Happiness is Big Plans

I’m trying to finish my last edit of Rocky Start and clear out this house and work on my massive to do list but mostly I’m thinking about the future. About our next books, about the last book in this trilogy we have to write, about some novellas I haven’t finished, about where I’m going to put my furniture now that I know how I want the living room to look, about the spa day that Pat Gaffney and I are taking shortly, about Krissie coming to visit this fall, about having lunch with Cathy Maxwell next month, about . . .

Well, about a lot of stuff. So much to look forward to, so much to plan first (I love planning), so much good future.

How were you future happy (or present happy, any kind of happy) this week?

95 thoughts on “Happiness is Big Plans

  1. I’ve been feeling like I have never been happier than I am now. I’ve even challenged the gods by saying so. So my son was made redundant by the company that bought his company, and he’s at home with his newborn with 4 months’ severance pay. Okay, the gods struck, but I’m glad he’s playing with his daughter a lot.

    I drove a dear, longtime friend from CT to ME last week. She has followed her husband into retirement and to their home on Deer Isle. We told stories and laughed and stopped for chowder and wine and told more stories. A fantatic 8-hour drive. I will miss her.

    So it’s all as you say, Jenny. Everything is change. Right now, I’m floating on the top.

  2. My happiness this week is being able to share sporting events and emotions with family:
    The Soccer Euro started on Friday, in our city!
    Filled with thousands of Scots in Kilts draining all the beer reserves of the region.
    But the atmosphere was friendly and happy, yay!

    We watched the game as family: dd and her bff, dh and me, ds out with pals, but back in time for continued cheering and the commentary.
    The neighbours had put up a big screen in their garden, but our cheers were louder.
    5:1 for our team with all of the 6 goals scored by us…
    I felt sorry for the poor Scots, but at least they got obe in, thanks to our defenseman Rüdiger, poor chap.

    And the today I woke up to dd texting me with the glorious results of the game Oilers vs Panthers (yep, we text, even from the attic to thd first floor…).

    It’s making me happy to be able to share passions woth my loved ones.

    Must wash the jerseys already, they will be the kids uniform for the next weeks…

    P.s. Italy also won against Albania (not a pretty game, but the result is what counts) and seeing our women team’s goalie as passionate expert with great commentary on tv made me happy as well.

    1. Scot’s are all about hope over reason! They are usual gracious losers though and most were just glad we made it to the Euro’s at all. Think we might have drained Scotland of alcohol too. It was miserably wet here yet almost every town had a big screen out in the open and people went to watch. Sociable but soaked to the skin.

      Hope the supporters didn’t cause any trouble and were entertaining.

      1. I love that description:”…we might have drained Scotland of alcohol”! I must meet a Scot someday.

      2. So true!!
        I felt so bad fpr them and was kind of glad it wasn’t a shootout even if it was us that scored their goal.
        I’ll definitely root for you in all the other games!

      3. Well, hope over reason sustained Chicago Cubs (baseball) fans for 108 years between winning the World Series. Even I rejoiced on that occasion in 2016. Nor have they won the Series since. (Metro Chicago has more population than Scotland, although some are White Sox fans, not Cubs ones.)

  3. Happiness is having good times with your loved ones. My husband and kids are together this weekend. We’ve played games together and enjoyed a movie together and it’s all good.

  4. Happiness is the Oilers stomping all over the Panthers last night – 8-1. 8-1! That’s an incredible score in hockey terms and certainly incredible in this playoffs series where the Panthers’ goalie has been a complete wall and let hardly any shots in for the first three games which they won. Maybe we’ve broken his concentration now? Anyway, there are still three games to go and the the Panthers only have to win one to win the Stanley Cup whereas the Oilers have to win all three so no time to celebrate yet. But it’s a Sunday morning happiness.

  5. Happiness today began with the continuation of the joy (and relief) over the Oiler’s win last night and Connor McDavid getting the opportunity to break one of Gretzky’s records (most assists in a single playoff.) Honor is restored with a great side-benefit: a reminder that all the hockey-radio and tv talk and predictions is just hot air and no one knows what will happen. Same in all sports.

