Working Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Yes, I screwed up again, but at least this time it’s still Wednesday. I’m working on the last pass on Rocky Start–it is formatted and ready to go, thank Bob–and a structural and thematic edit of Very Nice Funerals, and organizing some of the brainstorming we’ve been doing on The Honey Pot Plot, so I am working. A lot.

What have you been working on?

51 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, July 3, 2024

  1. First half of the week was about sorting the allotment out, and the second half has been a visit to a family friend who’s caring for his wife, who has late-stage Parkinson’s. I’ve been trying to support him in little ways – mainly by being someone to talk to and to get out of the house with. Back home tomorrow, and hoping to get back into my regular life after a couple of months of excursions. It’s been great, but I miss doing creative stuff and hanging out in my garden.

      1. That is a wonderful statue! When I was with my second ex-boyfriend we used to collect fossils, (great exercise!). The climb up the slope of the road cut through Santa Ana canyon, then back down with backpacks and tote bags full of rocks was quite the workout. Thank goodness for lug soled boots for traction and stability. Good thing we were in our early forties then. Taf

  2. I’ve spent the day interviewing three people for a role we have, none of whom are suitable, two because they don’t want to travel and asking myself (crankily) why our recruiter forwarded them to me since she knows travel is required?

    Thank you America for granting me a quiet week due to its being 4th of July tomorrow so I don’t feel the interviewing has been a total waste of my time. They’re all good people and maybe some time they’ll be a fit for remote work.

    1. Sometimes people will accept a job with travel even when they prefer to avoid it, it depends on how crucial having the paycheck is for them. I worked at a bank when even long tenured employees had to switch shifts for a month, second shift was hard enough, but third shift (12 midnight to 8am) was brutal! There was a shift differential (more for third shift), but it was not enough to compensate for the ill effects of those hours. Taf

  3. I don’t want to think about what I’ve worked on this week. I just want to lie down for the rest of the day.

  4. Working on extricating myself from anything smacking of the political anywhere. It’s not just affecting my waking life, but I woke from a dream of what to say on another group I’m on. It’s begun to affect my gut AND my mind, and that’s too much. Time to retreat. I’m of no use to anyone if I get sicker. Like trying to lick your elbow. Not useful, no outcome achieved except a sore neck and snickers from the peanut gallery.

    1. I’ve pretty much been watching reruns on HGTV. And reminding myself that I’m voting for the Democrat whoever they mya be.

  5. I’m getting started on my signature quilt. Lots of pondering involved, but at least i dont have to hound anyone now. Expect pictures in the future!

  6. It’s birthday week, and I got an early start on it, so no work done, just playing.

    Nevertheless, I’ve been doing my part to promote, and I’m pleased that the first batch of quiltlets (in colors other than red) sold out pretty quickly to raise about $500, and now the red collection is selling. Plus there are some nice bids on the baby/lap quilts.

    I also basted, quilted and finished (binding) a lap quilt that I pieced a year or more ago, and basted and partially quilted another lap quilt from a while back. I wanted to practice free-motion quilting to find out if it was possible (it was) while one eye is nearsighted and one eye is farsighted. So I suppose I did do one bit of work: So. Many. Eyedrops (cataract surgery recovery). As of today, I just have to do one drop 4x a day instead of two different drops 4x a day but five minutes apart, with the time delay making it particularly annoying.

    1. The eye drops are a full time job. I hope you were given a chart to check them all off on, as I was.

  7. Coping is mostly what I have been working on —and delaying any activism until the end of next week when we can see what happened to state polls in swing states.

    Also my garden, the day job, and navigating a tricky conversation with a good friend about her husband driving us to the ballgame when his eyesight is so bad especially in the dark that he will be retiring in a year and using night drivers next winter. And dealing with another round of mom insisting she is safe to drive …

    I did make a lot of progress on the day job and plan to spend the next four days celebrating our democracy while we can (three separate parties which is a LOT for me even though all are low key), sorting my office papers, gardening, and planning my trip to Vienna.

    1. Debbie-Best of luck getting friend’s husband and your Mom to give up driving!

      When we needed to work on getting Dad to stop driving we used the emotional equivalent of a 2×4 to the head: “What if you kill someone while you are driving?” This was after seeing him use both feet on the power brake! The brakes were not like the first run of power brakes where it felt like a tap put you in the windshield.

