Working Wednesday, June 19, 2024

At one point this week, I was making a spa appointment for Pat and me, discussing doppelgängers with Bob, e-mailing with Krissie on turning points, dealing with Veronica who wanted up on the bed, trying to find spa slippers so I could get a pedicure later this week (see above), trying to find the number for the electric company for this place, and thinking about lunch. Needless to say, I screwed up everything. Multi-tasking: Such a stupid idea.

What did you work on this week?

145 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, June 19, 2024

  1. You know how life just goes along at a normal-ish pace and then, boom, what was at the end of the month is next week! I’m not ready. Slight panic coming on. At least the head cold from hell is almost gone. The joys of admin and why didn’t I do that task earlier.

    A raccoon decided to pick the boat as one of her dens. Pulled back the tarp to discover all the seats torn apart. What does “there is something in there” mean? And darling man looks away. A huge expensive mess.

    1. Raccoons – the rats of Toronto. We keep our patio cushions in an outside storage container and one of the filthy creatures used it as a combined bed/toilet.

  2. My meetings in Madison, Wisconsin finish today and I make my way home tonight.

    Watched another astonishing win by the Oilers last night. I think Connor McDavid is actually an AI avatar sent to rule the hockey world.

    1. If the Oilers come back and win the whole thing it’ll be the greatest thing ever. I’m not really an Oilers fan, but I’ve always had a soft spot for them.

    2. Last night’s amazing Stanley cup game has left me as wrung out as if *I’d* played myself. I agree Tammy, Connor McDavid is other-worldly. There are no words…

      1. Dd has to inform me about the Oilers results. Far too thrilling. I even have (sort of) nightmares about it.

        Work has picked up pace again, argh.
        So for relaxation, the family watches the Football Euro (soccer), the kids are joined by friends. Nice: one of ds’s mates is an avid hockey fan, a passion we definitively share!

          1. The game started at 2 am where I live, I’ve got to get up at 7 am. And I’ve always been a wuss, so…

    3. I love Madison! If you have a chance, grab some deli sandwiches/pasta salad/snacks/wine at Alimentari on your way out.

      1. Too late I’m already in the airport. I did have lunch ordered in from Panera that I ate on my institutional table in the windowless/airless team room that hilariously sports a large viewing window onto the manufacturing floor – does that count?

  3. Spent the last couple of days dealing with frustrating customer service issues–hours spent emailing back and forth or stuck in online chats. First world problems, but annoying. Finally getting to work on some writing, mostly research. (Why did I sign up to do a book that needs lots of research? I hate research.)

    Dealing with the heat wave, which means not working outside. How do people live in places where it is this hot all the time?

  4. Yesterday I finished one of the work projects due at the end of the month.

    Getting through the last 2 weeks of school (kids), and there’s something going on every single day..

    I dusted the living areas of the house this weekend.

  5. Working on putting UV film up on every sun-facing window, which is nearly all of them. Bought this house six years ago because of how light-filled it is, and still love all that light in the winter, spring and fall. However, it adds just brutal heat in the Arkansas summer.

    I live in the country, on 11 acres, so have few windows where people can see in, so few curtains. I hate ’em anyway, but due to the heat, I put up light blocking ones last year. Even with white curtains, though, I felt like I was in a cave. So… UV film it is. Odd to walk past my house and see a person inside, but then I see it’s my reflection in the film.

    Still many more to go, but am feeling some difference already. I only recently learned how to keep plants alive, I hope I don’t kill all my indoor plants by cutting out some of the UV. The pros say plants only need red and blue light, not the UV… and of course I believe everything I read on the internet, so there’s that.

    1. My bank sent an e-mail that they were closing today for the federal holiday. Such a new holiday.

      Love the jacket. How is it cleaned?

      1. Machine wash is fine, although I recommend turning it inside out and using the gentle cycle.

    2. No one appears to be celebrating Juneteenth here in Madison, WI but I’ve cheerfully wished everyone I’ve talked to today a happy one.