    Another great happiness was my husband (not a birder) coming with me and helping me find a Life Bird that is rare-ish to see in our area and that has eluded me for my last two tries. I was about to give up again (didn’t want to impose on my husband’s time) and he inisisted we stay a bit longer. We did and the bird came back and I saw it and photographed it and recorded it! Joy!

    Finally the Audible sale continues until tonight (I think) and I was able to fill in my missing Crusie and Crusie/Mayer audios for a fraction of the usual audiobook prices! (e.g. The Liz Danger audiobooks are $1.99 each!) Thus my zombie apocalypse collection of paper books and audio (downloaded and airplane mode on of course!) is filling in nicely.

    1. A good husband! Congratulations on seeing a life bird!

      Thanks for the tip about audible. I was ignoring the sale.

  6. Happiness this week was having a perfect Stress Test and being told I can exercise more. That, of course, was the only period of time this week that my heart wasn’t doing the funky chicken.
    We’ve been trying to diagnose some kind if arrhythmia for months now, but every time I’m hooked up to an ECG etc., my heart is perfect. It’d been good for a month leading up to the competition last weekend, and I felt good all weekend, but suffered every day this week except for test time.
    Of course.
    I am to get a Holter monitor at some point, and the Dr. suggested I try to trigger an episode when I get it, so I see heavy workouts, no sleep, lots of stress, and lots of coffee in my future.

    DH is going on his annual week-long fishing trip tomorrow, and we did Father’s Day yesterday. I’m happy that we found the Spot Satellite Communicator (it was hiding in a covert shopping bag with a few other shrapnel items that I cleaned out if the car after the camping trip) because he’s going fishing in a big lake in the middle if nowhere, so daily pins and check-ins are nice.
    And, the kids are old enough to be somewhat self-sufficient until I get home. They can even cook supper!

        1. I hear you. My old cardiologist (who sadly, died last October) understood that “intermittent” issues meant they often didn’t reliably show up on tests. My new guy says nothing showed up on the tests, therefore I don’t have heart issues. You know, in the same breath as he is telling me how wonderful my former doc was (you know, the one who diagnosed me with this stuff). Argh. And good luck!

    1. There are watches that can help. My father in law has one to record it if he goes into back into a rapid heart rate. My son has one that will alarm another’s phone if he has a seizure,( also used for babies if they seize). Even a fitbit is used if you flip into Afib they know how long you have been in it so they can treat it).

  7. Happiness is having most of the current major house projects finished, or nearly so. I’m in that rare sweet spot where the weeds have been whacked back, the grass is the right height, and everything looks neat. It won’t last for more than a few days, but for right now, I’m appreciating it.

    A small-but-big happy was going out at dusk the other night to do something, and discovering my yard and the meadow next to it teeming with fireflies. They have been rare the last few years, and I had been worrying that climate change meant they weren’t coming to my area anymore. I stood outside for quite a while just feeling the magic of their little lights flickering on and off.

    Very happy to have a rare perfect temperature weekend, plus a friend coming over to help me put weed cloth out in the garden, before watching the first new Doctor Who and playing a game of Scrabble. There’s a reason she has been my bestie for over 40 years.

    1. This year I have been seeing few fireflies in the evening, but gazillions around five am when I take the dog out before leaving for work at six. They’ve changed their habits. I’ve lived here six years and always before they were thick just after dark.

  8. I agree with Deb, one of my happies has been a perfect weather weekend. I was able to spend numerous hours yesterday, weeding and trimming back bushes. I took breaks in between, but I was super happy that I was just able to do it. Sadly unlike Deb, there is much more to be done. 😅

    Last Monday, I took a friend to the hospital for hernia surgery. It went incredibly well for which I am happy.

    I am also happy that despite missing a lot of time at work this week I still feel caught up.

    We had some dead trees in our tree line between us and our neighbors. They’ve been removed, which means we have a gap. It also meant that in the 18 years we lived here, we finally met 2 sets of neighbors behind us who have lived there 25 years and 31 years. I’m happy that they turned out to be very nice people.

    1. Oh, there’s always more to be done. So much more. It’s just the big projects that are mostly completed. The little ones reproduce when you’re not looking.

