Happiness is Sending Really Good Gifts

There’s an entire set of Terry Pratchett hardcovers that have the most beautiful covers, and my grandchildren, who are of course brilliant, love Pratchett, so I hit my savings and sent the entire set to them. Mollie sent a picture of Emmylou unpacking them, and she was so beautiful and so happy and it made me so happy. I have boxes of gifts I have to send to Krissie and Bob, too, and while Bob will not be as enthralled–Bob doesn’t enthrall–I know Krissie will chortle once I finally get everything to her. That’s actually better than getting gifts. Other people chortling when they open boxes from me makes me happy.

What made you chortle this week?

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  1. I love giving gifts to other people that make them smile.

    I chortled this week when a friend came over last night and introduced me to a (now-defunct) Canadian comedy called Corner Gas. It ran 6 seasons and I am seriously looking forward to watching every episode. We watched two last night and I laughed so hard I think I pulled something.

    General happiness included eating fresh lettuce, peas, strawberries, and herbs from the garden (although I’m not happy about the extreme heat that makes it unpleasant to be out there) and the news that the beloved aunt who was recently diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of cancer (my sister also got diagnosed with a rare cancer this year, completely unrelated–my family are overachievers) has been given an optimistic diagnosis.

    And today my coven is gathering for a summer solstice ritual and the celebration of our being (almost all of us) together for 20 years. Our youngest member, who is 17, started coming in her mother’s womb. We’re a big extended family and one of the great blessings in my life.

    1. Being a member of a group/a team, in your case a coven since being within the womb of a tesm/coven member, sounds really AWESOME !
      Fingers crossed that all overachievers in your family manage to beat the big C.

      1. Thank you, Dodo. So far things are looking far better than the statistics would indicate. They were both fortunate enough to be able to find experts on their particular rare cancers, and seem to be responding well to treatment. In my aunt’s case, the cancer is so rare, in only occurs in 0.4 out of every million people, but her radiologist actually wrote a paper on it. (It’s a cancer that starts in the nasal cavity, of all places, and has spread to her lymph nodes and tonsils, but very importantly, not to her brain.)

        I hate cancer so much.

    2. Deb, if you like Canadian comedy, you should try Slings and Arrows, about three seasons of the theatre crowd in Stratford, starring the hunky-in-Canadian-terms Paul Gross.

        1. Colm Feore as the pretentious consultant creating the mission statement kills me every time.

      1. Is Paul Gross the same actor who played a Canadian Mountie on a “loaner” basis in California with a little deadpan New Yorker whose name I also forget?

    3. Laughing is the best, especially when you need to.
      Corner Gas was great! Schitt’s Creek is, too (Canadian), and I’m making my way through Brooklyn 99 for the second time.

    4. Corner Gas was my go-to when there was nothing that caught my eye. Then I started watching Pretty Hard Cases, that is comedy drama. Two women detectives battling crime with comedy undertones.

    5. I love Corner Gas so much – I’m on my third turnaround. When I’m stressed, it’s my go-to-sleep streaming on TV show! The one with pink eye STILL brings belly laughs.

  2. Yep, watching loved ones and liked ones happy and oneself being active behind their happiness is the best!

    I wasn’t chortling, but sonething similar when waking up from fearful hockey dreams yesterday and picked up enough corouge myself to check the results of game 6 in the SCF to find the Oilers have won the 3rd game in a row, forcing game 7 for the final decision on Monday (?).
    It’ll be Tuesday 2 am here, a work day un an important week, so I will once again be too sensible and whimpy to watch live.
    I’m happy that my loved ones (dd, dh, ds) share or at least smile upon my new-ish passion!
    Also happy that the weather got fine just in time for a very nice csd (pride) parade through my city yesterday and the atmosphere was lovely again. I had my lovely me (dh, ds) with me while dd had fun with her fruends somewhere in the midst of the crowd.
    The city centre was swamped wirh people. Football/soccer and pride at the same time. Many wore football=soccer jerseys to the parade. My fav football team (FCB) /its followers marched in the parade. Yay 😀

  3. It’s really nice that some books are now being published in hardback with beautiful covers. One of my sons gave me a beautiful set of Jane Austen’s novels one christmas which I love and last time I went to London, I went in an independent bookshop and I found a gorgeous new edition of Little Women. I just couldn’t resist it!
    It makes a nice change from disintegrating paperbacks!