    3. Love the jean jacket. Although it could use more sparkle but I’d always say that. I’m like that Christopher Walken “more cowbell” SNL sketch. Only with sparkle.

  6. The AC’s were put in the windows just in the nick of time. I stayed out of the way while the men of the house grunted and only came out for the clean-up.

    This morning, I was looking up parts for the refrigerator namely one of the glass shelves had a plastic piece break off. To the tune of $185. to replace. For a freaken shelf. A half shelf at that. I’m thinking that the fridge is fifteen years old or there abouts. There are other parts about to break and do I want to put money into repairs or wait until it conks out and buy new. Yup I already know the answer.

    1. Yes, it’s crazy what they charge for replacement parts! We just replaced our fridge because the compressor went out on the old one. Parts were under warranty but labor wasn’t — so that wasn’t a cheap repair. Then a few weeks later something else broke. We gave the old fridge away to the repair guy’s colleage who wanted it, and got a new one. I can already tell which plastic bits will go first.

    2. I eventually gave a friend the fridge that came with my house when I bought it, because I didn’t like the configurations. (You couldn’t put a bottle of wine on the door!!!!) It was a year old when I moved in, and that was 23 years ago. It is still working. The one I replaced it with has now been replaced twice. Sigh. The guys who installed it said that these days, the average fridge lasts for eight years. Bah.

      1. I have a “garage fridge” that I inherited from the former owner. It was her kitchen fridge. It has been repaired twice, and is working great again. The first older guy who repaired it said the old fridges could last forever, and are easy to repair. Life now is about planned obsolescence and unreliable technology. My truck will be 20 years old in August, but I’m keeping it and repairing it. I don’t need all that distracting tech the new vehicles have. I don’t play music when I drive, and I have a phone that can tell me how to find places.

        1. Yes:my car’s 19 years old, and the experience of driving my friend’s much newer one in Ireland has definitely reinforced my intention to keep it going as long as I can. The newer car shrieked at everything – reversing, grass verges, speed cameras (though fortunately only those within 10 miles of home). It was slow to start – it had to be in the mood – and its satnav was already broken. But I really loathed its panic-stricken beeping – so distracting!

        2. I’m keeping my 20 year old Jeep, and also the 18 year old truck that I bought from a coworker four years ago, which has had a lot more done to it than the Jeep (Glen drove it a lot farther) until they are not repairable. (Which probably means when their transmissions go out. No sign of that yet.) Every time I’ve had a loaner in the past ten years I have thought “No way will I deal with all this clutter!”

      2. I may have mentioned before that the refrigerator my parents bought the year I was born–1953–is in my basement still working without EVER having had a service call. They bought a new one when it was about ten years old because the freezer was just too small, but they kept using it for overflow, as do I now.

      3. I was told that when I replaced the dishwasher, but that it applied to all kitchen appliances, not just fridges. True? False?

        And I too have a fridge that came with the house. It was ancient in 1991, and still going strong.

        When I finally broke down and bought a big-screen TV ~11 years ago, the delivery guys were looking for the old one to remove. There wasn’t one; I had a 19″ old-style TV from 1987. Which still works. When I made a comment that there was no way the new one would still be working in 28 years, they laughed so hard I thought they’d fall down the stairs.

        1. Not all, but many. I was told dishwashers averaged 14 years. Stoves, on the other hand, are pretty sturdy (or have less gizmos to go wrong) and can make it to 20 or over. Don’t get me started on washing machines…

  7. What did I work on? My taxes. Got about halfway through, but had to stop because I get a backache if I spend too long at my desk. (I’ve tried several chairs and am beginning to think my posture is the problem.) Will work on them again today.

    Also will probably end up vacuuming on and around the couch, because dh got bitten there four times by some sort of bug last night. As we get older, the critters bite him and usually leave me alone–just the opposite of when we were young. I wonder if maybe last night it was a jumping spider that felt threatened… I’m going to get out a magnifying glass this morning and see if there are two tiny puncture wounds on each bite.

    1. I read an article this week that said that people with O type blood are more attractive to mosquitos and other bugs. That seems so unfair!