  9. In contrast to Jenny, as a rule I hate making plans, but I hate worrying more, and so will plan when I see the necessity to prevent worry.  Important medical test is coming up tomorrow, so I want to be sure I know how to get there and to gather stuff to take along, like reading material for waiting and my glasses case.  And program my GPS.

    Other than that, I hope to rest as much as possible today.  I had an unrelated session with an eye doctor on Friday (I seem to be falling apart all over the place this year), and felt more wiped out by it than the situation deserved, evidently from accumulated tiredness from the whole week.  I’ll try to be better prepared for the next medical round.

    1. I hope your planning reduced the worry factor/s. Best wishes for positive results from your test tomorrow. Take care.

    2. Patrick, I can relate to the “falling apart all over the place” feeling. Year 77 was the one that started that process for me. I hate it, but the alternative is worse. Hang in there.

  10. Sending all warm thoughts and good wishes for your medical test tomorrow Patrick.

    I am happy this week because I got a letter from the Orthopedic hospital in Fife to say I am now on the Patient Initiated Review Pathway. Sounds grand don’t it? What it means is basically they will not be calling me in for any more appointments and I am discharged. But if I have any concerns over the next 12 months I can get in touch and they will help and support me.

    The three hour round trip for a 10 minute appointment seemed overkill, especially when the Consultant didn’t even examine me. But I got questions answered and I am feeling discharged so it is all good. Also got to spend three hours with a friend and caught up on all that was going on with her, which was really lovely.

    1. Christine, It sounds like you’re making an excellent recovery, although from what you have said earlier, I gather you’re still healing and recovering your ability to get around. I hope that goes smoothly.

    2. The three-hour round trip for a ten-minute appointment w/o examination is why I’m so glad my endocrinologist now does virtual appointments. All she does is review lab work and discuss symptoms, so it was always such a waste of time (and money) to do the commute through Boston traffic. We went to virtual during the pandemic, and after the peak, she said something about how I could resume in-person appointments, but, yeah, no. Not gonna happen. It didn’t just waste the time on the commute, but it also left me so exhausted that it pretty much wasted the entire day, since I (metaphorically) collapsed when I got home and got absolutely nothing done with the rest of the day.

  11. Lots of happies. On Monday, I got an appointment with an electrophysiologist for mid-August. I know, that’s more than two months. 🙄 I’m also on the cancellation list.

    I bought tickets for a visit to Arizona family in October, on sale. My step-dad will be 90 in early November, and there’s a big party planned. That’s not my thing, and if I go then, my son will also be going, and there will not be anyone to take care of my dog and two cats. And I wouldn’t be able to care for his dog. This seemed like a good compromise.

    I was in a minor accident on Wednesday, but no one was hurt, and the other driver was unlicensed. He was also speeding, in my opinion, and not paying attention. I may contest the fine.

    Kali gets her teeth cleaned on Monday. Small dogs have really bad teeth, evidently, and get tartar quickly. She is doing great at walking. I learned today that she is afraid of the rusty brown sewer covers in one part of the sidewalk on the route. She ignored a lawn mower in the same area. What an interesting dog! It was horribly humid this morning, and warm. I have become more sensitive to that, but we still made good time.

    I saw 20 bunnies on a walk this week! I woke up at sunrise and was wide awake, so I just got up and got ready to walk. That’s when the bunnies are out! I saw 10 today, because it was overcast and, it being Sunday, there were no people and dogs out, yet, except me and Kali.

    1. Growing up, I used to see rabbits later in the day in our yard and around, especially in the (then) vacant lot across the street. I’m not positive that I’ve ever seen one here, although there is plenty of other wildlife visible, including deer (within walking distance—I’ve never seen a deer on the condo development’s property, although they may sneak in occasionally). I suspect occasional rabbits are around, but they likely have a smaller population hereabouts.

  12. My happiness this week is bittersweet. My 91 year old mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The happiness is learning that it is contained to the lungs and has not spread.

    So we will start looking at treatment options and be grateful for the fact that it was even found… that’s a long story as she is not symptomatic at all.

