Happiness is Not Sucking

The beginning of a book is fun. I write a bunch of different scenes and think I’m brilliant and have all these IDEAS, and Bob writes stuff and it’s great and gives me more ideas and I’m just flying. And then we get into the weeds and I panic because we’re writing two different books and I have NO idea what my part is about and I don’t have my character yet and my stuff is all flat no layers and I tell myself I suck as a writer and Bob’s going to have to get us through this. And then he talks me off the ledge and we keep going and then, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth and despair of spirit, I can suddenly see the book. And it’s good. And that’s when I start glomming on to details and adding more, and finding the layers. There’s a whole book there, but there’s so much more that I didn’t see before that’s suddenly just blatant, and the book is wonderful, and Bob is a god among men, and MY GOD I’M GOOD AT THIS.

Happiness is getting close to the end and realizing you don’t suck after all.

How did you find happiness this week?

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  1. We are dogsitting for some friends. So happiness this weekend has been hanging out with Daisy, driving Miss Daisy to the beach and chilling with a very chill well-behaved dog.

    1. LN, we’re opposites! I’m happy now because yesterday we drove the dog we were sitting down to his home. The last two weeks have not been fun although he is a sweet dog (except for the barking). Nothing was his fault. Daughter visited with cat for 3 nights; because I was trying to keep the animals in different parts of the house, cat used the sofa in my office for her litter box. We kept dog out of our bedroom; every time I got up to pee, I heard the tinkle of his dog tags from the hallway. We ended getting up at 5 am every day out of guilt. As we drove him home yesterday, the clutch on my car began to fail. He was thrilled to be home with his human, but not as thrilled as we were to be pet free. Slept until 7 AM this morning.

      1. The last time I had a car with a clutch, it failed on me in a very unfortunate place, blocking the entrance ramp to a limited-access highway. I managed to get moving again by starting in second gear and headed straight for the repair shop. So my personal experience urges that you get your clutch looked at soonest. (Local traffic got to be so stop-and-go that after that car I shifted to automatic transmissions.)

        Glad for your pet free status.

        1. My uncle used to lend me his old Wolesely, which had no synchromesh between first & second gear – I was hopeless at double-declutching, so I used to have to stop dead in order to put it in first gear, leading to a ridiculous STOP-go-STOP-go progress along the perennially jammed road into Brighton. It didn’t have wing mirrors either, which was a bit hairy.

      2. Knowing what a clutch feels like while breaking down does give you a feeling when the transmission is failing. That came in handy when the transmission went out on my Dodge minivan 3 times

  2. So pleased for you that you got to the breakthrough point! That panicky stage, while seemingly inevitable, is just exhausting.

    For me, happiness is a husband who is alive and unscathed:

    My beloved spouse asked me to come outside yesterday, apparently to call 911 if needed. I’m utterly useless these days in the heat. So I’m sitting with my phone in hand, and he is standing four feet up on a stepladder, using a ten-feet long pruning chainsaw. Just… don’t ask. I have learned that fighting some battles is a waste of energy.

    However, the branch was probably eight or nine inches in diameter, and when it fell, it twisted and hit the ladder. He was quite safe, it hit on the other side of it, but I saw it jolt that step ladder. When he grabbed the branch to drag it to the burn pit a hundred yards away, I could tell it was almost more weight than he could pull, which means it weighed in the hundreds of pounds. When he came back to where I was sitting, he said, “Yeah, call somebody who can cut down.”

    Reality bites, bless him. 🥰

    So I put up a request on the local Facebook group for someone who was insured to come and give us a quote on taking that tree down. He was out here by 5:30 last night, and my husband was able to show him the tree, talk to him and tell him what he wanted. The man will be out Monday morning with equipment and a crew to take it down.

    I mentioned after the man left that he was a head shorter than my husband, who just said, “Yeah, the shorter ones are better tree climbers.”

    It’s well worth $500, and I’m so pleased that he realized it was best if someone younger, faster, and willing to climb trees did it, even if it’s at a cost to his ego and to our bank account. My husband, who turned 55 last week, has finally learned to remain grounded. In both senses of the word.

    1. My father was over 80 before he conceded that getting on tall ladders to clean out gutters was something he could hire someone else to do.

      1. My father was 81 when he fell 14 feet out of a tree he was trimming. No broken bones, no concussion, just some bruises. He didn’t stop doing that for several more years, after his arthritis got really bad.

