Happiness is Great Ideas. Well, Okay Ideas. Any Ideas, Really.

We’re at the we-need-a-plot stage of the book, so we’ve been brainstorming, and that always makes me happy. Even when we don’t agree, there’s something about swapping ideas back and forth, watching a story take shape, that’s just fun, instead of torturous, which is what it’s like when I do it alone. So happiness is doing good work this week as something we’re making comes alive, or at least stirs in the undergrowth.

What made you happy this week?

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This is a Good Book Thursday, January 5, 2023

Lots of Golden Age murder mystery rereads, especially Edmund Crispin. And of course, Rocky Start. We’re at that point in the writing where I keep cycling back to read the first act over and over and over . . . move on, Jenny. Also on the horizon, reading Nita again and FIXING it this time. Basically, I’ve been reading a lot of Crispin and Crusie.

So what were your first reads of 2023?

Happy New Year’s Eve; I Have Questions

I don’t believe in resolutions, they just spit all over the new year with obligation and guilt. But I do believe in looking back and taking stock. So here are five looking-back-and-taking-stock questions designed to make 2022 look better while you’re looking forward to 2023.

What was the best advice you got this year?
What was the best decision you made?
What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?

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This is a Good Book Thursday, December 29, 2022

Tammy requested a “Best Book I Read This Year” post, so knock yourselves out.

My problem is, I couldn’t remember what books I read this year for the first time. Lotta re-reads. So I checked my Kindle list and found out I bought 333 books this year, most for two bucks off BookBub, and the majority of those were cookbooks (note to self: stop buying cookbooks). I also found out that I couldn’t remember what most of the novels were about, nothing struck me as so good I’d have to read it again. This is bad. So I’m going to go with the best New Age romance I read, The Deal by Elle Kennedy, which I bought and probably read in May of 2021.

Now, go: What were the best books you read in 2022?

Working Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Bob and I are still working on Rocky Start: I’m writing not-so-snappy patter and he’s trying to figure out a plot. I’ve also got the housecleaning-from-hell to get done because it’s just been getting worse. The dogs have to go to the vet for the new year check-up which means baths; they’re gonna hate that. And at some point, I have to go back and do something about Nita’s book. That’s the rest of my 2022. And probably most of my 2023.

So what are you doing for the rest of the year?