      1. That wasn’t the case in my family. Both my Dad and I have/had type O blood and I only get the average amount of mosquito bites while my Dad was every bug’s favorite flavor.

      2. It can’t be completely true because I’m O and my mother was A and we could stand beside each other picking tomatoes, with her smoking “to keep the mosquitoes away” and they would bite her and not me. It’s probably one factor of many.

    2. I’ve heard a rumor that consuming large quantities of either garlic or tequila will keep the mosquitos from finding you tasty. Maybe it’s the same for spiders.

  8. Luckily today is a holiday so I can work on recovering from last night’s wonderful Oilers’ game and try to drum up some enthusiasm for going to this afternoon’s Washington Nationals’ game. I love baseball and love going to games but the temperatures are supposed to get into the 90s with “feels like temps” to climb into the gazillions (according to the local “hair-on-fire” predictions.) Today’s game might just be work.

  9. I no longer have Juneteenth off. I thought it was a national holiday and I work for the state-wtf? So off to work I go.

    It’s tech week for Little Mermaid. At work I continue to watch training videos (Visio this week) because the supposed “you’re supposed to start shadowing this week” hasn’t happened yet. Boss is out at training for 2 weeks and has been notified, so she’ll have probably kicked some arse on this topic by this morning.

    1. Jennifer, A Federal holiday just means that Federal workers get the day off (or, if needed on the job, get holiday pay). Except there is or was some screwy regulation about certain circumstances where you get neither. And of course Juneteenth wasn’t a holiday at all in my day. (I fully support the addition!)

      Anyway, there is no requirement that anyone else get the day off. Per the Wikipedia, some states give state workers the holiday and some (as you discovered) don’t. It’s also up to private employers.

  10. I bathed Kali and brushed her to prepare for her dental appointment. She loves the bath, but hates the brushing. She seems to feel it’a an invasion of her personal space. She came through the cleaning and inspection of her teeth well, but had to have two incisors pulled. They were “wiggly”. That’s the medical term. The procedure didn’t set me back as much as expected. I paid more for her dental work than I pay for mine!!

    I watched my son mow my lawn, itching the whole time to do it myself. At least, I’m getting more reading done.

  11. I can hardly task, much less multi-task at my age. I forget what I just remembered a minute ago so one thing at a time for me how a days. Now it’s time for my walk.

  12. I try to vary my tasks between something for the house and something for me. This past weekend, I did a bunch of shredding of old bills, etc. I’ve also been trying to keep up with the garden chores – but judiciously. It’s been warm, and will be pretty brutally hot this coming weekend, so DH & I slipped around to the back backyard (beyond the fence) and did some pruning Monday evening. It was a lovely time of day. I know that I will not want to put my nose out of my house this weekend with the forecast of nearly 100F so I’m glad we took advantage of the nicer weather!

    I finally got the nerve to finish the bag I was working on

    My friend had returned from Rwanda with some fabric for me, and I thought making a bag would be a perfect use for it. It is much larger than I thought it was going to be, and it was slightly intimidating to make. I had bought a “kit” of all the other bits and pieces needed, along with directions, and I spent the better part of a month reading the directions, pondering, looking at the bag, pondering some more, wandering off onto the interwebs. Anyway, I had to sit myself down and give myself a talking to – holding the prospect of a new project as the shiny reward for getting this thing finished. It has two pockets on the outside and two on the inside and is very sturdily constructed (if I do say so myself). The interior is a bright orange batik that I had leftover from another project.

    The only thing left is a shoulder strap. I was missing the hardware for that, but it won’t be too hard to finish once that arrives in the next day or two.

    1. That is gorgeous and the orange interior will make the contents much easier to see than the dark interiors of most bags.

    2. That bag is an art work, Nancy. So impressive. And as others have said the lining is a lovely contrast & so functional when looking for things.

