Happiness is Being Close to the Finish Line

I’ve spent the weekend working on the truck draft of Very Nice Funerals. Bob had written as far as he could and I needed to do my stuff, but I couldn’t get a grip on the book. It had all this good stuff in it, but it wasn’t making sense to me, so I spent weeks doing diagrams and tables and writing scenes as they came to mind, not knowing if they’d even fit. And then this week, I got it. I knew what I needed to write and what I needed to rewrite, I knew where everything went and all I had to do was do it. So I’m doing it. We’ll have this done pretty soon. That makes me SO happy, not just because it’ll be done but because I know what the book is about now.

Happiness is getting close to the end of something you’re doing that you love.

What made you happy this week?

One more thing: Before I started the rewrite, I sent a synopsis to Bob and asked if he was okay with it.

82 thoughts on “Happiness is Being Close to the Finish Line

    1. I was just thinking they could write a book that was nothing more than a compilation of their text messages

  1. Happiness is being a grandmother.

    We’re home from 2 1/2 weeks touring Sicily (amazing, wild, ancient, and Mount Etna was blowing off steam), stopping in Prague for a few days (fun city), and . . . . most of all . . .

    We met our granddaughter Blanka, born April 17th, in Warsaw, Poland. Perfect. Gorgeous. I’m incredibly impressed by my son and daughter-in-law’s care for their baby. They even let us babysit for a couple of hours!

    Yes, happiness.

    1. You will be a wonderful grandmother! I’m happy you got started on the job early.

  2. I’m happy because a friend who took a job a few states away and left with his family has found a better job, back here in my state. Not same town, but within driving distance, should the opportunity arise to re-knit connections.

  3. Happiness is heading out to Orlando today for a conference. Okay, I don’t actually love Orlando and this is my least favourite conference – stuck with 30,000 people in a neon-lit, windowless basement for three days of non-stop techno babble – but I do love hanging with my business partner and our fave fun consultant and dinners will be fun and maybe we’ll get a snick of pool time.

    Also, I went to two events at my uni reunion this weekend and didn’t die of boredom or reverse nostalgia or anything really. My ex boyfriend from those times, whom I’m still close friends with and met up with beforehand, might be moving in with us for a while due to some domestic issues.

    1. if you happen to have the time and inclination, the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum in Winter Park FL has a stunning collection of Tiffany glass 🙂

      1. I have the inclination for sure but…the time not so much. 😢 That sounds amazing though.

      2. It really is a wonderful museum. I would be happy to move in so I could look at Tiffany glass and art nouveau items all day.

  4. I look forward to someday feeling like that again…I really need to get my head back into the writing. I also look forward to reading your next set of books!

    Happiness is chipping away at my giant to-do list (especially getting things done in the garden, which is time sensitive) so I can actually get back to writing.

  5. Happiness is being home after two weeks in London, and knowing I will be back there in September for DD’s PhD award, and December because her partner got a gig to play clarinet in a Jewish panto based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and who could miss that?

    Happiness is knowing DD is coming here in two weeks for a college friend’s wedding.

    Happiness is texting with DS about gymnastics nationals this weekend.

    Happiness is our first really summery dinner — tuna steaks, farro salad with herbs, asparagus with lemony olive
    oil, and watermelon salad with mint
    and feta. We will follow it up tonight with sorrel soup from our garden, turkey burgers, and coleslaw.

    Happiness is a dessert date to eat carrot cake at our neighbors tonight.

    Happiness is a call tonight to start turning over some of our responsibilities for friend with dementia to his sister.

    Happiness is Guilty said 34 times . I hope those brave jurors are safe.

    Happiness is my hip and knee seem to have considered all the London walking and stairs to be physical therapy.

    Happiness may be remembering the truly awful play DD’s partner is currently performing in (playing clarinet) as a family reminiscence that we share with his parents, although happiness definitely was not watching it. My report to DS at intermission was

    “Consensus 1) it defines vanity project 2) the music is the best thing by far 3) the funniest moment so far is when someone says funeral 4) the writhing is getting out of hand and it’s only intermission.” And indeed the writhing got worse…

    It is funded by the husband of the woman who wrote the script, produced it, and plays the lead role—with writhing, and less and less clothing as the show progresses. The music however may get an award which would be nice for my son in law who is otherwise finding it a terrible experience.