      2. My dad’s 85 and he’s just started to give up the climbing chores in the last year or so. Still insisted on taking out two tree stumps and fixing his bathroom sink in the last month.

  3. After renting for three years while my single storey home was being built, happiness for me was finally unpacking my Jennifer Crusie books last night, and placing them on my bookshelves. I have always known that you (and Bob) are really good at what you do and I’m so glad you own how good you are.

  4. Happiness Jenny is hearing where you are. I’m so glad you’re on the other side. Your Writer journey has a real valleys because you’re so very good at what you do and that moment when you don’t think you have a book and everything is wrong is such a terrible one.
    Happiness is also being on the way back. These last two weeks have been so full of pain and even if still some there, I know it’s better. I can feel myself getting better tonight. I’m in Saint Josephs in Burbank and Covid back. Pain is lessening. Everything is feeling definitely on the way to recovery. I wish you all beautiful moments of happiness. Loved reading Marie, Lisa’s LN ‘s and elizabeth.’s Answers.

      1. Susan, Thanks so much for telling us what’s going on! I forget how terrible and ongoing Covid is. (It always helps that Deb reminds us of the misery of long Covid.)

        Glad you’ve turned the corner. Bests on the rest of your journey to good health.

    1. May the lessening pain be the sign of accelerated recovery. I am sending eaps of good vibes and healing energy.

  5. I’m glad you know you’re great at what you do!
    If you’re ever in doubt again, just remember that you converted a staunch anti-romance reader into a romance lover.
    Said reader had only ever read two romance books of the sort where the heroine was somewhat assaulted or abused, but it was okay because dude was hot/rich/good in bed (gagging, blech).
    Then said reader picked up Faking It from a go-back cart at her library and thank the Librarians for stamping it as GF, not ROM or it never would’ve happened.
    Enjoyed the book immensely even if she was a bit shocked at the sex in it, but hey, the heroine kicked ass, was smart, and didn’t put up with jerks even if they were hot.
    Then when working in a different town, went to that library, found some more JC books (yay!), but those Librarians stamped them with ROM (oh no!) and I almost put them back. Actually, I think I did put them back, but took a deep breath and checked them out anyway, and happily learned that romance could be well written, enjoyable, and funny, and that heroines could be strong and smart and the dudes don’t have to be jackasses.
    Twenty something years later I still live a good romance.

    That’s how good you are.

    My own happiness this week was the end of Elementary school, which means I never have to work 9-6 again (8-5 from now on!).
    K2 had 3 friends sleep over Friday, and making crepes and taking them all bowling was a lot of fun.

    1. Hey, as a male, MY first romance-book experience was (in the late 1960s) hearing about Georgette Heyer in science fiction circles (as I have previously mentioned, she was a thing there), and bravely going into the bookstore and buying a paperback Venitia WITH A PINK COVER. Which I enjoyed. I found some additional Heyer in the library, and most of the ones I later bought at least lacked pink covers. I think that much later I learned of Crusie through sf circles as well (she’s less of a thing there, but appreciated especially by many women sf fans), but by that time I knew romances could be good, and I had read various non-Heyers already.

  6. Happiness is apricots. Their season is so short and I almost didn’t go to the farmers market yesterday, but changed my mind at the last minute and low and behold, there they were. I got a double order. Expensive, but so much better than the ones from the store. I will now eat them until I make myself sick and it is totally worth it.

    Otherwise, I cleaned up the garden a little bit, but stopped when I found a patch of poison ivy. I was wearing gloves and washed off right away, but time will tell if I brought the plague apon myself. Then I tidied inside. I was completely useless during the heat wave and everything felt like a mess. Happiness is feeling slightly more on top of things.

    Happiness is also a big electronic billboard on the busy street where I work sporting a pride flag for one of it’s ads. I was very surprised to see it in my area. I’m still rather surprised that the company allowed it.

  7. Happiness was seeing family and helping my cousin settle at the lake again. I’m heading up into the Arctic. A tenant from hell. The flights this am maybe fraught with crying children. Not thrilled about this trip. Will be seeing some lovely people other than the tenant from hell. She is saying a lot of untruthful things. So…life is an adventure.

    1. I do have a lovely happiness moment with the new baby girl who is the cutest little one with a full head of hair. Hopefully her eyes will remain blue. Good chance as daddy and his side are all blue eyes. The little lovey and I had a conversation. I understood every coo.