    1. My thoughts are with you, Cathy. I can understand that, besides being relieved that the cancer is conatined to the lungs, you know the diagnosis. Not being symptomatic must make the whole discovery process especially unnerving.

    2. Sending all healing wishes to you and your mother both. FWIW, at that age, cancer spreads slowly. Wishing you more good time together than you fear.

    3. In my book 91 is pretty young and I’m delighted to say that there are so many possible things they can do these days with lung cancer and other cancers. Prayers for your mom and prayers for you because I know how it’s like worrying about someone you love.

  13. Today I’m just happy to hear everyone else’s happies. Not that I’m UNhappy, just that I can’t put my finger on anything in particular, except that everyone here seems extra happy today, and that makes me happy.

    1. Well, I’m happy that I finished my old Kentucky homicide last night and very much enjoyed it. Thank you, Gin. I have the next book on my TBR list and I’ve already bought it.

      1. Oh, thank you so much! Now I have a specific happy for myself today. (And if it’s not too crass to say, the third will be out in time for Christmas, and there will be a blog post about some of the geographical inspirations for the series at https://freshfiction.com/ tomorrow if you’re curious about Kentucky tourist destinations.)

  14. Yeah, it’s lovely hearing about everyone’s happiness. 🙂

    Lately, I do as little as possible on the weekends, which is happy-making.

    Actually, I did manage to write a few more words and did some rearranging of a story over the past week, so that’s good. And I organized the documents so I can do my income taxes, which doesn’t exactly make me happy, but relieved. It won’t take long to do, and that will be a future happy 🙂

  15. I’m happy that my parents-in-law’s visit has been uneventful. My MIL has kept her opinions to herself and has not insulted anyone. We visited the National Art Gallery and had a lovely lunch at the outdoor patio restaurantxcco and saw an Indigenous beading exhibit.

    Gardening always makes me happy. My garlic is producing scapes and I planted a dozen basil plants yesterday so I can make scape pesto. I have lots of marigold, cosmos and zinnia seedlings that I will plant. It’s going to be mid to high 30s this week with humidity into the 40s (Celsius) so gardening time will be early morning or evening.

    I had supper with a friend this week. We are in touch on FB but in person get-togethers are less frequent. She has long Covid and I was happy to observe that she’s getting back to her regular self. We had a nice evening catching up.

  16. I got into Something Rotten at a new theater! I’m so excited!

    Other than that, my job is going great (I actually start doing work-work and not training tomorrow) and Little Mermaid is going great (tech week starts today).

    1. Congratulations on the new play. I went to see it when the touring company was in town. I hope it is as much fun to produce as it is to watch.

  17. Here’s something all of the outside-of-Alberta Oilers supporters might not know: the Oilers community foundation 50/50 grand prize draw last night topped 16 million in total so someone is just over 8 million dollars richer this morning. Alas, it is not us.

    Last night it got down to 0 if not -1 in the middle of the night after it poured around midnight so the towels protecting the raised bed tomatoes were soaked. We are looking at 2 more nights of that nonsense. A local greenhouse is having an end-of-season sale and I picked up a few more plants yesterday. They overnighted safe and warm in the car and I brought in my melon plants. They are an experiment so I’m not overly invested in them but enough that I didn’t want them to freeze.

    It’s too wet to work outside so I’m catching up on some housework and relaxing with the last bit of an audiobook and maybe some tv later. My knee will appreciate the rest.

    1. So the community foundation also got 8 million! Yay!! That is great. It was a Good Night (apart from the freeze, of course.)

      1. Yes. Over the course of the season, the 50/50 sometimes directly supports various causes (animal rescues, specific hospital charities, food bank) and other times it’s the club’s foundation. At a quick glance through the winning ticket list, the grand prizes have paid out 20-25 million so that much again to various charities and community organizations.

  18. Happiness was a nice long swim in the lake today. It’s been a stressful week with work crap and an escaping dog, and swimming always makes me feel better.

  19. We have successfully visited my 93 year old MIL, my laundry is in the drier and I am going to sisters to swim (well, splash about, really) in their pool later today.

    Employer is in CA next week so it should be an easy one, which I am finding restful to look forward to.

