Oh, Hell, It’s Wednesday Again

The good news is I’m done copy editing Rocky Start. I’m also having conferences on the website redesign, planning the newsletter (yes, there will be one), and giving up on my plan to stop drinking Diet Coke (such a relief). Also, I’m making brownies tonight.

The bad news is I’m putting Working Wednesday up late again. Really sorry about that. I need to look at this blog again and figure out how to better plan for you all to have a good time here. No, I will not touch Good Book Thursday, that definitely stays, but I’ve been coasting here so if you have any ideas for improvement, put ’em in the comments.

In the meantime, I’m going to go take a nap. I deserve one.

45 thoughts on “Oh, Hell, It’s Wednesday Again

  1. It’s been feeling like Thursday all day, so I’m glad to know it is Wednesday. Of course, I’ll be sad tomorrow, when it isn’t Friday!

    Anyway, I spent my holiday weekend working on the signature quilt top. I didn’t have a pattern, so I was somewhat winging it. I started off making 100 brick-shaped blocks that were 6 x 9 inches of color – either blue, green, purple or red – with a center bit of white. I doled those out to the various musicians at the church, getting folks to write on them. I then inked in what they wrote to make things permanent. I set the blocks in a brick-like pattern, with black sashing acting as the grout between the bricks. In the center I created a large block with an appliqued letter Z. The music director who is retiring is known as Dr. Z, so hence the letter. Things have turned out nicely so far.


    I’ll get it basted on Friday and spend my next several weekends doing the quilting on it here at home.

    1. I can’t imagine a finer commemoration of a long career. I’m sure it will trigger happy memories every time Dr. Z sees it.

  2. Instead of 4 regular blogposts why not go back down to 2 & argh authors. GBT of course & 1 other. My preference would be happiness Sunday but I’m flexible.
    You’ve got too much going on.
    Someone told Thich Nhat Hanh that he shouldn’t garden or wash dishes he should just write poetry. His response was – without the gardening or dishes there would be no poetry.
    You have to have time do things that have nothing to do with writing.

    1. Bob and I are still figuring out how to do this. We’ve both changed so much in the fifteen years since we stopped collaborating the first time that we’re still negotiating things like writing time. He’s being great–he’s a lot faster than I am–so I think by the time we’ve finished all three Rocky Start books, we’ll have the hang of it.

      The thing is, this blog serves a community (as opposed to Facebook which promotes the collaboration as PR) so of course GBT stays and the Happiness posts stay because I think those are just good for all of us, new books and taking time to pay attention to the stuff that’s working in our lives. And I do like hearing about what people are doing in their jobs and their gardens and their crafting; I think that adds a lot of dimension to the community. I just thought since we’re about to do a redesign of the internet stuff, it might be a good time to look at what the blog needs, if things should be changed.

  3. I like all three of the regular posts: Happiness Sunday, Working Wednesday and Good Book Thursday. I’d love to see an occasional TV Tuesday. Maybe someone that you trust with the inner workings of your blog could help post on your behalf?

    Also, I suspect you set this blog up when technology was less evolved and so I know you had to disable the notifications because you were getting the endless loop from people who’d set up vacation notices etc. – but maybe there’s someone who can figure out how to deal with that now? So that we don’t have to keep coming back and scrolling down to see if anyone has answered our various questions. Or responded to comments about hockey. And tentacles. Shoes. Important stuff.

    1. I’ll ask Mollie. Joelle, who is doing the redesign on the website, is very good at that kind of thing but I don’t know if she’s working in here, too.

  4. I kept checking, and it’s bedtime, so I took one last look, and there it is! Now I’m too tired to write. But I’m glad you’re OK.

  5. It’s hard to give anything up but I’m partial to GBT and Happiness Sunday. I love seeing all of the artwork in progress. Maybe That could be included in Happiness Sunday?

    Anyway, I dodged a political meeting on Friday because I have a doctors appointment. Went to a political meeting tonight where Biden’s presidential campaign was not discussed. The Democrats are planning a picnic for August. Fun stuff.

    And I got the car inspect6ed, oil changed and tires rotated. Fun stuff.

    1. I think combining Working Wednesday and Happiness Sunday makes sense because it is to be hoped that what you are working on makes you happy. OTOH, sometimes what we discuss on working Wednesday are personal projects about how we can change the things that are making us unhappy.