  13. Since last Wednesday, I had an eye-doctor appointment one day, and a complicated medical test on another. The first appointment was semi-good news. The doctor concluded I need laser surgery in one eye but not the other. He thought it was safe to wait a bit until I get through other medical and dental appointments, but that’s now scheduled. That session did not amount to much but involved a lot of waiting—he evidently was backed up, as doctors often are. Anything medical makes me nervous, so the waiting was no fun! The test involved less waiting, and I found the facility with no problems, but it was inherently time consuming. No results yet.
    While waiting both times, I got about half through Femi Kayode’s Gaslight, the mystery that I earlier mention that is set in and around a megachurch in Nigeria. It’s pretty good but I won’t finish for tomorrow. Maybe the following week.

    The rest of my “working” was household chores (some progress) and a bit of online hobby-related writing (not unlike this). Hobby-related Zoom meeting later today, so I’d best get this done and onto what needs doing before then.

  14. My friend who teaches writing classes for teens through our local state university campus invited me and another friend to have coffee with her class today and talk writing, so that should be fun. I miss teaching college kids (and adults—there were all ages in my community college classes). I spent some time getting my thoughts together for that yesterday.

    We had a fantastic trip to Lassen NP overall, except the conversion van in the camp site across from ours burned to the ground and set a few trees on fire. We were lucky all our stuff didn’t burn—we really thought it had for a couple hours while we were evacuated—but our tent’s rain fly was the only casualty on our end. I’m exploring options for getting it fixed or replaced this week. Going to start with a $7 roll of repair tape to cover all the little holes, then proceed to the $114 replacement if that doesn’t work. Have to figure something out before our next camping trip at the end of July. Fortunately, that trip is to the Channel Islands where there will be no vans of any sort!

  15. It’s been a lot of the day job.

    Also hemming three skirts for DD, who is maybe even shorter than me but doesn’t let that interfere with her shopping.

    I declutterred the main floor space in preparation for dinner guests and assembled a shoe rack. That’s my house chore for the week. I’ve decided if I do one non recurring chore a week the house should be fully organized in 3-4 years… (this is in addition to recurring chores like dishes …)

    I’m now starting to plan my September trip to Vienna with my friend. So far our list is Lippizaner horses, royal tombs, and Freud’s house with replica couch. And many pastries.

    DD wants me to plan a December trip to England but that’s too far away.

    I successfully dealt with some emotional baggage —classifying two things as “not my problem and nothing I can do about them if they were”. Feeling proud.

    Now I need to find a cafe near National Airport to meet with my brother between the time I pick him up and drop him at his conference and it will have been a productive week.

      1. Oh and my biggest accomplishment—we finally found an accountant who can do both DDs British and American taxes and find her a pension fund and understands how the two tax systems interrelate. I think this is going to save her a lot of money and stress.

    1. Ooh, I am NOT a traveler by any stretch of the imagination, but the one place I’d love to visit is Vienna, partly because of the scenery in the PBS show Vienna Blood (procedural set in the era when Freud was first coming into prominence, and one of the detectives uses early psychology theories to solve crimes), and partly because I’ve been corresponding with a doctor who specializes in my rare disorder there and is really patient-oriented and interested in hearing more about the patient experience, and I’d love to meet him in person for a nice, long chat. But even all of that isn’t enough to get me on a plane ever again, so I’ll be living vicariously through the reports of your trip.

  16. I tested negative for Covid today! I can go anywhere!
    But I think I’ll go pay the taxes, and get a pedicure. And buy some more groceries.
    My brain will soon start working again, and I may even get some patience back…

  17. This week I’m working on organizing and packaging my inventory so it’s ready and waiting if I ever get the nerve to sign up as a vendor somewhere. Putting my art there feels like inviting someone to my therapy session but the bills have to get paid and the art supplies won’t buy themselves.

    So, I am taking pictures, signing, labeling, packaging, adding my artist trading cards. Making the artist trading cards are by far the best part of the process.

    I didn’t become an artist to run a business
    but I’m hoping my Capricorn rising can get it together enough to set some goals and figure out where to next.

    The Sagittarius in me is on a constant campaign to leave it all behind and move to the desert. It’s a dry heat.

