Admin: Quick Reminder on Argh Author, Etc.

Three things:

1. While we value lurkers, if you’re not part of the conversation, nobody knows you. That’s fine, but it means nobody will recognize you which means you’re not part of what makes the community. Become part of the community for a couple of months and ask again. Or don’t–it’s a time sink, I understand, nothing wrong with lurk, I do it myself other places–but then understand that I can’t give you a post to serve a community that’s never met you. Which means if Susan does Macbeth again, we want to know, but if Brad Pitt asks for an Argh Actor post, he’s not gonna get one, no matter how much he begs.

2. If you do post here–YAY!–please don’t send me the title of your book or art or anything else without that accompanying information I asked for (see below). The idea is that you tell me exactly what you want the post to say and I cut and paste it, not that we go back and forth while I try to pull information from you. I don’t have the time for that and neither do you.

3. Please make sure this is your work. Don’t send me things that somebody else has done or information about a shop you run that sells work by other people, no matter how lovely it is. If you have an Etsy shop where you sell things that you make, have at it with a picture of one thing that you have made and a link, but this is not an advertising opportunity or primarily a way to sell to this community (although if people volunteer to buy, have at it), it’s an opportunity to share your work with a community that wants to know what you’re doing because you’re a part of it.

Here’s that information I need to know to put up a post;

• Your user name here on Argh.
• The name on your book or whatever if it’s different from your username.
• Any title or name for your work.
• The blurb from your book, which I may cut if it’s longer than the book itself.
• The website (probably yours) that has the book info on it.
• Buy links, or the links where the thing you’re sharing can be found.
• Anything else you want included.
• Send to (Please do not write that on any bathroom walls.)
• Be aware that I will reject anything harmful to this community including personal attacks and anything that promotes homophobia, sexism, racism, religious intolerance, or Trump. I can do that. It’s my blog. Those have always been the rules, and in the eighteen years I’ve had this blog, I think I’ve removed three comments, one of them mine. I like that about us and I’m gonna keep it that way.

160 thoughts on “Admin: Quick Reminder on Argh Author, Etc.

  1. I am a semi-lurker, only reading everyone’s posts and commenting when I have something to say…hopefully intelligent. Unfortunately, no talents that I can display here, although I am a world-champ fitted-sheet folder. 😉

      1. That would be a boon to the community.
        Argh Fitted Sheet Folder: Our own Elinor Knechel.

    1. Be proud… it takes years to build up such skill, many aspire, but few have achieved

  2. I’ve lurked forever, mainly because I really enjoy your books… and this site is one of the few things I kept in my bout of intermittent fasting from the Internet. I ended up with an autoimmune disease that forced me into early retirement just as the rest of the world went into the pandemic, so I became a true hermit for a long while. I was trying to save myself, and in so doing had to back away from the dumpster fire that so much of the communication the interweb-a-palooza became with the self-appointed political and pandemical punditry post-2019.

    I lost a couple years in the medical mayhem that ensued for me, mostly from medications that weren’t right and had more side effects than efficacy. Last year, I made everyone back off and get a good idea of where I was, and have since been able to find a medication that’s beginning to work, and to get my mind working as well, in ways that are familiar and comforting.

    The combination of all that meant I didn’t join, I just lurked. I am an author, but not here to advertise–I might ask for a mention once I’ve become an actual member and contributor in the community, but not worried about it for now. Just want to actually see who everyone is, get to know y’all, and talk. Thank you for that invitation. Fairly quick and dirty intro:

    In my eclectic career path, I worked as a managing editor (three times) an assistant librarian, a flight attendant, a grant writer (three times), a fitness center manager and among other less savory occupations, an oilfield assistant controller, a consultant and a carnival ride operator. Oh, and an author. I think I inched into the three figures when I made 85 cents in royalties last year. 🙂

    I lived in more than a half dozen states and two countries, had a gastric bypass in 2005 because I was bigger around than I was tall (literally) and in doing so became the person I was supposed to be all along. It also put my moribund first marriage out of its misery. Within two weeks of leaving, I got a new job, met an amazing man, married him a year later, gained two teenagers who call me Mama, and 15 years later, small people who call me Gramily. Because I won’t answer to anything else.

    I live smack dab in the middle of the United States with the love of my life, my current and final husband and a cat named Egg. Whirlwind, I know, but I didn’t want to write a book! Ha! I look forward to really meeting everyone and getting to know you.


  3. I’ve been lurking a lot myself. Just haven’t had anything to say – unusual I know! Jenny once commented on my verbosity! I’m realizing that a late ADHD diagnosis doesn’t make dealing with the consequences any easier. I still can’t get anything done – now I just have an excuse as to why I can’t get anything done. I’m still not doing anything no matter how much it’s bugging me. All my executive function gets used up at work.

    blah, blah, blah – whine, whine, whine.