      We made a deal for his doctor’s appointments in Northern San Diego County, his girlfriend in Santa Ana would drive him to the train station, drop him off, and either my sister Patti or I would pick him up, go to appt, and bring him back to the train station. He needed help getting around, first a cane, then a walker, then the wheelchair…(By wheelchair time, he only saw local doctors.)

      1. We tried that . She denies she is dangerous. We got the police to suspend her license after she drove into her house and made a 9 inch hole. She worked for a year to get it back, successfully. I will say that everyone in the system was far too deferential to her and I will call them out by name if she hurts anyone.

        1. Debbie it is horrid that the system did not give you more support!

          She sounds dangerous and I hope she doesn’t kill anyone. When our 94 year old grandfather started scaring all passengers by getting way too close to the cars on the right, we arranged for my sister to buy his low mileage Honda since her Honda had turned the odometer fully and was starting to have multiple problems. We were able to arrange easy transport for him, and buying the car from him for his granddaughter Patti kept it in the family. Taf

        2. I can’t help but wonder what other subjects your mother is delusional about. We had to tag team on my father to get him to stop driving after his last accident,but we could add the possibility of injury or death to his beloved spouse to the danger of running over an innocent child to the argument.
          Have you tried writing the supervisor of the person who revoked the suspension? The trouble with doctor’s exams is that they don’t see the patient behind the wheel. My Dad’s doctor cleared him to drive based on the state of his reflexes,but it was his attention that was the issue.

  8. I’ve been working on my health, and there is hope that by the end of this month, I may have a solution to the tiredness, shortness of breath, and low heart beat. I met a cardiologist who was nice, and also reassuring. I’ve also been running errands to find bird food, people food for a dinner on Friday night, here, spices I was running low on, and some new clothes. We have had some really hot, humid weather, so I’m looking forward to cooler weather the rest of the week, when Kali and I can walk again.

  9. I’ve been doing all my usual, though no actual writing along with the bits of writer bizness. Semi-intentionally giving myself a few weeks off from actual writing, as I consider which thing ought to be my priority. Feel free to vote!!

    Thing 1 – book 5 of my Andy & Victor series. I’ve made a solid start but need to do some more research and about 80K more words of writing. Argh.
    Thing 2 – a fresh idea, enemies (or at least adversaries) to lovers, novella or novel, which I’ve done backstory for but haven’t started writing at all.
    Thing 3 – a midlife career-change novel for which I’d conceived a poly romance but I don’t think it’s working. At over 30K words, I have backed away. This is a book I started in 2021 so I’ve obviously got a problem.
    Thing 4 – a competitors to lovers sports romance prompted by Tammy & Lupe, for which I’m in the research phase. Needs to be a novel, a short won’t get the job done here.
    Thing 5 – a tempting submission call from my publisher. Can be a novelette or a novella (12-30K word limit) and I have a solid idea for it and would need to do next to no research because the characters fit easily into my story world. Submission deadline is November 30. If I’m being practical, this is the one to prioritize. The linking theme for this call is shoes.

      1. I was just about to say: “I could weigh in on the shoes element” and then I read Lupe’s comment.

    1. From what you listed, you already know Thing 5 should be first priority. I would say Thing 1 is second.

    2. I would like to say Thing 3–there isn’t enough poly romance out there—but it’s telling you no, and besides, shoes!

    3. Thing 5 sounds best because it gives you the most room to go wherever the story takes you. And I’m sure that Lupe would be an invaluable resource on the shoe angle.

  10. Somehow I’m always trying to clean out the garage.
    Today was a 7-errand day, including the chiropractor. Tomorrow I think I’ll work on the garage…

  11. Back from today’s medical appointment, and I’m now off the hook for at least a week. Afterward future course of treatment to be determined. Dental appointment about 2 weeks off, which hopefully this time really will be just preparation for getting a partial denture. I’m managing, but could really use a few more teeth.

    Made more turkey-breast chili. It came out a bit too liquid (I added too much water to what was in the onions and canned tomatoes), but not badly so. Used up leftover Manwich sauce in the chili. I thought I once liked that; now it just seemed incredibly bland. I had the chili on a bed of lettuce, which works well in hot weather. Froze some of the chili, and had better freeze or eat the rest soon.

