Happiness is Watching Movies with Two Good Friends

This week, Krissie (Anne Stuart) came to visit, which is always great, and we met Pat Gaffney for lunch and shopping and dinner, but the best part was the night we watched Barbie together. They hadn’t seen it, and I was a little worried since I suggested it because I love that movie. But they did, too, and it was so much fun watching their faces when we hit the highlights, and I still cried at the end when they talk about how dangerous being a human is (especially if you’re a woman). But mostly I was just so happy, sitting in my darkened living room with two of the friends I love most, watching a really good story.

What made you happy this week?

Working Wednesday, November 8, 2023

One of the great joys of having Krissie come to visit–besides the fact that I actually get some cleaning done before she arrives, not enough, but some–is that she’s good at fixing things. As I write this, she has volunteered to set up or fix:

My internet [Done.]
My printers (that won’t work because the internet is wonky) [Doing that today.}
My TV [Doing that today because Pat Gaffney is coming over tonight and we’re going to drink pink lemonade or possibly pink wine and eat popcorn and watch Barbie]
My sewing machine (older than God, but Krissie is the Mistress of Sewing Machines)[She found it in the garage, stay tuned)
My coffee maker (I don’t drink coffee, a Keurig is a mystery to me) [Done.}

Along with figuring out where to put the wall lights in her room so she can read in bed and determining how big the table tops should be on the bedside tables and figuring out how to hang the curtains from the ends of her canopy bed since those supports had ends that were too big to go through the curtain’s holes. (She gets to decide that because any guest room I have is called “Krissie’s Room.” We’ve been friends a long time.)

So that’s what we’re working on this week, along with the books we’re struggling with–I’m still trying to find Rose in Rocky Start while Bob’s halfway done with Very Nice Funerals–watching more movies that we will then take apart because we’re writers and we have very different views on how story should go–next: Trenchcoat–and talking about sewing and crochet and food, and figuring out whether the rug on my front porch was a good idea (probably not]. So much to do, so little time (only a week).

So what did you work on this week?

Happiness is a Guest for a Week

So yesterday I went to an airport I’d never been to before to pick up Krissie (aka Anne Stuart) so she can check out my new place and let me take care of her. Yes, it’s Friend Spa Week, and we are going to have many meals out, some with Pat Gaffney since they go way back, too, and we’re going to talk about writing and life and watch movies and write books and generally just wallow in being Very Long Time Friends Who Write And Like To Eat and Watch Movies. Today I am happy because I put up with the hassle of an airport (and getting lost on the way home) to collect a week of joy.

What made you happy this week?

State of the Collaboration: Two in One Manuscript

So as you may know, Bob Mayer and I are collaborating on another series. Some people ask, “How do you do that?” (Other people ask, “WHY do you do that?” but I’m ignoring them for now.) Basically we swap the manuscripts back and forth, agreeing on who has the master, the other person often writing scenes off the master that can be inserted later. Then we start the second book, so we have two books going at once, going back to the first book to retcon characters and information. It’s all very organized and we never get confused.

Yeah, okay, I lied. Here’s what happened when we were swapping Rocky Start and Very Nice Funerals back and forth: Continue reading

Happiness is Getting All My Vaccines

I am WAY behind on my medical stuff, but Bob was harassing me (remember the “Book done yet?” e-mails? Now they’re “Got your Covid shot, got your flu shot, got your . . .”) so I looked into the easiest way here and it turns out there’s a CVS in my Target so I could get them all there, one at a time because I learned my lesson about getting more than one at once.. (Lesson: Don’t get more than one at once.) So I am now vaxxed for Covid, flu, and RSV, and I have pneumonia coming up this afternoon. Then I’m it’ll be shingles and TDAP shots and I’m done. I’m so proud. Meanwhile Bob is flat on his back because he doubled up on the flu and the RSV. (Lesson: Don’t get more than one at once.) But I’m grateful to him for harassing me to be healthy, so I am sympathetic. Many “poor babies” in e-mail.

Of course, then he took advantage of my sympathy and tried to name a character Lance Hardman. I said no, but I laughed.

What made you happy this week? (Also, did you get your vaccines?)