    2. Best of luck Carol with getting rid of the tenant from hell and finding a nice replacement! (May you avoid the icky eviction process…) I did need to hire a lawyer and start the process when I had my own tenant from hell problem, (she did not believe me about water damage being a real thing). This was a bit over a decade ago. Luckily the noise behind the dead bolted door was just the toilet running without flooding. (She installed her own deadbolt without giving me a copy of the key, I hope she ended up having a room mate just like she was to me!) She left owing some back rent and some of the un-repaid balance from a few personal loans I had made to help with her car repairs. At least I was out less than $1,000.00…Taf

      1. I wish it could be only $1000.00. Being the Arctic it has rules one must follow. The eviction phase is next. I arrived with notice of termination of which she has eleven days to leave. Unfortunately there was a small community evacuated to the town due to forest fires. Nothing available but she was given seventy five days. She dug her heels in when she could have been moved by now. Poor woman was shaking during our discussions. And do not accuse me of untruthful things. My empathy has a limit.

  8. Happiness was driving with my bestie to our friend Robin’s (about 50 minutes away) to watch my goddess-daughter Samara graduate from high school. I officiated at Robin and hubby George’s wedding, lo these many years ago, and have watched Sam grow from the world’s most adorable child (no, I’m not biased at all) to a beautiful teen battling with all kinds on brain imbalances plus, you know, teenager stuff. Graduating was not a given, so it was all the more celebratory. I love that child and her parents to the moon and back, and despite the physical discomforts (long drive plus sitting on bleachers in the gym) it was a great joy to share this day with them. They’re family, and it has been a tough few years, so it was great to get the win.

  9. Happiness is beautiful summer days, and wonderful geothermal cooling on the not so beautiful hot muggy days.

    Happiness is telling my boss I have taken on a project with someone in Britain, so I need one morning a week off for an unspecified but long time, and not getting any pushback about it.

    Happiness is reading two new to me books that were both great, and also getting a bunch of samples from GBT comments.

    Chocolate, coffee, and rereading a Phryne Fisher on the agenda for today, so all good.

  10. I’m glad for you, Jenny. That moment is worth all the trials and tribulations that led to it.

    I’m happy that a tiny Opossum still visits, and before my bedtime, so I get to see it. I also saw an adult Opossum when I got up one night to see what the cats were up to. That was very exciting! (The cats were playing with a toy.)

    My best happy is that I had a terrible night Friday night, with my Apple Watch waking me every 10 minutes for a while, because of a low heartbeat, so I went to the ER. They told me my ECG looked normal, and the doctor was very comforting, telling me that many people who exercise daily the way I do have a lower than “normal” resting heartbeat, and to have that while sleeping is a good time. I did have a couple of episodes while watching cartoons, waiting in my room in the ER, but things got back to normal quickly. The doctor told me to call the cardiologist’s office Monday and get a Holter Monitor, which is a piece of plastic that sticks to your chest and records heart stuff for a week. I will still see someone for the shortness of breath and general tiredness, because what is happening is a new development.

    It was 66º when I woke up, and it was great for a walk! I got a good night’s sleep, for a change, too. Yay!

    1. It’s not at all unlikely that the heart rate, shortness of breath, and general tiredness are related. Hugs, and here’s hoping you find some helpful answers.

  11. I was happy that I was able to do some weeding, not only because it got done but that I was able to do it. I’ve been able to climb stairs using both legs with minimal pain. So, generally, I’m happy that I’m healing.

    I’m also happy that yesterday I successfully taught 2 friends to do foundation paper piecing, a sewing process to make a quilt top.

    Looking ahead, next week will be a short work week and that should make for a happy long weekend.

  12. Show continues to go well. I had the week off from rehearsals, so I went to a tap class and otherwise just hung out with people and lounged on my patio.

  13. As I reported earlier, I had a rather fraught week, so I’m happy the coming one has only one medical appointment. (And that my medical problems look to be much less serious than they could have been, knock wood.) I’ve even got Independence Day in store as a day when I can drop calorie-counting (per my personal rules). The weather should be at least somewhat better, too. Even the forecast for today is now somewhat better than originally predicted, and most of the week should be better than today.

  14. I was in a migraine cluster this past week which sapped my energy and made it hard to get anything done. We cancelled our plans to visit SIL – a 6 hr drive and sleeping in a bunk bed did not appeal to my aching head. It’s sunny and clear today and into next week so hoping migraines will go away.

    I did make and send a card for my BFF’s daughter’s HS graduation. She’s more like one of my nieces – I first met her when she was 3 weeks old. The background of the card is purple sparkly stars to resemble her prom dress.