    Admiring all ya’all’s industry in regard to yards and plants, and enjoying my “looks fine from the road” sloth. Holly hocks are starting to bloom, so there is that.

  20. I’m happy to be “home” in Ohio, visiting my parents. My mom was supposed to have surgery last week, but it was rescheduled last minute to this week due to insurance hiccups. (Aetna denied the auth less than 48 before, but luckily changed their mind on appeal) And I’m happy I could stay this week, too!

    It’s not all good times, because my parents are getting very old and they’re both cranky and not happy with each other. At least my mom has stopped making constant comments about fat people in every conversation.

    I’m happy to not be working for two whole weeks in a row. Is this what PTO is? I haven’t had two weeks off in a row for years and years. I’m not sure what to do with myself!

    1. I’m glad the appeal was successful and that you were able to reschedule within the length of time you could stay.

      While my father was alive my parents always did a lot of arguing but it was not mean-hearted, and did not seem to get worse as they aged. But then my father died in his 70s, not hugely aged.

      I’m not sure my mother got any worse with me after his death than before, but she always had a tendency to treat me as if I was still 14, and I lacked the social adroitnss to handle that as gracefully as characters do in novels! We got on okay, given that I only could visit once or twice a year, although I had to stick it out for up to 2 weeks when I did visit.

      1. Today I zoomed to church and the minister was saying that probably most of us did not have ideal relationships with our parents. I second that. I sympathize with how difficult it can be to interact. My mother was an amazing and difficult woman somewhere between Auntie Mame and the wicked witch of the west. You never knew who you were gonna get. It’s taken me a long time to get past my relationships with my parents, but I am so glad I did. I don’t remember when I got past the hurt and anger but now I can look at the fun times and I can look at the bad times too and say they did the best they could and that was enough.

        1. Susan, Thanks for your comment. In my case, it helped that I was always sure my mother meant well, but had just somehow gotten frozen in 1964 or so in her treatment of me. So I today I feel more frustration than anger about how things went. Someone with more social adroitness than I possess could have handled things better, but I feel that I did almost all I could have with the skills I had. And I remember the better times earlier and the intermittent good times even later.

  21. I know this sounds crazy but I took one of those reset your goals and master a new plan type online course. It’s was thoughtful and rah rah and free – anyway, I managed to get three huge projects off my back – one a novella that’s off to an editor. And two other projects with deadlines. All done. It’s like weird. Such a relief. Ahhhh moments so rarely arrive. Not sure if it was the course. But I’m ready for summer.

  22. My Big Plans include a backpacking trip in August, so I am trying to hike a lot now in order to be in shape then (or at least make it to slightly-less-bad shape!). Coming out of a pretty rough few years, it feels good to be out in the woods more.

    Except yesterday, when it was very hot and the trail felt much too steep. Bleh. But I enjoyed the bluebirds & flycatchers & warbling vireos, not to mention the mysterious woods monster that ran crashing away before we could glimpse it (deer? moose?). Today, I am happy that my knees and other bits don’t feel too bad.

    Trying to figure out if I can build a pottery studio in my back yard. If I succeed, that will definitely be a source of much happiness.

    1. I have been bingeing on “the great pottery throwdown” lately. It’s a delightful show.

  23. I’m thrilled that I was able to carve out a weekend to chill before I have to plunge into writing hard and fast this week. Hello crochet, British mysteries, and the prospect of some wonderful reading. (Thanks to everyone for recc’ing Emma Jameson. She’s wonderful!) Lots to be happy about. 😀

  24. I’m just finishing up my current big plan–spending a long weekend in Iceland with a writing buddy. Saw geysers and hot springs and many waterfalls. Swam in a heated lagoon and visited numerous museums, including a lava museum that was beyond excellent.

    Oh, and we toured a geothermal power plant. They turn the CO2 that’s produced into calcium carbonate that goes back into the earth, and not into the atmosphere. This one plant produces enough electricity and hot water to supply 3/4 of the households in Iceland without creating pollution. How cool is that?