  4. The abundance of roses in my garden is making me happy; and I’ve found space to squeeze in another, as soon as I can find the variety I’m after. I too am enjoying my strawberries, though some aren’t as sweet – I think it must be to do with what stage they were at when we had loads of rain. My garage rescued me when my car wouldn’t start – they’re lovely people: a family firm, really helpful, and with a great sense of humour. And I spotted a table by the side of the road with really good courgette plants for sale, so I may be able to grow them this year after all – between slugs and poor germination, I’ve lost all my efforts so far.

  5. I sent books yesterday too, to someone who is undergoing chemo. I hope they will be some comfort and company.

    My happy is that the heat is finally breaking. That was a long haul. Hopefully my energy levels will rebound and I can get back to doing things.

  6. My happy this week was DH getting home from his fishing trip.
    K1 is finished school, and is at their friend’s cabin, so no sibling wars for a bit; K2 will be done at the end of this week which is awesome for me.
    I am loving the rain we’re getting right now (100% better than the forest fire season we had the last several years), and I’m even loving the thunderstorm that is going on right now (fingers crossed the lightning doesn’t start anything, though).

  7. I don’t know if I’ve had a lot of chortling opportunities this week but I would say that I’m very happy that I have no planned travel now until the end of August. I’m going to enjoy my summer doing things where I live.

  8. I love giving gifts. I have a long standing tradition with one friend of exchanging gift bags with multiple small items at birthdays and Christmas. She has eclectic taste and I enjoy picking things up for her during the year at craft sales, etc. It’s always fun to watch her open her gifts and see her reaction.

    My garden is very full which makes me happy. I started harvesting snow peas. I have purple, yellow and green – so pretty together. I can start harvesting scapes this week – I used my last jar of scape pesto last week, so perfect timing.

    It was too hot to cook this week so I made lots of cold salads. The Thai sweet potato and quinoa salad was very tasty. Used my air fryer to cook the sweet potatoes which produces a tasty crunchy cube. Works great for chick peas too.

    My SIL is currently walking the Camino Norte in Spain. I’m enjoying following her daily progress on IG.

    1. All right, I keep seeing this word, and I have no idea what it is. What are scapes?

      1. Scapes are the flower-topped stems that grows out of the top of garlic plants. You cut it off before it actually flowers, so the energy will go into making the bulb, not the flower. You cut the flower bit off, and what’s left is a long stalk. It can be kind of tough, but people pickle them, or use them in stir fries. I like to throw mine on the grill. They have a very strong garlic flavor.

        I harvested mine yesterday, and you can see a picture of what they look like once the top is cut off. https://www.instagram.com/p/C8jwKaOuKSH/

        1. Wow! Thank you for explaining that and for the photo. I would not have thought of using that part of the plant.

        2. Thanks for the vegetable lesson, Deb. I also have been wondering what scapes are. And your harvest looks very tasty.

      2. According to chatelaine.com: “What are garlic scapes? Garlic scapes are the tender stem and flower bud of a hardneck garlic plant. (Hardneck garlic is the kind of garlic that typically grows in Canada and the northeastern U.S.) Scapes first grow straight out of the garlic bulb, then coil. When harvested, they look like long, curly green beans.”

        I only know of garlic scapes. To me, they are like curly scallions/green onions with a stronger flavor. I’ve only used them for pesto.

      3. On garlic, scapes are the long shoots that will grow the garlic flowers if left on.

        1. This is so funny. I refreshed my page to see if anyone had answered Jan and there weren’t any comments so I wrote and as soon as I posted, all the comments came through!

          1. It was great to get that information for everybody who wrote! This site is wonderful for that kind of thing.

    2. Sorry for assuming everyone knows garlic scapes. They’ve readily available at Farmer’s Markets in Eastern Ontario in the early summer. They can be used instead of garlic. I usually make pesto with them but since I have almost 100 garlic in my backyard garden, I’ll need to find some other uses – maybe pickled or chopped up and frozen in ice cube trays.

  9. Wait, I did have an opportunity to chortle this week – when the Oilers won game six against the Panthers and tied the series 3-3, after the losing the first three games, which is an incredible comeback. Back to Florida Monday night for game seven. If the Oilers win, it will be only the second time in 102 years that a team’s done that after that kind of comeback. It’s been an incredible series either way. I just wish I didn’t have to hear that horrible Panther ‘snarl’ on loudspeaker all through the game Monday night – makes me want to growl back.