  6. It’s too hot to work, and I’ve almost accepted that fact instead of continuing to struggle futilely against it. Mostly I’ve been getting the quilts & quiltlets & books ready to ship (tomorrow, I hope) to the winners of the Romancing the Vote auction. And going to the dentist because a crown fell off. While I was eating ice cream because it was too hot for any other food.

  7. Your timing for this week’s Working Wednesday is perfect (for me at least) — this way I get a chance to comment before everyone has wandered away.

    This week’s work was technically from last week, but I didn’t get a chance to post it then. We did a “volunteer day” at work and this time it was at the Habitat Humanity workshop where they make playhouses for women’s shelters, youth centers, etc. They’re completely modular and super adorable.

    My teammate and I put on the roof (real shingles) and it was a blast. I esp0ecially loved the pretend solar panel.


    This week I’m working on not melting in the heat and transitioning to a new work computer — always a pain — and today was “take the car in for repair because I don’t think the brakes are supposed to make that noise”. Pretty sure I deserve a root beer float now.

  8. Is there some way to set it to automatically post a sort of place holder post for the times when you are too busy to write a one? A generic Working Wednesday, Good Book Thursday, and Happiness Sunday that said something like “you know the drill, talk amongst yourselves” for when you are too busy working to write a post but that could be superseded when you wanted to put something else up.

    1. I can definitely set up posts ahead of time, but I’m not sure I can set up recurring ones. I’ll put it on my list of things to investigate once I get all this other stuff done (g). Argh.

  9. I’ve been hibernating, enabled by the cool weather. I’m in hermit mode, but trying to get going again on writing and photography, though it feels impossible to get anywhere satisfying with either of them, especially writing. I do not understand why I can’t do it; it’s always seemed what I was meant to do. Anyway, I’m trying again.

    Also gardening: loads of weeding to do, then gaps to fill. Successional sowings to nurture. And blueberries, strawberries, salads & flowers to harvest.

    1. That is the odd thing, isn’t it about creative work. My mind bustles with projects and ideas when I am at the day job, but when I get home I am twitchy and dissatisfied with everything I try to start. And then I am mad at myself for doing so little.

  10. When I originally commented I should have added, I personally would rather have 2 blogposts a week – or it kills me to say this – 1 blogpost a week rather than no blogposts or no new books.
    Burnout is a real thing and I don’t want to see you go there.
    First of all because I’ve been part of this community from early days and I value you, Jenny, as a person.
    And second of all because I would miss this community, my tribe.
    I hope you will do whatever you need to do to stay happy & healthy and to nurture your collaboration with Bob.

  11. I don’t mind that the post is late, especially now that you are somewhere you have support should anything go wrong. Prot absences were cause for worries because you were surrounded by bears and such in an old house. Now, I just assume that everything is fine and you are busy, Jenny.

    I would be sad to lose a post. But if we need to drop one, I vote for Sunday. I am on my devices less when I am at home on the weekends and I usually struggle with grieving about going back to work on Sundays. So I don’t usually post and only read the comments when I get to work for the week.

    I’m not sure what I did this week. It was blurry and I am unsatisfied. I blame the heat for some or most of it. Makes it hard to sleep.

    1. My Sunday happiness is almost always about work I’ve accomplished, so I tend to talk about the same things on Wednesdays and Sundays. 🙂 But I really love hearing about what’s going right for people in the community.

  12. My work this week has all been medical appointments and trying not to catastrophise. I’ll get the first round of results in the morning, and find out if I still need a biopsy. Actual work was a good distraction today, especially when flights started getting cancelled. No mental room to think about anything else when people are shouting at you.

      1. Thanks Patrick! It’s provisionally good news, although I’m being referred for a second opinion on the biopsy. Could have been much worse. 🙂

  13. I pretty much spent most of the week lounging in my hammock swing with a beverage, a book, and my iPad in an attempt to escape the heat and humidity. I don’t know how those who live in the south handle the heat! Yesterday, I moved the lawn mower, gas can, and my bike from the shed to my deck, in preparation for the rainfall and storms expected from the remnants of Beryl. They were predicting a possibility of 5 inches of rainfall which would definitely swamp my area. Fortunately (for my area, sorry for those just to the north who got the brunt of it) we didn’t get that much, only an inch or so. This morning I replaced the bike, gas can, and lawn mower back into the shed.