    My nephew, his GF and their dog are in town for the weekend and came for supper. It was too rainy to sit outside but we had burgers and early corn. My dog and theirs played hard together which resulted in 2 very tired dogs.

    1. Migraines suck. Mine are often brought on by weather shifts (so I cleverly live in a place where the weather shifts about five times a day). I hope yours clear up and stay gone.

  15. Jenny, you’re Great at this.

    Happiness this week was finally finishing planting our garden. Yes it’s July but we have 2 acres plus 92 patio pots. It’s an explosion of color. Turning our home into a staycation home is always worth it. Feet up, book open (starting Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone)

  16. Happiness is the Canada Day long weekend so no work tomorrow! Plus most of our clients being in the US will be off on Thursday and Friday so a quiet week overall.

  17. Happy to have got my allotment going again by planting some bought-in veg plants plus a few seedlings from my plot neighbour; and to have made pea & bean supports & netted the blueberries. It’s looking much more productive – just hoping the slugs don’t get the replacement plants.

    Also relieved to have arrived in Lyme Regis after a rather tiring drive down. There’s just too much traffic around nowadays – the motorway was three lanes full nearly all the way, with lots of lorries even though it’s Sunday. I’m going back via the Wye Valley (setting for Sex Education) – it’ll take longer but should be a lot more fun.

    1. Is that reference to Wye Valley (setting for Sex Education) something to do with a movie or TV series with that name? Or some kind of British humor that I don’t get?

    2. JaneB, I use a product called Sluggo. It’s iron phosphate, I think, and completely harmless to everything in the garden except slugs, which it is incredibly effective at killing. You may have it under some different brand name.

      1. I do use those kinds of slug pellets, but they don’t always work – especially this year, when a mild winter and seriously wet spring has let to a population explosion.

  18. Happiness this steamy hot Sunday is the prospect of an afternoon thunderstorm and another Crusie/Mayer masterwork within the month. Can’t wait! 😀

  19. On similar principles, the last times (none all that recent) that I’ve driven into the South (originally to my mother’s in FL, after her death to relatives in SC), I’ve managed to avoid the horrendous DC Beltway by taking routes longer in time and possibly in miles, but much easier on the nerves. I did once get caught by highly vexing road construction in doing that, however.

    1. That was supposed to be a reply under JaneB. (I just figured out that if you scroll down after writing, but before posting, a reply, the text will also appear in the main reply box. Probably that accounts for some of my misplaced comments.)

    2. This is where Google maps can really help by showing real time traffic.

      Sadly our friends who drive us to last nights ball game and back insisted on ignoring that data

  20. Happiness is finding a doctor that listened to me! My primary care one kept citing age and/or menopause as an explanation. Found a gynecologist and guess what, it’s not age it’s an autoimmune thing. Not curable but manageable and I’m already feeling much better with steroids.

    1. That’s great! It pays to shop around, when it comes to medical care, sometimes.

  21. I had made a date to Skype with my brother in honor of his birthday yesterday and then slept through it because I thought the date was for today. My brother had to call me 3 times before I was awake enough to get to the phone and then my cheapo phone kept dropping the call. I was able to return his call despite the fact that I supposedly do not have international service. Which means that I may have inadvertently switched my phone plan to one with a much higher monthly fee. But the reason we have to use skype is because there is usually too much interference from my phone for him to be able to hear me, even with his fancy hearing aids. Since we talked for a good hour, I assume that wasn’t an issue yesterday.

    The other good news is that his son got a new job and will be moving to Toronto in the Fall. I don’t envy them moving from Bangkok to Toronto with 2 young kids, but it means that Alex ( my nephew) will no longer be traveling all over the world and can finally spend face to face time with his wife and kids. And I might actually get to meet their son. When my brother sent me the news about the new baby, I thought, “I hope they send lots of pictures, because I don’t know when I will be able to meet this kid.” But I can imagine getting up to Toronto a few times in the next 18 years and I can send them picture books! Another generation I can introduce to The Stupids and Mo Willems.

    1. That’s great news! I hope you get to see your nephew and his family often.

      1. I double checked the info. They are moving to Ottawa, not Montreal. Since the new job is a government post, nobody seems to know how long the security checks will take. And I have only met Alex’s wife and daughter briefly when our visits to my brother’s house overlapped. But my brother and SIL are going to meet the newest addition to the family before the move and I will nag them for details once they return.