    If in London do NOT go to Song of Songs. There is a reason the tickets are so cheap.

    (However the deers eating all my many lilies except one while I was
    gone is not happiness.)

    1. Well, the classical music stations repeatedly mention that one piece or another was written for a play or opera, or occasionally even a movie, that nobody remembers today, although the music for it is still played.

      1. Yes, the verdict was very satisfying. I can stop scrolling now until July 11.

  6. Happy that the seamstress I know finally had time to tackle my project. She is making a pattern of my favorite cotton pants with pockets so she can make more like that before the original pair actually disintegrates. Mind you, I don’t know what this will cost me, and if I don’t stop eating so much, they may not fit, but still so happy this is happening. I did, after all, get a well deserved C- on the skirt I made in school, whose hem came out the first time I washed it, so there was NO way I could recreate them myself. I am looking forward to fabric shopping, and thinking I need a pair in Halloween fabric.

    And I am SO happy Jennifer’s new job is going well! More details please!

  7. BTW, the first of the Bones book Jenny mentioned on Thursday is on sale for 99 c on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. In case anyone needs more ideas of what to read …

  8. I’m happy that my yard looks pretty good, the front stoop looks great, due to new paint, and the rain garden is going to look better this year, because I found some extra-large poultry netting “cages” in the back of the shed that will keep the very tall New England Asters, Swamp Milkweed, and Joe Pye Weed upright, instead of sprawled all over.

    We had a trial run of how life will be when I dog-sit later in the summer, and I think it will be doable. The big brown Lab actually did NOT eat the little black Pom’s food when I let her out of her room without remembering to put that food out of reach. I walked each dog separately this morning, which worked. My black kitty is actually upstairs, and in full view! I am hoping she will get over her irrational fear of the tiny terror and the big lug who was actually raised by a black cat, and hasn’t threatened her in any way. The Lab goes home today.

  9. I’m happy I got my covid booster yesterday.  I think enough time had elapsed since my previous booster only in May, and not much covid is currently going around locally, so I really hadn’t been delaying all that long, and I had good excuses for some of that. But part of it was probably reluctance to wrestle with the user-hostile scheduling software that my pharmacy is using (it’s a chain, not the fault of anyone local).  Last time, I gave up and phoned them, and I had to do that again on Friday.  Atypically, I didn’t even get put on hold, and was able to get an appointment for the very next day.  I did remember to bring something to read, since the process now seems to involve more sitting around while the pharmacist gets ready than it used to.  (Perhaps fewer people, mostly seniors, are getting boosters these days so it’s less of an assembly line than it is used to be.)

    The pharmacy was in a supermarket, and I was surprised at how uncrowded the store was.  When I was working, Saturday seemed to be everyone’s big shopping day and the stores were uncomfortably crowded, so I learned to avoid the day, doing my grocery shopping on Sunday instead.  I’m not sure if that pattern has broken, perhaps due to changing demographics, or if was an atypical situation because it was late morning on a nice day in summer. 

    Last time, I got the flu vax at the same time and felt some side effects, but I think they were from the flu vax. Today, other than a slightly sore arm I just feel a bit tired, and that could be from other causes.

  10. Happiness is righting my website after being locked out for a full year. Still needs some cosmetic work, but the data is all there and the links work. Finally! 😀

  11. Great news on the book!! Can’t wait. : ]

    I am cautiously happy that the annual Symposium we organize that is my favorite thing does not after all look as though it is going to crash and burn. It was really scary there for a few weeks and we still have a long haul in from of us to get to viable by September 20, but a seek some trickles of light at the end of this tunnel.

  12. I’m just happy. I woke up bouncy and I’m still happy. I was happy for no particular reason yesterday too. Nifty

  13. I’m happy that my gardening partner and were able to catch up on the weeding in our bed at the historical garden where we volunteer. In addition to the regular weeds, the bed has been invaded by creeping bellflower and chickweed this spring. We’re slowly filling in empty spaces which leaves less space for weeds.

    I repotted and labelled almost 4 dozen plants to take to a local food bank garden. My tomato seedlings did particularly well and I was very happy to share the surplus. I have some flower seedlings to harden off and then will close up the inside greenhouse. Tomatoes and peppers are going into my garden this weekend.

    I planted my one and only garden client’s garden bed this week. She’s happy with the results, which makes me happy too.

    It’s peony season – this makes me very happy.