  25. Hanging out with my friends in York made me happy. On our last night we ate at an Italian restaurant in the Georgian Assembly Rooms, and I imagined Venetia dancing there, which was absurd and delightful. And I’m looking forward to going back on my own for explorations with my camera – my friend who’s bought a little house as a stepping stone to her and her husband hopefully moving there urged both of us to come back on our own.

      1. Love that picture, Jane! In fact it solved today’s “what am I in the mood to read” conundrum and I’ve settled on Venetia!

  26. I am happy to have found the Imperial War Museum wartime classics – novels and mysteries about WW2 written by men and women who lived through it. I started with Mailed Fist by John Foley, about a tank troop, and have 2 more on order to take on holiday.
    Also in my suitcase: the latest by Connie Willis, a history of hedgerows and a Chalet School fill-in. I was scrolling through Amazon and found the vast majority of covers at blurbs (for romance, sci fi and fantasy) totally offputting, so I’m doubly thankful for the wartime classics.

    Hubby and Son2 are watching the Euros, so I took myself off into another room and am very happy to have found the Northern Soul prom being shown again. For anyone with access to the BBC, this programme is well worth looking up, absolutely brilliant singers and musicians, and also lovely to see the (mainly middle aged and older) audience dancing in the aisles.

  27. Oh, Jane, I love that mind picture.
    My happiness is I’ve been cleared to travel on Thursday to Vancouver. I shoot two episodes on Friday. I have one line in each episode so it shouldn’t be very stressful. I’m still on a walker, but I can stand without Aid so they can take away the walker for the shots. my son Christopher will be going with me. We fly on Thursday, shoot on Friday and return home on Saturday.
    The other night I couldn’t sleep and I started thinking about all the rhyming picture books I haven’t sold. I may have to submit again.

    1. So great you are able to return to your art so soon, Susan. You are a wonderful example of resilience. Given the injuries you described previously, no doubt it has taken a lot of determination & jolly hard work. Travel well & best wishes.

  28. Here is Claire. Rewrite? Submit? Forget it?

    Claire, The Bear and the Rare Pear
    By Susan J. Berger
    Reader secret. Every word sounds like Air

    Claire was fair beyond compare. The village called her Fair Claire.

    Claire didn’t care.

    Claire combed her hair. Claire skipped down the stair.

    “Where are you going, Fair Claire?” asked her Mère.

    I’m off to the fair, cher Mère,” said Claire.

    “Take care,” said Mère. “Beware the bear.”

    Claire stared at her Mère. “Beware the bear? Where?”

    “Somewhere out there,” said Mère.

    “I’m not scared of bears,” Claire declared.

    “You err,” said Mere.

    Claire passed a pair of hares.

    “Beware the bear, Fair Claire,” said the hares.

    “Where is the bear?” asked Claire.

    “Somewhere over there,” said the hares.

    I’m not scared of bears,” Claire declared.

    “You err,” said the hares.

    Claire passed a mare.

    “Beware the bear, Fair Claire,” said the mare.

    “Where is the bear?” asked Claire.

    “Somewhere over there,” said the mare.

    I’m not scared of bears,” Claire declared.

    “You err,” said the mare.

    Claire sniffed the air. “I smell bear.”

    Claire dared to go in the bear’s lair.

    “What is your name, Bear?” asked Claire.

    My name is Pierre,” said the bear.

    My name is Claire,” said Claire.

    “I like your hair,” said the bear.

    “Oui. I am very fair,” said Claire. “Pierre, Why are you bare?”

    Illo note. The bear has fur, but no clothes

    “That’s my affair,” said the bear.

    “Would you like a pear, Fair Claire?” asked the bear.

    “A pear? Where?” asked Claire.

    “There!” The bear snared a pear. “I have one to spare.”

    “This pear is very rare,” said Pierre, the bear.

    Claire pared the pear with care.

    “We share,” said Claire. “That’s fair.”

    Claire and the bear ate the rare pear.

    The bear turned into Prince Pierre.

    Claire turned into a bear.

    “Not fair,” growled Claire.

    “Don’t care,” said Prince Pierre. “Goodbye, Bear Claire. I’m off to the fair.

    Take care of the pears.”

    The moral: Beware of bears bearing pears.

