Happiness is Cooler Days, Cosier Nights

As much as I love those amazing late summer days when the temperature is no temperature at all, there’s something about early fall when you need maybe a sweater in the day and a good blanket at night. Those times when you close the curtains against the chill, turn on a lamp, pull a fuzzy throw across your lap, and pick up a good book. Cosy reading. Outside, the owls hoot and the raccoons yell, and inside you’ve got a book and a lamp and a blanket and–if you’re a hedonist–a cup of hot chocolate and a flickering fireplace. A cup of tea is also good. It’s Goodnight, Moon for grownups, basically. That makes me incredibly happy.

How were you warmed by happiness this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, September 22, 2022

My computer cord went on the fritz, so I had to stop writing and read something on the iPad. Call Me Maybe, by Cara Bastone was a lot of fun, and made me think of a texting romance that is somewhere on my Kindle except I can’t remember the title. I think there were goats? Rabbits? No, goats. Anyway, the whole phone call/texting thing is a great deal of fun, and it also takes out all that annoying he/she/they-were-really-hot stuff that has to be in there when people see each other. (I must have typed “great ass” about a million times across three books this year.).

So what did you read this week? And great asses?

Working Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Guess what I’m working on. Yes, I know you’re tired of hearing about. Imagine how tired I must be of writing it. Bob and I are both babbling at this point. He’s finishing up his part of Vermillion, and I’m ripping a major subplot out of Pink and writing a new major subplot in. Argh.

Tell me about something wonderful and fun and exciting and colorful you did this week. Or, you know, just what you did.

Happiness is More Cake

Birthdays were never a big deal in my family. We did presents and cake and that was about it. Nobody had time for parties. And then I grew up and life got busier and those dates just started to whip by. Now I look at them and think, “Oh, look, another year where I didn’t die.” My family is long-lived in general, so I think we’re just jaded. But there’s still something about that one day a year, a marker that says, “Made it through another one.” Plus this year, I’m going to finish three books, thanks to Robert Mayer, the Zombie Bigot, so that’s something to celebrate. I even made a cake yesterday, well, pumpkin doughnuts with cream cheese icing (I have a doughnut maker, it’s easier than cake pans). Very happy making. That actually might be the secret to happiness: More Cake.

How did you celebrate happiness this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, September 15 2022

I’m reading Lavender’s Blue. And Rest in Pink. Bob has One in Vermillion. We’re both sick, not of the books, but actually ill. The idea is to finish all three by the end of the month and then take October off because we’ve read these books so many times that the words just blur together now. Bob has decided our next book is going to be called Zombie Pirates on an Iceberg. I’m so tired I’m considering it. And then there was the magic door he came up with:

Enough about my problem (Hi, Bob). What did you read this week?

Working Wednesday, September 14, 2022

We’re at the end of One in Vermillion, and we’re slowing down to figure out the over arc of each book and the arc of the entire series and the good news is, the arcs are there. We’ve got some rewriting to do, okay I’ve got some rewriting to do, but overall, everything holds together. YAY. I also chopped vegetables, made stroganoff, and sowed clover seeds everywhere. Big plans.

What did you work on this week.

Happiness is a Quiet Sunday

It’s really not quiet here; it’s a beautiful day so people are out whooping it up on the lake, which is nice. Even loud happy is a good sound. But mostly it’s just quiet here, lots of trees, some rain, a little wind, a lot of green, calm quiet. Which makes for a very quiet happy.

How were you quietly (or noisily) happy this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, September 8, 2022

I’ve been re-reading romances because I need to stay in that realm of thought as we finish up One in Vermillion. Bob is still agitating for a zombie Christmas novella set in the same town, and I am still ignoring him. Do I seem like somebody who would write a Christmas novella? I only did one once, and that ended up with Chinese spies because I ran into plot problems and asked Bob for help. His idea of a great Christmas novella plot point is a black helicopter. I am looking forward to The Golden Enclaves which is out in two weeks (third in the Scholomance trilogy), and our plan is to be finished with Vermillion by then, so I can read anything I want at that point. Nothing but good times.

So what did you read this week?