    1. Oh honey, it’s like great cooks, didn’t sign up to run a business either, but then they find owning a restaurant… means that being good at cooking is only a small if important part of it. However if you believe in your art, make sure you try and get it some exposure

    2. Picasso was a great sales person and marketed regularly to all the art dealers. Van Gogh on the hand just suffered terribly for his art and cut off his ear, etc. and only ever sold one painting.

      1. I read that people brought unsigned paintings to Picasso to ask if they were his – if he didn’t like the painting he wouldn’t claim it even if it was his. If he did like it he would claim it even if it wasn’t his.

    3. I’m struggling to get an artistic endeavor to pay as well and am very introverted. My best advice is to let people talk. Most of them don’t want to listen to you talk about your work. They want to tell you about theirs or their grandchildren who are so incredibly gifted, etc. I usually find something that they are wearing to compliment and then let them run on.

  18. I was plodding through my proof-reading job (those C17-C18 monarchs were appalling – sadistic egomaniacs!), doing bits of gardening & fighting off a head cold, but then the latter took a turn for the worse, so I’m reduced to napping most of the day. Really hope I feel better tomorrow.

      1. It’s about Augustus the Strong, ruler of Saxony and Poland-Lithuania, and also features Charles XII of Sweden (truly horrid) and Peter the Great of Russia. I also hadn’t realized that Poland had a serfdom similar to Russia’s, so most people were trapped in place while their rulers killed thousands of people (including babies!) and kept laying waste to places. I need to be more careful about which proof-reading jobs I agree to.

  19. I spent most of the past week preparing for the heat wave, doing outdoor chores ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to do them in the heat, preparing food that doesn’t need to be cooked, making gallons of iced tea, making lots of ice cubes for myself and for the cats (indoors and out), etc. Which is fortunate, because now that the heat is here, all I want to do is nap. And I really do not handle heat well — never liked it (how on earth did I survive as a lifeguard when I was a teen?), and now I get lightheaded if I’m out in the heat for more than about five minutes.

    Also doing my part to spread awareness of the Romancing the Vote auction for voting rights/access — you can see 5 of the 28 quiltlets I donated for a “but it now” option (flat price instead of bidding, so people who want one of my quilts but get priced out of the larger ones (they get pricey fast) can get a mini one without breaking the budget, while also contributing to a good cause) here: The whole auction will be live for browsing only by next Working Wednesday.

    Also lining up audiobooks for after my cataract surgery next Wed., and remembered that it’s been a long time since I read Wodehouse, and Hoopla has a bunch of the Jeeves books in audio, which seems like just the thing for recovery from very minor surgery.

      1. So long as it’s not painful to laugh… a lesson I learned after appendicitis at 11 with Please don’t eat the daisies.

        1. Fortunately, they can do a lot of abdominal surgeries with much smaller incisions these days, which makes laughter a lot less painful.

    1. Since they only do one eye at a time, you should be okay for reading, assuming you already can read with the other eye alone. (I have nothing against audiobooks, however. and I go through a lot of them.) Cataract operations are almost always safe and free from complications these days. Good luck!

      1. I just want to be prepared, because I’m not sure how it’s going to work with one eye (the fixed one) possibly needing reading glasses while being able to see far & middle, and the other eye (unfixed one) reading just fine but not being able to see far. I’ve seen advice to cover the unfixed eye if the difference between the two is huge, which I expect it will be, so then I’d be using the one that can’t do reading without glasses, and I don’t have reading glasses. So audiobooks seem like a good solution until things settle down, since I do like audiobooks.

        1. Aha. My recovery was probably simpler, since I was nearsighted and my ophthalmologist said that he found nearsighted people did best if the new lens was optimized for near distance. (And he said I was not a good candidate for variable focus replacement lenses, at least by the tech of those days.)

    2. Like you, I have moved onto my hot-weather menu. (I did have the oven on for 10 minutes to reheat leftover frozen pizza, with the kitchen exhaust fan going full blast.) I decided that even the current price of lettuce was worth it, especially considering that one head lasts for at least 4 very large salads. Probably already-made hard boiled eggs for protein in the salad tonight. Lunch was a ham sandwich with barely thawed ham from Easter.