  14. I’m happy that my grading is almost done. I’m still sleeping waaay too much but I don’t want to start meds now. The Winter vacation is in two weeks so that’ll be a better time to see what I need.

    I’m very happy that I have reread 3 of there Innkeeper novels by Illona Andrews. Being unable to read novels voraciously was an unexpected sided effect of ADHD meds. I’m happy to regain the joy of the written word.

  15. Peonies are so in full bloom in back garden. The two plants in the front garden did not bloom last year. Two buds on the small bush and five on the larger bush. A new variety I planted last year had one bloom. Yeah. Very pleased.

    Granddaughter in very first novice national diving competition got a bronze medal in first dive and fourth in second dive. She has only been diving for ten months. We are all very proud and she loves diving.

    And, a lovely neighbour dinner party last night. Just great.

  16. … are so in bloom
    I meant to say the blooms are so huge…every year the get bigger. Love the scent too. All the rain has kept the ants at bay too.

    1. Try dusting the plants and the area around them with diatomaceous earth. It kills bugs, but won’t harm anything else.

    2. I saw some for sale today at Trader Joe. Unlike the ones one the bush, they didn’t have ants crawling all over them. I may have to go back and buy some tomorrow.

  17. Ireland made me happy – the people, the landscapes, the gardens, and the spring gentians. I thought they’d be sapphire blue, but they were a really unique hue – almost a slate blue, or a darker shade of sky blue. And then I came home to a lovely meal made by the friend who was garden-sitting; and my garden had jumped into summer, with luxuriant growth & all the roses in flower: https://www.instagram.com/p/C7t2MvxMqeO/?img_index=1

    1. Your garden is lovely, Jane, and it looks like it’s an oasis in the middle of all those buildings.

    2. I had to look three times before I could find the window.
      It looks like summer happened all at once.

  18. Happiness is being two weeks away from a week of vacation. Also having successfully planned my weekend such that I have *not* gone out to do hours of exhausting yardkeeping. The birds, bees, flowers etc are doing their thing unmolested, and the weeds will certainly still be there the next time I want to get tired & dirty.

    Ran a few errands, did a couple of blog posts (including one linking to a new exclusive short), bought everything that was on sale from my wishlist and bought the few titles of Lammy-nominated gay romance authors that I didn’t already own. Now about to add the upcoming novelette to my QRI portfolio, which will make me happy because the last thing didn’t get added until post release, whoops.

  19. Happiness for me is knowing you are close to the finish line. Wonderful news. Can’t wait.

  20. Very VERY happy to have had a similar epiphany on my manuscript that’s been eluding me, and I finished the manuscript itself today, just need to do a quick review of the synopsis tomorrow, and off it goes to the publisher, a month (minus three days) ahead of the official deadline and three days after the self-imposed deadline so I can take most of June off to play with fabric and do yard work and have my cataract surgery (left eye; second one in August or thereabouts).

    1. Wishing you the best possible outcome for your cataract surgery. I’m still extremely pleased with mine.

        1. Literally less than ten minutes from entering the OR to leaving. (If it’s the actual surgery you’re anxious about and not the outcome. That takes longer.)

        2. My Mom had the surgery a few decades ago and had great results, enjoyed colors a lot more and the improved vision was an ideal treat! May your surgery go that well or better…Sending virtual hugs! Taf

  21. Happiness is seeing a cardinal pair in my yard today. I’ve seen the male a time or two but it looks like he’s found a mate.

    Happiness was a Democratic breakfast with a state rep and senator and some of the locals who are running for the state house. Very little talk about the convictions. Most people are focusing on the election. The next thing is not the sentencing but the debate. Will the felon show? Consensus is he won’t.

    Had lunch with a college friend and then met up with her at the breakfast.

    Happiness is the coming week not being over scheduled.

    1. It’s possible your male Cardinal was a foraging for tidbits to give his mate, who was sitting on a nest. I hope so! You may have more to look at, soon.

    2. I think Trump put himself in a real bind on the debate. He didn’t think he could refuse because it would look like he was afraid—but he seems to have some real cognitive issues and it could really hurt him.
      Whereas Biden makes occasional misstatements but doesn’t seem to have the same level of trouble.
      The idea that Republicans are pushing is that Biden will take some drug to suppress his dementia on the day. There is no such drug (and no evidence of dementia).

      I think now Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t .

