Reorganizing Behind the Scenes

So Bob and I were having troubles with the chat program we were using, and we’re trying Spark, which I think, once we learn it, will be an improvement. It does mean that if I post snippets of our chats, they’re going to look different. Like this:

5 thoughts on “Reorganizing Behind the Scenes

  1. Ah… my mother’s friends group, comfy seats, put the kettle and break out the biscuits and you won’t have to ask, you could probably get state secrets during their chat. Of course, they’re sneaky too. Most people don’t have the stamina to last the full round updates on the grandchildren first and the code, since they describe people via their villages. No names, good luck id someone by the fact their mother’s father used to be a fisherman, before they went into farming, but died or was it abandoned them before they were born. Anyway their cousin used to live near the old well, no, not that one, the one that was closed before my great grandmother was born. His brother was a gambler, terrible scandal for the family, no actually that was his wife’s aunt’s husband or was he the neighbours son opposite, anyway his poor wife, she had to sell noodles… or was that her aunt in the other village.

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