    1. Another happy! I am so happy that this sudden hockey-craze of mine came along in time for me to enjoy a good part of the regular season as well as to live through this historic final series. I am very emotionally invested in the Oilers but at this point, no matter what happens on Monday, they have already made history.

        1. Me too! And I was up so late on Friday night I realised I could listen to the game on the app.
          Very exciting and like Christina my hockey craze was really well timed!

    2. Tammy – just curious – what stops you from growling back at the Panthers?

      It reminds me of when I had been gone from Kentucky for quite a while & went back to visit. We went to a high school basketball game. The cheerleaders kept saying – “Let’s go Painthers”. It took me forever to realize that was how they said Panthers.

  10. Gift giving is my love language. There’s something special about getting it just right.
    Chortling over the grandchildren who are now toddlers & nothing is as funny as a toddler. I have What Do You Do with Drunken Sailor stuck in my head.

    1. Toddlers… Many years ago, we spent a 3+ hours drive to family with my the 15 month-old-son playing “Old McDonald had a far” with his play thingy on a loop.
      Slightly exhausting for my poor mother who sat next to him. My father and I in zhe front at least didn’t hear it as loudly.
      He has improved since 😀

  11. Yes, giving the perfect gift is a the most wonderful feeling! On my doorstep this morning (Sunday!) I found the photobook that I’d made for my brother had been delivered overnight. Just knowing how much he will enjoy it has made my day.

    Other happies this week include the Oilers’ win on Thursday, and having the hotel I will be staying at next Monday night confirm that they do indeed have ESPN in the rooms, so I can watch the final. Phew!

    Finally, to escape the heat, I spent all day yesterday culling books we’ll never read again from our non-fiction shelves. It’s time. I have well over a hundred hardbacks to offload and I wasn’t feeling great about it (I hate sending books away that will probably just get pulped.) But just now a good friend called to tell me about he has someone who WANTS them! So our shelves look a LOT neater, we’re making someone happy with the books we are getting rid of, AND we get that lovely feeling of having gotten rid of stuff. Bliss!

    As for actually chortling: while doing my book culling I came across an all time favorite (which I’m keeping!) “Anguished English” by Richard Lederer. It’s the type of book you can open to any page and find something to chortle over.

  12. I didn’t give gifts, but my Arizona DIL sent me two autobiographic books from the Harry Potter family. I had Madly, Deeply, The Alan Rickman Diaries, on my wish list for a long time, and now I have it. The kids on the cast all talked about how nice Rickman was to them. It will be interesting to read what he thought. She also sent me Tom Felton’s Beyond the Wand, his memoir about playing Draco.

    Yesterday morning, I was able to walk the full 2 mile route with Kali! It was very warm and humid, but it was also overcast and windy. The wind really helped! I did have to pause midway up a long hill.

    My biggest happy today is that a small Opossum has come to my back patio two nights, now! I was so hoping they had babies, and one might visit. It’s light grey, and about the size of a kitten, only with a longer snout and a hairless pink tail. Adorable! I have really missed seeing Opossums.

    I am also grateful for my mother’s vintage Singer sewing machine. I mended the binding at the edge of a throw I use on my bed, and put some new waist elastic in some favorite shorts I haven’t been able to wear for several years. I rethreaded it and filled a bobbin very easily just by looking at the little book of instructions. I had a really fancy machine, once, but sold it because I could never get the tension right.

    1. I love Opossums, too. And a bonus – they eat ticks! The only thing is you have to keep your cat away from them. One of my daughters cats liked to protect his yard & an opossum did some damage to him. The vet was able to remedy that & all was well.

  13. Jan Kindwoman, I share your love of ‘possums. I have glimpsed several live ones and wish the best to all the successful hiders. I have the same feeling about porcupines. Several years ago I saw a porcupine mama whose baby — a porcupette, by the way — was following her. My landscaper has seen them sleeping up in trees.

    My grandmother lived with us when I was young; our house had a stand Singer and a pedal Singer sewing machine. Beautiful, basic machines.

    1. I think it would be fun to have a pedal machine. There’s a MASH episode where Klinger is using one. He’s singing as he sews.