    3. Argh! I kept seeing people mention Romancing the Vote (which I think I donated to a few times some years ago) and meaning to look it up so I could donate something. Sigh.

    4. Wishing you easy surgery and a quick, complete recovery. My husband had cataract surgery last year, and the results were amazing. Hope you say the same!

  20. I feel like I am getting absolutely nothing done. Yesterday I tried to sort out my medical receipts so I can use them to get a medical card, but now I can’t tell which ones I’ve already used and which ones I haven’t. I pity the person who is working the counter on the day I take my stuff in to Public Aid next month. I have figured out how to avoid this mix up the next time I go in there, but last time I didn’t keep a hard copy of the receipts I submitted and now the originals are mixed in with the new ones and I can’t tell them apart.

    The good part of this story is that I started pawing through this mess so I could find the prescription for my eyeglasses and order new lenses for my sunglasses. My therapist gave me the name of the place where she buys her glasses, but they are, of course, closed today. But it feels good to be prepared because I miss being able to read in the sun.

      1. Thank you. I’ve gotten careless over the past few years. I used to make copies at my friend Dave’s store, but they no longer have a copier and Kinko’s is neither close nor cheap. So I’d take my originals into the office and have them faxed without making any paper copies. And one batch of receipts looks like another, so I have to go back to making something I can mark and track the dates they entered the system.

        1. Do you have access to a scanner? you could scan them and label the file under the date name or email them to yourself under the date name

  21. I am trying to stay as cool as possible – a string of mid 30C days with humidity in mid-40s. I’ve been getting up before 7am to walk the dog but she decided it was too hot after 30 mins. I decided to go to the mall and walk instead (AC and bathrooms). Bought a new lipstick.

    I planted some basil and marigolds on the weekend when it was much cooler. Watering them before or after the sun is out to keep them alive. Snow pea plants are in full bloom and finally starting to see some peas.

    DS and I were planning to go to Italy in the fall for our wedding anniversary and his BD. But our passports expire in late August and you can’t book international travel within 6 months of a passport expiring (maybe just a Canadian thing?). So I’m researching North American alternatives. Italy will be there in 2025.

    1. Can’t you replace your passports early? (I think this is a common problem, though it used to be 3 months.)

      1. My thought exactly. Unless things have changed a lot, you can renew a Canadian passport pretty quickly. A more annoying problem now is the new visa-like thingy we have to get to travel to Europe. They say it’s usually very quick for most people, but it’s probably wise to get it before booking any overseas travel.

      2. Yes. I just replaced mine early. Canada. Pay the extra for the 10 business days pick up if you can. It’s pretty fancy with a hard plastic info page. Mine old one expired in March 2025. We have two trips planned. six months is the requirement for both trips.

      3. I thought of this but to be considered, Canadian passport officials require proof for the urgency such as reservations, plane tickets, etc. Apparently, not paying attention to the calendar is not a valid excuse 🙁

  22. Last month has been . . . a month. It’s been a lot to handle, on many levels. Working on getting through the days and stay positive despite everything still being the same on the health-front – or actually worse, because now definitely underweight (although people tell me I don’t look it) and body is starting to shout at me that it has no energy for real. Plus am now on antibiotics as well to fight an infection, so it’s a double load to carry. 🙁
    Trying to knit. Goes slow, but at least I’m trying.
    Working on plushy-project, goes even slower, but still at it.
    Have been working on communication, self-respect and other important life-things too. Cautiously positive about the results so far.
    Friend pointed out to me today after he saw a photo of me as a teenager that he hasn’t seen me as happy as in that picture in a long time. I said I haven’t felt that happy in forever either, and realized after thinking it through how scared I’ve become to let the happy in. It feels like every time I do open up for it, someone or something will come and snatch it away, so it’s been easier to hold it on arm’s length and be sorta neutral. Want to work on fixing that. Should also tell Sven I need help.
    And, it was my dad’s birthday on the 10th, he turned 65. So, I did a thing. And since I resolved last year to do scary things, I’ll share it here too, because previously I wouldn’t really have dared to. So here goes:
    We’re now working on not letting years go by between uploads. Not sure when next song will arrive on there, but I’ve decided I wanna do more, for me, for the fun of singing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be fun. So, hopefully there’ll be more soon-ish.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around at all over the last month, it’s just been too much going on in head, life, body, everywhere. I hope you all are doing as well as life allows. I’ve missed you all a lot, but haven’t had the energy/brain strength to keep up with things, only read Jenny’s posts.
    Sending hugs and strength to everyone who might need it. Pocket-versions are available too. <3