    Made an originally unscheduled grocery trip yesterday when I realized I was running out of various essentials. Dishwasher almost loaded enough to run, but I may let it go until tomorrow.

    I’d better stop here and figure out supper.

  12. The day job is wearing me out this week. Extra people out means extra time and extra responsibilities. My trainee is almost officially graduated, so at least that will be something off the plate, but I am so, so tired. And with the tired comes weariness and low thoughts. I am restless and dissatisfied with my other projects and my performance. Logically, I know this will change once my work load lightens, but it’s hard when you are in the weeds.

    On the bright side, no one in my extended family organized a picnic this year and when my mother in law asked if we want to drive out to her house for hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, we said no. And the world did not end. We took her to lunch today which assuaged some of my guilt about leaving her alone with her eldest son. And I am going to try to truly rest tomorrow. No promises, because I am very bad at it.

      1. But it’s so hard! She whines.

        Really, I am starting to miss January and it’s enforced stillness.

      1. Thanks. I will try. Fortunately, I have a book that I really want to read and the audiobook version isn’t available yet.

  13. Well, for the day job, there’s been a snafu and a project will now be a month behind because a contractor failed to properly inform both subcontractors and the floors are now needing repair. This pushes our move into the space back. More time to plan, but less time to actually move since the ribbon cutting ceremony is set.

    Also, sort of for the day job as they require me to present, I need to create a presentation for July 11th. Today I dug out notes from two classes and have a better idea of what I’m going to share. I plan to work on the presentation on the holiday so I can go shop hopping on Friday without needing to take a vacation day.

    The All Michigan Shop Hop (AMISH) is happening through the end of July. I wasn’t going to participate but then we were going to be traveling to IL for the 4th (aren’t now due to family having Covid) and I was going to stop at quilt shops along our route. Since I’ve planned the routes, I’ll go on Saturday or Friday anyway. There is no way I’m going to make it to all 82 shops in the state though.

    I also hope to quilt a quilt (one of mine!), finish a top (working on the border), and do some yard work as well over the weekend. Probably too ambitious.

      1. There are 6 regions. The U.P. has 8 stores by itself and it will take 7 hours of driving to simply get from one to the next which doesn’t include the time it would take me to get to the first store, another 6.5 hours and then home which would be 8.5 hours.

        List of stores here:

  14. Working on the garden. Catching up on weeding and clean-up, harvesting blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, redcurrants. Also we finally freaking dewinterized the camper and went camping, huzzah!

  15. I made pulled pork in my slow cooker. I really have to get back outside and continue my weeding. Otherwise I’m just keeping up with the housework.

  16. Grocery shopping yesterday with my husband and in a manner of minutes I lost him. He went back for one thing and I continued on. I didn’t hear him say where to meet up but I did hear my name called out over the loud speaker. We will make sure our phones are on for the next time.

  17. This week I have been working on reducing the inventory of my larder. Slowly have I consumed all the beef stew and HMR dinners and Hormel Compleats and a fraction of the canned goods. Healthy Choice soups. All the pork, beef, and chicken from the fridge. All my sliced cheeses. All my Canadian Bacon. Most of my personal-size pizzas.

    Bread is down to some English muffins (three, I think) and a plentiful supply of Zero keto bread (on the “never again” list). There’s a half=pound of Black Forrest sliced ham and some shredded cheeses, so sandwiches are possible, unless the ham and cheese and some pineapple chunks wind up on the last two pizzas.

    I can subsist on breakfasts. I have sausage and eggs and potatoes and onions and jalapeños and poblanos. I also have bell peppers and rice and tomato sauce to stuff them with.

    I’m putting off supply and replenishment detail until I really need vs. want stuff. Maybe. I mean, I am out of bagels, after all. I’m not sure where that falls on the need/want axis.

  18. Garden. Strawberry balsamic pepper jam. Company. More company. Finally got down to work on typing/revising a handwritten story I wrote one night (finished at 3:30 am…not like me at all to stay up that late!) a couple weeks ago.

    I’m in Maine right now, which is “catch up with friends & family” time. I have my second mystery novel coming out in August, and I should be promoting it more, ie sending a newsletter out. Feeling sluggish about all things marketing, though.

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