      1. I love my pedal machine, which was my grandmother’s and before that her grandmother’s. I don’t use it a lot because winding the bobbin is tricky, and they don’t make needles with as long a shank as this one needs so you have to place it just right and it won’t stay in place if you sew through too many thicknesses. But you have absolutely perfect speed control.

          1. It’s not a Singer and it was made in 1874. I haven’t looked recently (i.e., about thirty years) so I should look again.

          2. I just looked and they don’t seem to have any nonstandard needles. My mother’s second hand Singer (which I found out twenty years ago is a Featherweight 221) takes modern needles.

          3. Well, bummer! I was hoping that would solve your problem. Maybe I won’t get so excited about having a pedal machine, after all.

  14. Still feeling the Covid, my mother tested and had a faint positive mark, so no church for her today. The heat was very rough, in our unairconditioned house. Not as hot as elsewhere, but not enough. However, we’re in a break for now. The roses are fabulous,
    and while I was sick I would get up, do about 15 minutes of garden work, then go back in and lie down, so it’s unusually tidy.

    What made me chortle was watching Brooklyn Nine Nine (on Netflix). I’ve truly laughed out loud, and have started from the beginning again.

  15. Deb, may they overachieve into full recoveries.

    Mine is bittersweet; bitter – my friend who was ill has just passed, message came through not 30 minutes ago. I did the vigil visit yesterday and spoke to the some of the 8 of us in our group, we’ve all known each other since we were garde 7 or 8, some of us since we were in the equivalent of KG. But my sweet is that I never neglected to tell him or any of the others that I love them. Sometimes just randomly posting on our GC how much I valued them. When you can’t see each other often, the words _do_ matter.

    I’m sad but calm. I’m happy to have eked out fun times even when I didn’t feel up to it.

    My other happy is a 4 year old making me read her picture books after she heard me read a short bit from her 12 year old brother’s book. She like it but couldn’t understand, so brought me, “My first …” picture books. It was really sweet.

    1. Sure Thing, I’m so sorry for your loss but you are right about the balm of knowing that the person knew you loved them. I have lost a couple of people whom I still grieve almost every day (even 10 years later) and knowing that they knew how much I loved them always makes me feel better. May it do the same for you!

    2. May the bittersweet pass and only the sweet memories remain. My sincere condolences.

    3. I am very sorry for your loss. 31 years ago both my sister and I lost our closest friends very unexpectedly. The difference was that her friend was going off to see if he was fit to join a monastery and would not be speaking to anyone for the next 4 months. So they went out for a 4 hour dinner together and talked the entire time. I’m sure that they mentioned how they valued each other during that time.

      My friend went to see the doctor about a sinus problem and found that he had cancer and died less than 2 weeks later. Since this was before VOIP and both of us were broke, we only spoke once a month and the last time I had talked to my friend he was planning a vacation and thinking about moving to California.

      After I got home from my friend’s memorial service I was talking to my sister and she kept repeating how grateful she was that she had had that last long conversation and had a chance to say good bye, even if they didn’t know it was final. And all I could think of for months afterward was, “What if Nick didn’t know how much I loved him?”

      That worry was, of course, ridiculous because my friend would have had to been in a coma to not have known, even though we no longer saw each other once or twice a week as we did when we lived in the same town. But I was afraid that I might not have told him explicitly how much I loved him.
      So be grateful that you did tell your friend how you felt. I can guarantee that it will make you feel better in the coming months.

      And isn’t seeing a child discover books wonderful? There is just something magical about watching that world open up for them.

  16. Not exactly chortle material, more a relieved sort of happy — the patients in the UK who have my rare metabolic bone disorder have been waiting for MONTHS (literally, since February, I think) for a decision about whether the affected adults can access a truly life-changing treatment, already available for kids there, but kids are expected to stop when they hit adulthood (I’m on the treatment already, since it is available in the US), and they initially declined it, subject to further input, and they finally approved it on Friday. Now, the challenge is making sure that adult patients and their clinicians know about it.

