Crusie Guide to Art 12

Giving new meaning to dirty sex, this painting is “Jupiter and Io” by Correggio, 1531-1532. “When Io fled from Jupiter – in Greek and Roman mythology the king of gods and man, the master of Heaven and Earth – he summoned dark clouds in broad daylight in order to keep the object of his desire from escaping and to seduce her in all secrecy, because he feared the revenge of his jealous wife, Juno.” If only Io had had a vacuum cleaner. Or better yet, Juno.

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17 thoughts on “Crusie Guide to Art 12

  1. Is this another one of those “it’s a classic story, therefore not rape” pictures? How come the Greek and Roman gods (and goddesses who punished the victims) thought this was okay and all these artist still think it is an attractive thing to look at?

    Having said that Io is beautifully portrayed and it is well done. Still wouldn’t have it on my wall!

  2. I’m not sure about the smile, BUT…

    If Jupey has chosen to be as insubstantial as a cloud, her nethers are experiencing no more than a cold, moist tickle with no penetration. Maybe some static electricity. He wasn’t the brightest of the gods, was he?

    1. I never liked Jupey, but I very much like the idea of a tickle down there.
      Yet, not so much the idea of a dusty nether region… yuk.

  3. I’m afraid the version you posted on Instagram was cropped square, losing some of the caption & image, so it didn’t make sense. You have to be very on the ball to prevent IG doing this – I tried to explain how in the comment I left there. (It’s easy once you’re wise to its tricks.)

  4. When you realise your roomba can’t hack it and you should have splurged on industrial strength appliances

  5. Their lips in that cloud and she seems to be enjoying their touch. I don’t believe I’d like to make love to a cloud sounds kind of cold and damp.

  6. This makes me thing about how the specialist told me to stay away from dust. That the allergy tests sometimes give false negatives and I may actually be allergic. I didn’t tell him about the books n papers hoard. I’m just gonna mask up and clean it. Argh.

  7. Is it just me or does she look like she’s got a bad case of male pattern baldness?

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