  14. If you think that two is about the maximum posts you can post in a busy (book-writing) week, I’d be happy if you go with the Sunday and Thursday combo others have mentioned above.

    If you think the historical numbers are enough (along with comments here) to keep Working Wednesdays alive, you might introduce instead a Working WTuesday post to cover things people are working on. Leaves one post for weekends, and two for the weekdays, spread out a bit more than before?

  15. I hear you on trying to give up diet coke. Ugh.

    Here’s a thought:
    Blog when you feel like it!
    Don’t when you don’t.
    I love surprise presents. That’s why I am here.
    I realize this may feel chaotic, but so freeing.
    This is what I say to my kids and my husband ” the ONLY thing I HAVE to do is
    pay taxes (debatable to some) and die”.

  16. I think I generally do my longest comments on Wednesday and Thursday, and that it does not work out particularly well either in terms of my time use two days in a row or in terms of getting my Wednesday comments read before they’re swamped by GBTh. With a little rewriting, I think my Wednesday comments would mostly work on Sunday (as I’m happy that I accomplished X or Y). In fact, I may switch to that (assuming Sunday survives), whatever happens to Wednesday.

    Anyway, I think two new Crusie topics a week are enough, and may allow Jenny more time for other stuff.

  17. Belated thought on the blog — my own blog (about news in my rare disorder community) is much less intense than this one, with just one post a week, but I still burn out on it, and take two month-long hiatuses each year, one in July and one in December. I go completely silent (after a notice about when I’ll be back), because I don’t have commenters, so it’s not a big deal, but if I did have a community like this one, it would be possible to simply pre-schedule some generic posts for the weeks I’m gone (e.g., “Sorry I’m on break, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves about this Working Wednesday.”), so there’s a place for the community to gather, without having to engage while I was burned out.

    1. When I blog about something other than a new release, it’s so there is content other than HEY LOOK I WROTE A THING. 🙂 My sibling set up a nice-looking site for me and I feel obligated to keep it reasonably current. Also, very occasionally, people who’ve read one of my books actually go and look at the blog, where they will be directed to more books. Heh.

  18. I am almost finished with a knitted dress I’m making. I decided to redo a couple of panels, but it’s still almost done and I can finally sew them together soon…whenever I have time for that. I got asked to do a project for an auction, so I started a piano key scarf for that.

    Workwise, we had EMERGENCY PROJECT dropped upon us that some higher ups have decided is a dire on fire emergency, we were told to literally stop doing everything else we’re working on to do this project, and then…nothing happened for three days. It finally starts today. The whole thing has gotten kinda ridiculous.

    Other than that, socializing this week before rehearsals start, one more weekend of Little Mermaid.

    1. At least at this job the insanity isn’t personal and aimed at destroying your self image. But I guess this means the glow of having a new job is wearing off and it is welcome back to real life.

  19. My working Wednesday was wallpapering our bedroom,which I’ve been looking at for months thinking, I have to start decorating this bedroom. I’m now realise why i’ve been thinking about it. I was allot younger when I did this last and I’m not as happy up a ladder either.

    1. I had a meeting in Detroit for the day job. I’m terrible at facial recognition so all these people who I see regularly on zoom would greet me enthusiastically and I would get this blank look…
      But it was 15 degrees cooler outside than it is here in the metro dc area so that was lovely.
      DH has headed off to London so I’m going to use the next week for house chores best done solo—resealing the counters which take days to dry , sorting papers all over the dining room table, sewing strips of fabric on the back of two Navajo rugs so I can hang them, polishing and inventorying the silver my mom inherited from my paternal grandparents (they somehow got it out of Germany in 1939)…
      There will be some weeding and watering in the garden but my goal is to stay inside out of the heat .

  20. It seems to me you mostly miss/are late on Working Wednesday. If that is because you care least about it then that’s the one to drop.
    On the other hand if it’s because you forget about posting between Sunday and Wednesday because it’s more days, how about Task Tuesday or triumph Tuesday or Talent Tuesday ?

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