    No you know why I’ve been lurking. Nothing to say.

    1. Say it anyway. Especially if it involves dogs. (I miss your dog comments.)

    2. I did not comment on your verbosity. Sheesh. And you’ve been here forever so don’t go trying to claim lurk status, George.

    3. Oh, Kate, I vividely remember the video you once posted (on IG?) making honey (well, extricting honey from the combs). Apart from sooo much more interesting stuff (sewing dresses for important occasions, your training to be a 911 operator, having a steep drive way etc.). Whenever you come out of lurkdom, it’s fascinating 🙂

      1. What Dodo said, still remember you altering wedding dresses for a pittance as a favour and encouraging you to write a story of about you robbing the local bank

  4. Oh no, I’m totally a lurker and has been for years…
    I don’t contribute at all, just inhaling every word written. Does it count that I started to follow because at the time I still believed that I might, one day, write a book myself, and so admired your books and writing tips?
    I will, alas, probably never publish, or even finish, writing a book. May I still stay, please?
    Referring to Elinor’s comment I am very good at sewing decorative cushion covers though and an incomparable mangler of bed linen.

    1. Don’t worry, Karin. She’s not telling people they can’t lurk. Lurkers are fine (Deb said, speaking for Jenny). It’s just that they shouldn’t expect to be able to take advantage of Jenny’s generosity in sharing their work, the way big mouth non-lurkers like me can. You clearly aren’t asking for that, and so it isn’t an issue. Lurk away.

    2. Of course you can stay, we love lurkers here. We’re all show-offs and we need an audience. You perform an important function. And we thank you for your support.

  5. Greetings and good morning! I’ve been lurking for just several months. Love Jenny’s books, appreciate Bob’s dry crazy wit, have zero desire to write a book. I am super busy being Méme to my almost 3 years old granddaughter – she and her parents live with hubby and I. I retired, we sold our retirement place in swfl and relocated back to Massachusetts in able to do this for them. Reading is my not so guilty pleasure and superpower!
    Carry on!

  6. Also a semi-lurker, but one who writes. I comment when I can add something useful, but I’m usually late to the party and hitting the heart button. 😀

  7. I am a lurker. I like reading the comments, especially book recommendations. Thanks for the blog.

    1. Hi, I’m like Brenda. I enjoy everyone’s banter and book recommendations! I am an avid reader but no writing talent or aspirations.
      I don’t comment much because that involves writing, and nobody knows me yet. Not keen to butt in.

      1. It’s not butting in, Diane, but you do what you’re comfortable with. Welcome out of lurk, even just for the moment.

  8. This is what I love about Argh: getting excited about folded fitted sheets while giving Brad Pitt the boot.

  9. I must say that I think your rules are very fair. And I’m also pleased to hear that you will not be promoting any orange buffoons.

  10. The reason we hang around the place so long is because Jenny keeps it nice and fun. Jenny’s place Jenny’s rules

  11. Aah! I’m a lurker too! I’m teaching 9th graders all day so I don’t check the posts and comments until bedtime, when it feels too late to join the conversation. I love reading the comments and knowing about upcoming book releases. I re-read Bet Me every summer to celebrate the end of another school year.

    I can’t fold a fitted sheet to save my life and just take them straight from the dryer to the bed. Then I have to fight my three dogs to finish making the bed, since they all want to roll around on the warm sheet.

    1. It’s never too late to join the conversation. Well, after a couple of years you’re probably shouting into the wilderness, but in general, comment away,

  12. I’m also mostly a lurker. I’m a good celebrator though and am here to cheer you all on!

  13. I’m really glad to see this topic! I’ve never followed a blog before and was wondering about the rules. I have responded several times and definitely hit the Like heart button regularly.

    I’m not a writer at all. Writing is a chore for me. BUT I’m a primo proofreader after being a paralegal for a few years. I even beta-ed for a fanfic author back in the day waiting for Sookie Stackhouse books to trickle out. I prefer to have a zillion craft projects sitting out so I don’t forget to work on them. (Yes, I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds a while back. The meds were very expensive and controlled substances so I stopped taking them.) My ultimate personal fantasy would be to become a pool shark. Every time I read Welcome to Temptation I’m soooo jealous that I didn’t get to grow up with Phin’s dad! Fortunately the senior center near me has a billiard room so I can play somewhere for free. I do watch pool players on Instagram but I think it’s best for me to just go do it IRL. I love Thursdays on this blog and have a ton of screen shots of book suggestions to be checked out in the future.
    I like the little monster faces that the blog assigns if you don’t send a picture! So much more fun than a big letter from the alphabet.