    1. That was fantastic. Thank you for doing the scary thing!
      Sending all the hope you can use for things to get better.

    2. I loved the song you sent your Dad and I’m sure he did, too.

      As a fellow wrestler with depression I will offer some unsolicited advice on talking to Sven. I’m sure he already knows that you are struggling more now. But he may not be bringing it up because he is afraid that he will make it worse for you. Some people believe that talking about it makes it real and, therefore don’t. And he may be frustrated that he doesn’t know how to make you feel better. By bringing it up yourself, you can detour around some of that stuff and give him a chance to feel like he is providing some strength to you. From here, all we can send you are pocket hugs and good vibes. Give yourself and him an opportunity to exchange the short distance version. Because even if neither of you is struck by inspiration about where to find “the answer”, never underestimate the comfort of a pair of loving arms.

    3. Oh Shass I’m so glad to hear from you. I’ve been worrying about you. I’m sorry this is such a hard time. Sending many many pocket hugs.

    4. I did not know that song, but I love that recording of it, and your singing! It’s great. You’re beautiful, Shass, inside and out! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I enjoyed that immensely. I hope you get through his hard time and into your happy, again, soon.

    5. So glad you posted, Shass. I have been concerned about how you were. I concur with Aunt Snack regarding letting Sven know how you are truely feeling.
      I have wondered previously if there is any option for you to access medical care/assessment in Sweden if you have not been able to get the answers you need in Holland?
      Thank you for sharing your birthday video for your father.Your singing is so beautiful & heartfelt & such a lovely montage of images of you & your father. Sending all possible positive healing & support vibes to you.

    6. EVERYONE – don’t miss Shass’s singing: it’s brilliant! So glad you’re going to do more of it, Shass.

    7. What a wonderful gift for your dad! I can only imagine how scary it was to put this out there. Your singing is wonderful.

    8. Wow Shass, you can sing beautifully!
      And the slideshow of the pictures with your dad makes it such a lovely and personal gift; thank you for letting us share that special experience.

      Wishing you the best, and all the strength and patience you need to deal with all you’re going through. It’s good to hear from you again.

  23. Quoting Jenny re:multitasking

    I multitasked. Sort of.

    I badly assembled two sets of under-counter led lights. This will not be their final position or configuration.

    I disassembled a furniture roller and reassembled it correctly so it works much better. (I assembled it initially, prompting the dis-and-re-assembly.)

    I concocted New Recipes. For example, making mac-n-cheese with vegetable soup stock instead of water. Also Rice-a-Roni and Pasta-Roni with said stock instead of water. (I bought way, way too much soup stock.) I also bought personal size deep dish pepperoni pizzas, to which I have added fresh picked tomatoes and peppers, as well as extra mozzarella and various meats. I forgot to harvest my green onions for these.

    I vacuumed the floor of the garden room. Some plants shed leaves like autumn.

    I watched a Facebook reel on how to capture video, and now I have a dozen how-to videos saved. Without sound.

  24. one of the 7 to 12 roofers I’ve contacted since we moved in here finally sent me a quote…yay? So much money :0

    and I know I should get several and compare but seriously I’ve called or emailed (or both) at least 7 maybe 12 companies. Four sent someone to look, one requested photos. This is the only one to send (sms) any sort of follow up.

