trump, after that I’m open). I just thought that by now . . .

Happy Women’s History Month!

The Power of Rewriting

I will be the first to agree that taking over four years to write 100,000 coherent words of fiction seems excessive. Actually I wrote 145,000 words of fiction and only some of it was coherent, which is one of the many reasons why the rewrite is taking so long. But one good thing about taking that long is that I can really gain insight into my characters and my story. The bad thing is that after awhile, the story’s dead and I’m not rewriting, I’m just washing garbage, and I’m about three days away from washing garbage here, but another good thing is that I really love this book. When I finally let it go, it’s going to be the best I can do, which may not be good, but I’ll be proud of it anyway. Continue reading

Happiness is Hints of Spring

Welp, we’ve got a snow squall coming in for the first day of March, and then in the fifties (F) for the rest of the week which I am interpreting as Winter’s last blast followed by Spring sticking her toe into the calendar to test the breezes. We can still get slammed with snow in March but we’ve had a for-the-most-part very mild winter (THANK YOU, WEATHER GODS) and I’m looking forward to the previews-of-coming-attractions warmer week ahead. Spring is my favorite season (in a close tie with Fall, I’m a change junkie) so this makes me very, very happy.

What good stuff blew your way this week?