    1. Wonderful news, Gin! I hope they all get the treatment they need, and I’m glad you already have it.

  17. My chortling this week was more of the Schadenfreude variety–bad guys getting prison sentences and mocked in the socials, etc. But there were bursts of joy. A week with no one dying or falling prey to a ghastly illness tops the list. Fireflies at dusk turned the park near my home into a fairyland, minus the scary catch-and-release vibe you get from the stories. The brutal heat and lack of rain is bringing out all the sweetness of the local fruits. You don’t realize how watered down grocery store flavors have become until you bite into a fresh strawberry, picked ripe and red, that has never been refrigerated. After the first taste of today’s farmers market bounty, I couldn’t stop eating the strawberries until I’d consumed an entire handful. Finally, good books. Thanks to everyone for all the rec’s. Emma Jameson is The Bomb.

  18. Little Mermaid has launched and that is going well. Had two people come down with covid, but one of them tested negative after 2 days and returned. The other is the musical director, and they canceled the rest of the orchestra and he’s just down in the pit masked by himself this weekend.

    I’ve slept ten hours the two weekend days, which is great given how I haven’t slept much all week.

    Next week I start a four week break from rehearsals. I normally like to jump into the next thing, but I probably need some detox time. I did some fun shopping yesterday, which I enjoyed.

  19. I gave a gift I made to my friend – a set of knit scarf and hat in the beautiful light-navy blend of wool and silk. It made us both happy. Of course, it is summer now in Canada, but I’m a slow knitter. It took me several months to finish. She’ll wear them next winter. The scarf has a fringe, and I made a tassel for the hat too but didn’t attach it right away. When she visited me, we debated if she wanted the tassel on the hat. I wasn’t sure – she is a very serious person. It appeared, she did, so I tied it on. Very pretty. I should’ve taken photos.

  20. It’s been a quiet calm week here … lovely to have DD just hanging out. She goes back to London tomorrow.

    Besides scape pesto which I mentioned above I made another family favorite—chicken and noodles in sesame sauce. It’s from Pierre Franey’s 60 minute gourmet but the only legible version of the recipe I can find on line is here. https://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=236×78888
    If I was going to make it for someone vegan I would just use white beans instead of chicken.

    The title of his cookbook makes me think about how we want everything sped up these days. Back when he started and named his column in 1975 60 minutes to prepare dinner was reasonably fast!

    Cooking and serving family good recipes makes me happy. Even if it takes 60 minutes.

  21. Yesterday was my big brother’s 80th birthday and I could not decide what to give him that wouldn’t cost too much for me to afford to mail. I finally settled on 2 pairs of novelty socks, which I have no idea whether he will wear or not. They didn’t arrive before his birthday and the postage cost more than the socks did, but I hope that they will make him smile. One said “Kick Ass Grandpa” and the other said “I have selective hearing”, which I thought was particularly apt now that he has hearing aids in both ears. But it doesn’t matter because his children surprised him by flying in for the weekend. Since they both live in other countries and my brother lives several hours from the nearest airport, this was no small gift. So even though I did not find the calibre gift I was seeking, I’m sure that he was happy. I just hope that the socks get there eventually.

  22. Happiness is being home again after a week away facing up to the realities of future cohabitation with parents. That’s not gonna be 100% fun, put it that way.

    A chortle was listening to Miss Kitters O’Scruffian give a Ted Talk about her atrocious experience of a week (being well-cared-for) in the Wag Hotel … aaallll the way home.

  23. My great-niece was born this week. She’s so darned gorgeous and she & her momma are well and healthy. No small thing since her momma had preeclampsia this time. We are all relieved and grateful.

    Cantaloupes are in…yum.

  24. Enjoyed my boss being in CA so that I had time to do freelancing for my dear sister, and another delightful woman.

    Have been managing my eating habits better, with indulgences on weekends, which I appreciate all the more for being rarer.

    Since I didn’t get to Sunday Happies until later in the day, I enjoyed reading all your happies.

  25. More swimming happiness for me this week.
    Friday night a few of us met up for a solstice sunset swim, then we had a picnic on the jetty and watched the full moon rise over the lake. It was magical.

    Today a long river swim in a part of the river close to me. I was the slowest so more swimming for me than sightseeing but it was beautiful.

    Finally, this week I was in a small town for work. It is a pretty place but sadly rundown . However amazingly there was a lovely cafe/bar/delicatessen/bookshop and I found a hardcover of Heyer’s Frederica, possibly my favourite of hers, from 1967 in excellent condition, a book club edition, for €2.50. That made me very happy 😊

    1. I applaud your courage, Frozen Pond. One time I decided to become an “open water swimmer”. I swam in a nearby lake once and a turtle followed me around the whole time & that was it for me.