    1. Falling for a Bear Snare? Poor Claire! Share not pears with bare bears.

      Ummmm…. is Claire now a bare bare or a bear wearing Claire’s wares?

  29. I had no plans. The dotter made apple spice cake for dadaday. I ate it. Now I plan to kick back and metabolize. Happy! 😀

  30. No big plans, just some little ones. Newest project will be registering voters at our farmers market which opens on Thursday. Nothing around the house.

    It’s supposed to get very hot here during the week so I’ll be putting any yard work on hold. Except for watering my vegetables and flowers-a lot.

    I do have to get my ground floor air conditioner in at some point. I was just too lazy to do it today.

  31. I am happy that I gave myself permission to turn on the air conditioning when I got home this afternoon. It is still a bit cooler on my side of town, but that won’t last long this week. So tonight I am going to put my feet up, ice my knee and try to finish the book that’s due tomorrow.

  32. Currently, happiness is being on a boat in the St Lawrence River. We had a lovely day in Quebec and am looking forward to Prince Edward Island. I read the Anne of Green Gables books too many times, I guess.

  33. Happiness is arriving safely for family vacation, via overnight transcontinental flight. Have been up since 6:00 a.m. Saturday so happiness will soon be going to sleep.

  34. Happiness is a so far successful visit with DD and seeing my brother this Thursday — he will be in town for a conference.

    Happiness also was making German strawberry wine punch for a Father’s Day barbecue —I make it once a year.
    It’s delicious and perfect for hot days. https://www.thespruceeats.com/german-strawberry-wine-punch-erdbeerbowle-recipe-1446823 .

    Happiness was having a law school friend and wife over for DH s homemade pizza and then watching our local wooden bat baseball team play—it’s basically pre-pro ball. Which means a lot of errors and some amazing plays. And my favorite moment, which is when they give all interested kids a garbage bag and they go around collecting trash and in return for handing in the trash they get popsicles.

    I’m not sure it was happiness but it was fascinating to learn that the friend —who knew DH since they were neighbors and in middle school —had no idea that DH’s extended family was in the mafia. When we started dating, DH’s uncle by marriage’s brother in law and business partner was one of 22 defendants in the Pizza connection trial, the longest criminal trial in US history, for smuggling in heroin (they used to kill the smugglers but that wasn’t part of the charges). He and almost everyone else were convicted. This was on the front page of The NY Times many times while we were all three in law school and DH was quite open about it with me so I was stunned that our friend had no idea. I alway say that I married DH in spite of his (extended) family and not because of it.

  35. My happy today was being able to trim seven of my dog’s front nails. They are not perfect, but it’s a start. She is not a fan of the process—the one time the vet tried it when she was in for her annual shots he returned her to me untrimmed saying, “she sure is strong”.

    She got lots of treats and praise during today’s effort so I’m hoping to continue to have good results next week when we continue the process. Her nails were getting quite long, so it will be nice not to worry about being accidentally stabbed/scraped, once the trimming is done.

    1. I had a dog that, when he boarded where I worked, never asked for a nail trim. When I got him, it took FOUR people holding him to do them. I started the “handle foot for treat” routine immediately, and eventually I could do more than one nail a day. I had worked up to one foot a day when I got another dog (a Dachshund! notoriously bad breed for nails) who was totally blasé about it. He also got treats after each foot, and after a few of these episodes Hobie started to come up to me and say “Hey, you can do another foot now, it’s fine!” This all took more than a year, so be patient.

  36. I’ll soon be on my way out of town to look for a rental place. I’m happy, but also so tired. I really don’t understand how we have so many things to move, even after six months of solidly declutterring. And sure, a lot of it brings to my husband, but it’s still so much stuff. But there are just things I want to keep, mostly photos and artworks. I hope going forward that I’ll remember this whenever I see something that I love the look of, and my get anything more.

  37. I’m on Winter vacay. It’s all small plans. Alack, alas.

    The hope is that clearing these from the list will make big plans possible. It’s worth a try, noh?

    1. Yes! And if you’re looking for some warmth, you’re welcome to come visit me in Michigan. It’s a very toasty week here. (Highs are low 30’s C / 90’s F)

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