    2. Aunt Snack have you tried calls on Messenger, what’s app, or FaceTime , all of which are free internationally ? It’s how we stay in touch with DD in London.
      Or zoom which I think is free for 45 minutes (I have a paid account for work so not sure.)

      1. We do skype, which is free with Microsoft, but ever since my computer got hacked, mine is messed up. I guess I need to download it again, because my brother said he could not find me listed when he tried last week. I didn’t realize quite how much MacAfee cleared off when they got rid of the screaming “We have hijacked your computer” garbage. Maybe I should look to see if I can find his listing and I will call him next time. But we have to make appointment to do it, because if he isn’t on the same floor as his computer when I call, he can’t hear it ring. And it is free if I call his computer, but not if I call his home phone.

        1. I use WhatsApp on my mobile phone to call friends/relations who have abandoned landlines. It’s more reliable than a normal mobile call and free as long as I’m using wifi to connect to the internet, for example when I’m at home.

      2. Oh, and Zoom is free for 40-45 mins, but when they cut you off you can go straight back in and restart your meeting. I do this for a regular call to two old friends from university: we always have a double session.

  22. First happy: Cataract surgery didn’t suck. I’m now living with one eye near-sighted and one eye far-sighted until I can schedule the second surgery (which should have been scheduled with the first, for a month or so later, but someone — not me! — dropped the ball, so I’m hoping there’ll be a cancellation slot I can steal so I don’t have to wait until September). It’s surprisingly manageable — I popped the left lens out of both my distance and mid-distance glasses, so I can see with both eyes. The thing that’s the most challenging to deal with (but also happy-inducing, because I’m looking forward to the second eye catching up to the first one) is the HUGE difference in light between the two eyes. I knew colors were muddy due to the cataracts, but not quite how much. Best example: my old diabetic cat, Todd, has gotten kinda scruffy over the years, not really interested in grooming much below his neck, and I thought his white patches (he’s an orange with white bib/paws) had become beige, but it was just the cataracts, and his white fur is (if you’ll pardon the pun) blindingly white!

    Second happy: the Romancing the Vote auction starts tomorrow and has so many amazing things. Stunning quilts (and I’m not talking about mine, which are nice but basic), a crochet-topped umbrella (you’ve gotta see it to believe it), more knit/crochet stuff, fun stickers and magnets (as buy-it-now items, so the price will stay reasonable, and even a non-sticker person like me wants the F*** SCOTUS one, which I’ll likely turn into a magnet), and of course writerly and readerly stuff. Find the link at romancingthevote.com BTW, if you’re looking for a preview of my quiltlets, they are listed, but not visible yet — the organizers plan to release most of the buy-it-now items (other than magnets/stickers) as surprises over the course of the auction to keep people engaged. I’ll try to remember to put a link on my socials (Instagram, Bluesky, Facebook, Twitter) when they go live.

    Third happy: it’s both a holiday week and birthday week, so I get to play and eat pizza and ice cream for the next seven days. And harass the cataract surgery scheduler.

    1. I have one eye near vision and one eye far vision, on purpose. It’s good you can still use your glasses. Every now and then, I run across something that is much brighter and more beautiful than I remembered it from before. Congrats!

    2. So glad things are brighter! Sending good vibes for scheduling next surgery.

    3. Because of your reminder here, Gin, I was able to donate a couple of things to the auction. That definitely made me happy. Jenny, maybe put up a quick post about the auction with a link to your and Bob’s contribution? And anyone else doing it can add theirs.

  23. Happiness was a productive but low-stress week at Day Job following a week off. Then a *very* productive 3-hour session of yardkeeping after work Friday. Then an afternoon spent with my BFF plus evening with her husband & mine & barbecue takeout. We are in touch frequently but don’t see each other often, so that was really nice.

    Of course, it was also exhausting, so today’s happy is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one to see except DH, who always chills me out. We watched a few episodes of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ after breakfast and are now doing our quiet weekend things separately, will reconvene for dinner.

  24. This week the parents were still a bit under post-Covid, but it cooled down mid-week, which was wonderful. My nephew (USAF) was recently promoted and came up to Maine with his family so his father and grandfather could administer the oath and pin on the new insignia. They were both also Air Force pilots. His brothers and their families came up for the short ceremony and then it was prosecco and lobster and lots and lots of talk. I love and enjoy their kids, and it was a night to remember.
    And now they’ve gone home, and we’re toast! But happy toast!