  26. Mom had her surgery a week late and all is well. She was in no pain at all the next couple of days, thank goodness. Now they’re going to be able to take her off blood thinners. And so I was fine coming home to California.

    I caught a cold in Ohio, which hit Friday night before I flew back. I wore a mask on the plane and hope I didn’t give it to anyone! The happy part of that is that I’m spending the whole day lying around, napping.

    I’m going to wait until this evening to wander around outside and water stuff. I missed my flowers.

  27. Our Pridefest went well despite the heat. I did my part by marching with the group and folding tee-shirts that were being given away. (Some people very happy with this year’s shirts which are not white but tie-dyed. Slobs that we are.)

    Stopped in to see one of my cousins who on my way back home. I really have to call and see her more often.

    Happy that I got 8 hours sleep last night and can get 8 hours tonight if I get to beed early enough.

  28. I chortle a lot, often for the tiniest of reasons. For example, I finally got around to making the chicken salad and tuna salad bowls I’ve been planning to for weeks. They’re nearly identical, give or take the accuracy of my measurements. The primary difference is that the “B-FOOD salad” (b for bird [*chortle*]) has three 5 ounce cans of chicken breast (Wild Planet no salt added) and the “C-FOOD Salad” (C for sea [*chortle*]) has three 5-ounce cans of Skipjack tuna (also Wild Planet so salt added). Other ingredients are (approximately) 1/2 sweet onion, a squirt of lemon juice, 1/2 large jalapeno pepper, one tbsp minced garlic, a hefty squeeze of spicy brown mustard 1/2 of a large poblano pepper, half a cup of Mayonnaise (specifically Duke’s Fire Roasted Red Pepper flavor), 1/2 cup relish, and two hardboiled eggs. Theses salads will be served on spinach wrap tortillas, English muffins, bread, crackers, and toast.

    My main scales died midway through preparations, I had to finish using pocket scales. The dotter calls them my drug dealer scales. [*chortle*]

    Then, when both salads were done and in the fridge, I had grilled chicken strips and brown rice for dinner. [*chortle*]

    Tomorrow is red meat day, so the bowls will stand by while steak and potatoes are eaten instead. :):D:)

    1. I did some more chortling when instead of steak for breakfast, i fire up my egg poacher and had sausage and eggs on Texas toast. I was also thinking about “A-Food Salad.” Same as C-Food except the A is for albacore tuna instead of skipjack.

      New scales arrive tomorrow. The other scales employ those CR2032 batteries, the ones you can mistake for pocket change. The new scales (and also my “dealer” scales) use AAA or AA batteries, and I have rechargeables.

  29. Full disclosure – the beginning of this week I was NOT chortling. I was refusing to get out of bed except for food or bathroom trips. My daughter mostly left me alone but she was worried.

    Things came to a head – for me in my head – about my brother situation. He has been my best friend most of my life but for some reason only he knows – that has changed. I have been trying to keep him in my life but he just wants to be there on a “looks good on the surface – there’s no problem here – we’ll talk about the weather – kind of way. I’m done trying.

    So midway through the week I sent my awesome accountability partner (Tammy) a do-over email & started again.

    Starting over involved a massive shop at the produce store – lots of colorful fruits & veggies in the kitchen. And restarting my movement plan.

    We watched Aziza – wife of the Azerbaijan couple in the CountryLifeVlog on youtube – make a frittata filled with veggies. My daughter made it for us – delicious.

    I didn’t chortle exactly but I did sing very loudly with my friend Taylor Swift in my car every where I went after that. It is very satisfying to sing the songs I like from her Midnight album – along with her, of course. Karma is my favorite. Anti-Hero is excellent – Vigilante Shit is so satisfying – Bejewelled is fun.

    When my grandkids were little I bought them books all the time. My grandson would say – grandma Dav Pilkey has a new Captain Underpants out – you need to put it on your ‘to buy list’.

    This week we sent my granddaughter the first in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs cause she is out of anything to read & we think she’ll like it. Not my cup of tea but my daughter loves it so I think they will have many lively aunt – niece talks.

    I am about to make myself chortle because I have been saving ‘new’ or just words I rediscovered & I am about to write a blogpost about them. Fun!

    And the end of this Dr Who season was excellent. Eager for more of Ncuti Gatwa as the DR!

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