        1. Yeah and Biden is more fit. They both have memory slips but Biden doesn’t seem confused whereas Trump does — bashing Nikki Haley repeatedly in one speech for things Nancy Pelosi did.
          I do think a debate could make that very clear.
          It’s also telling that while Trump claimed the trial was preventing him from campaigning he actually did very little when he could. I think his handlers are worried about it.

          1. May Trump end up losing any friends he has left, all of his belongings and money and end up sleeping on a New York sidewalk…Many people despise him for good reasons. Taf

  22. Happy that all the plants we picked up from the garden center are safely in the ground. As in, surrounded by chicken wire against the voracious bunnies.

  23. My BIL turns 75 tomorrow and I was really stressing out about what to give him as a present. Most years we don’t exchange birthday presents, but this year I wanted to get him something. Since our tastes are quite different, I asked his youngest daughter (who is a science nerd like her Dad) for suggestions, but she said she had been getting getting book recs from him. My sister said that he hadn’t mentioned anything, but he likes to read about science. So today I went to my favorite local book store (also known as The Danger Zone) hoping to get advice from one of the owners. I found a couple of things that I think he might like, but I unfortunately also bought a cookbook for myself. I do not have room for even one more cookbook and this one is heavy on the pasta, which I am trying to avoid these days, but, hey, this a Vegetable cookbook! Written by a local chef! I am supporting the local economy!

    1. Congratulations on going into a bookstore and only getting one book for yourself! I don’t have enough willpower to go into a bookstore myself, I have been known to come out with a grocery sized bag… Taf

  24. Happy that progress is being made & the Rocky Start trilogy will soon be out.

    Happy that Trump has 34 felonies.

    Happy that last week is over & I survived.

    Happy that my daughter & I have a new place to check out as a possible place to move to: Lexington, KY.

    Always happy on Sunday’s because I get off work at 730am Monday morning & I don’t go back to work until Thursday night at 545pm.

    1. Waving from 60 miles away from Lexington. Do check it out. When I was there thirty to forty years ago it was the most expensive place to live in all of Kentucky, though.

      1. Access to what my daughter needs medically and what I need to work from home determines where we live.

        Lexington has been on some reasonable to live places lately. The thing is – it’s expensive for Kentucky but not necessarily for the rest of the country.

        “My people” are from Kentucky – at least in these generations – and I have support & connections there. I even have people in Lexington, Louisville & Georgetown.

        If I make it there – will probably take a year – maybe we can meet halfway for lunch.

    2. Good luck finding a great place to live without undue expense for the two of you! Here’s hoping the sentencing goes even better than all the guilty verdicts that delighted so many of us for the “Orange One”. Taf

  25. Reading all of your happies makes me feel happy. I haven’t felt like I’ve had a lot to contribute for the past six months, but just knowing you’re all here talking about the exciting and productive things you’re doing is very comforting.

  26. Happy my son’s appendix ruptured after he started his new job and had insurance. Surgery was successful and paid for. He was a travel nurse and was let go the next day. But he is healthy. So happy.

    1. I am glad your son had a successful surgery that was fully paid.

      What on earth prompted the powers that be to let him go?

      I was glad a couple of my nurses had personal experience with my type of treatment (back then the odds were 1 in 8 women would experience breast cancer in their lifetime). Taf

  27. Congratulations on knowing what you have to do and doing it. That’s the best feeling.

    Happiness is realizing it’s time to downsize from the big family home and calling a realtor. Unhappiness is realizing that you have to declutter the house and leave your garden behind.

    1. Yikes! I would hate to have to abandon my garden…Decluttering my place would take years! I hope you have a lot less clutter than I do… Taf

  28. Happy my mother’s breast cancer is going to be able to be treated with a simple lumpectomy with likely no follow up radiation or chemotherapy.

    1. Here is hoping that your mother’s treatment goes great! You will know more about what to expect after your Mom’s biopsy results are available.
      Even if her treatment involves more than just the lumpectomy, it should still be good.

      In 2000, I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation, there were multiple anti-nausea drugs that I got in an IV before the chemo started. (I also got an Rx for anti-nausea pills to take after my surgery.) There have been many improvements made in cancer diagnosis and treatment since my treatments happened, and even back then most of us (80% or more) did quite well. The scar stays colorful mostly for the first month, fades to pink for the first year, then is just a thin light-colored line, not a bad scar. Taf

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