  25. Today’s happy was preparing the house for the arrival of Younger Son, his girlfriend and his dog! Lots of work but for such a happy cause!
    Other happy is that my husband and I worked out a system to get netting around our wide spreading fig tree that suddenly came under attack by a chattering of Starlings who were doing their best to eat all the almost ripe figs!
    A Good Day despite the crazy heat.

    1. Well done on the netting! I’ve got a similar challenge with my plum tree, which the pigeons stripped nearly all he fruit buds off in spring. Hoping I can rig a barrier next year.

  26. Happiness is hearing that everyone is generally doing well. Yay! And that the new book is going to be awesome (as always).

    Happiness is finishing the June appointments and house projects before July. And July starting with just one appointment.

  27. Happiness is learning that DS will come home for 10 days in August between apartments ( has to put stuff in storage.)

    Happiness is finally planting the last garden plants , I think, although I can often be tempted to put more things in where first choices didn’t grow. (And wow, was it hot both days but I got it done.)

    Happiness is watching women’s Olympic gymnastics trials and texting with DS ( and commiserating over three really good candidates who had to withdraw for injuries).

    Happiness is buying summer veggies and fruits and eating summer meals —tonight was sautéed chicken and shallots over arugula, with watermelon and cherries. Later this week will be salade nicoise …

    Happiness will be a baseball game Tuesday.

    Happiness is all three kids saying yes to personal finance for dummies.

    Happiness is fitting into shorts when it’s almost 100 degrees outside.

  28. I had a dream. I had an urge to write the details and share. I wrote down as much as I could remember and then… rethought the share part.

    My dream self has really stinky scents of humor. No, autocorrect had nothing to do with that. My waking self is also afflicted with pungent scents of humor, if perhaps not quite as rancid.

    The dream? I and someone else, possibly the dotter, I cannot recall whom it was, are giants. How did I become a giant? I do not know – the dream did not make that clear. It was just a fact. Anyway, we were eating, or possibly being fed. Suddenly I could make out faces in the mush on my spoon. I could put names to the faces. Peter Parker. Potter. Pepper Potts. They all looked tense. I was being fed strained Ps!

    That’s when I woke up.

  29. I’m am insanely and over the moon happy that one of my very best friends didn’t die on Thursday night from anaphylaxis when a formerly-safe food decided to jump up and bite her in the allergies. Thank goodness for her Epipen and a fast ambulance crew.

    We are supposed to fly to Newfoundland on Wednesday, but the airline mechanics strike might, if you will excuse the on-purpose pun, throw a wrench into the works. We are going to see about rebooking with Air Canada and if they can’t do that in a timely fashion, getting a refund and doing something else for a few days. Last I saw WestJet was down to 32 working planes and those are going to be needed elsewhere. We will be in the 72-hour cancellation zone tomorrow so I’ll see then.

    Either way, the dogs are going to the babysitter so they will have fun. I’ll also get to sleep through the night and I’m looking forward to that.

  30. Jenny – not to upset your process – but if you ever want to avoid the – imposter syndrome portion – you have only to listen to us tell you – YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER!

    Interested to know what people are thinking of the 3rd season of The Bear. We have watched the first 3 shows so far & are enjoying it so far. We are anxious to see if this is all leading up to ‘something’, though.

    I am, as usual, happy that it’s Sunday night. I get off work at 730am tomorrow & don’t work again until Thursday night (July 4th – I know – I work all holidays).

    1. Now that I have cut back to part time it is extremely weird not to work holidays (unless they fall on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.)

  31. My birthday was yesterday. It was a lovely quiet day, and DH took me to dinner at a lovely restaurant. It ended with a thunderstorm, for which I am very grateful.

  32. I spruced up a little area of the backyard with pretty annuals—very pleased with how it looks! Now to keep everything alive as we go through a heatwave… Supposed to be 103 on Wednesday and generally high 90s for a week or so otherwise. Ugh.

  33. I met friends at the Alphonse Mucha exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW in the new building.

    I had previously seen an exhibition of his work in Edinburgh at the turn of the century. I remember there being more original paintings in Edinburgh whilst in Sydney it was predominantly original posters. I could be wrong though as it was 24 years ago. I don’t remember seeing jewellery or the chocolate boxes the first time around either. If you’re in Sydney, check it out. It’s wonderful.

    It was nice inside but miserably cold and drizzly outside.

    We went for champagne afterwards at the Terrace on the Domain across the road but it was outside seating. After two glasses, and being chilled to the bone, we saw sense and went home.

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