    I’d really like to be done with the the roof/gutters. It’s only covered/filled with moss, it’s probably fine….

    around that trying to get ready to leave for a trip. 3 countries in 3 weeks. While babying this knee that screams at the slightest twist. And I’m allergic to some plant that is very enthusiastic this year so I’m sneezing the whole time I’m outside to hang laundry. Though sunny enough to be worth hanging laundry out is nice.

  25. and I dyed my hair, it had been months, I got out the habit once it grew past my shoulders but it wasn’t as tricky as I thought.

    A friend of mine complained of people asking him if he dyed to cover grey. Somehow no one asks that if you go for bright purple 🙂

  26. Not multitasking but just doing one extra thing at a time. Had a doctor appointment this morning which went well. Attended a wonderful Juneteenth celebration with my local progressive group. Tomorrow will help register voters at our farmers market and attend another meeting. Then Pride on Sunday and a Dobbs decision protest on Monday and a haircut on Wednesday and dog groomer on Friday to wrap up June’

    July has 3 medical appointments and at least 2 meetings and the car needs to be inspected and voters need to be registered… August’s not looking good either. It does get me out of the house.

  27. The week has been a lot of multitasking in the sense that I’ve been taking care of a lot of chores and little jobs, but sequentially instead of simultaneously. Right now I’m hacking my way through the weekly chores for Con-Tinual, the online convention running non-stop on Facebook ( and YouTube ( and fitting little bits of promotion for my upcoming release in the cracks. I want to be working on the outline for the middle section of the comic fantasy western novel that’s due next March, but the writer brain wants clarity, which means the administrivia comes first. Sometimes, I really wish my parents hadn’t drilled responsibility into me quite so hard. :))

  28. I’ve pretty much been non-tasking this week while recovering from my shingles vaccine. I only had a sore arm after the first dose, but this time I had a fever instead. Fortunately, a day of resting (which the dog was not a fan of), only a little tiredness remains. All in all, it’s still better than getting an actual case of shingles, so I’m not complaining (much).

    I may not be doing much, but my garden is busy blooming away:

    1. Thanks for sharing your garden! It brightens up my little apartment dweller’s heart.

  29. I am posting late because my post is a real downer and I think most of us don’t need to hear this but I will feel better for having said it and trying to move on. And this way almost no one will see it.

    On Saturday my neighbor fell , had brain hemorrhaging and died on Sunday. On Monday my sister called. Her husband had a massive stroke and is not going to make it. My husband is still under going test for some kind of neuro-muscular disease – they think maybe ALS but at least they haven’t confirmed that diagnosis yet. So I am not posting much because I am still trying to avoid thinking about it. We are going ahead with the primary bath remodeling so we can put this place on the market if we have too. Oh, the basic bid for the job came in at 150K which is 30 percent higher than we were told it would be. I am not having a fun week. And I don’t want to move but will have no choice.

    1. Sending you all the hope and love I can fit in a single direction. You can always tell us the stuff that would be too much to talk about to a single person.There isn’t always an advantage to the fact that we are all so geographically spread out, but this is one of them. You might as well take advantage of it.

    2. OMG, that’s a lot all at once. It’s a lot one at a time even. I hope it helped to share and helps to know you’ve been heard by some of us who are stable enough at the moment to not be overwhelmed by it!

    3. Oh gosh, Jessie, that is a lot to take in. I’m sending hugs and good vibes. May the diagnosis at least not be the one dreaded.

  30. Yikes! What a week. Hoping and wishing things go better for you and your husband, and your sister and neighbor find comfort and help in this horrible hour.

    1. Thank you so much. I thought I didn’t want any commiserations but it is surprisingly comforting to have your misery acknowledged.

      1. Hi Jesse, I’m even later than you were checking the posts. It was a lot for you to share, and I’m glad you did. Will a five gallon bucket of pocket hugs work for you”

  31. Pedicure- necessary because I cannot reach my toes. Drove back from Joplin in new (used) car. Top down. Pickle Ball-indoors. Hair cut. Eye exam. New lenses and frame. Frame is a product from Two Blind Brothers.

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