    I have two questions:
    1. How do you search the blog (with google?). I was hoping to listen over Memorial Day to the playlist somebody made but couldn’t find it. Also when someone suggests a book I’d like to reference them if I have a review.
    2. Is there a way to privately message if I have something I think should be corrected? It’s about pronunciation in an audio book.

    1. Having a slow start today because I got several sentences past the words “pool shark” and was still picturing a little shark swimming around in a pool…

    2. There’s a search box near the bottom of the mobile app, and I presume somewhere on the desk version, but it seems to search only Jenny’s writing, not the comments. The following search pattern on a regular Google search page should also search comments, but it often misses stuff for reasons I don’t understand (possibly Google doesn’t re-index the site often, or possibly at times the Do Not Index flag has been set for some reason?). But it sometimes works. (Note the colon and replace the all-caps part with your search term:)


      1. Too late I realized I said mobile app when I meant the mobile format for the site on a browser. It sounds from Jenny’s account below that it’s at the top right in a desk format. Sorry for any confusion.

    3. 1. The blog had a problem a few years ago, and I’m supposed to be reorganizing it now, which I do every now and then. There’s a search box at the top of the page to the right, which is one way I find stuff because at this point, it’s like opening a tomb and excavating. Also the word salad to the right has tags, which half the time I don’t remember to use, and there’s a menu with categories, and then if you know the time it was published there’s an archive menu, also to the right.

      I think what I might do is scan through the posts (there are 3, 761 of them), figure out topics, make a list, and let you all decided which ones I should concentrate on returning to the blog. Some of them are non-starters or low interest, but there are a lot, so if I started making sure one topic a week was returned to the blog with tags and categories, I might get this place back up again.

      2. There’s nothing I can do about the audios, we don’t do those, Brilliance does. Definitely e-mail me (the address is above in the Argh Author instructions), but it won’t change anything.

      1. Okay 👍🏻. Since it’s Brilliance’s problem, I think Vince in Vermillion mispronounced garrote. He said “gah-rote”. Twice. I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “guh-rott”. My only way to check is to rely on online dictionary pronunciation so I’m open to correction from the blog.

        1. Won’t it depend on which bit of America the speaker’s from? (In my English it’s ga-rott, but you guys mangle your vowels, so would doubtless pronounce that differently anyway.)

          1. Hey, there are more of us, and our standard pronunciation is closer to Shakespeare’s. *You* guys mangle your vowels, and have far more dialects to do it in than we do.

          2. We are not going to have a pronunciation brawl across the pond here, even though you both would probably find it amusing.
            I have spoken: You can pronounce garrote any damn way you want and it will be correct.

            Really sorry about the bleeding, Patrick. Here’s my dentist story. In the middle of the pandemic back in New Jersey, I had a wonderful dentist. I adored her. She’d just put in a socket for a replacement tooth, and she was talking to me, and she leaned forward and said, “Jen, you know Bill Gates is putting microchips in the vaccines,” and I realized this wonderful dentist was an Anti-vaxxer. Never went back. Still don’t have a tooth there. I feel your pain.

          3. Reply to Patrick: Ha! Giving it to the Mother Tongue on behalf of the babbling Colonials! And the thing is, if you have to go back and try to read yourself some Chaucer, you realize that someone from Litracha who starts his poem with language like “When that Aprille with its shoures soote….” means that you’ve got to recognize how every language gradually descends (rises?) into a foreign version of itself.

            I personally blame the Swedes. And the Irish. (my own ancestor group, so I’m allowed to blame them, right?)

          4. I grew up in central Ohio which is basically the top end of Appalachia as far language. When I used to get drunk, many years ago, I’d say things like “jerk you bald-headed” in a drawl (one of the many reasons I don’t drink now). We have so many pronunciations and usages in this country, more than you can shake a stick at. I still think, “This lawn needs mowed” is better usage than “This lawn needs to be mowed.” The last one just seems snotty to me.

          5. Re Jenny’s comment on the lawn:
            Could one also say “the lawn needs mowing”?
            Or would this be incorrect?
            Btw our lawn indeed needs to be shortened.

          6. On the “mowing lawn” topic, I am born and raised in Chicago and say “cut the grass”…..
            And then there is the “pop” versus “soda” debate…..

          7. I’d never heard the word “soda” until I got to college and some New York people clued me in. It was always pop.
            The one that really got the laugh was calling chocolate syrup “dope.” Vanilla ice cream and chocolate dope.

          8. Reply to Jenny: I’m not sure when I learned that in parts of the country, “soda” meant carbonated soft drink (pop). If not earlier, there were New Yorkers at college and I probably heard them say it. But I didn’t come into a “soda” environment until I moved East for grad school and later ended up working in the East. I stubbornly kept using “pop” for years, but I finally gave in, and now “pop” sounds a bit odd.

          9. Another reply to Jenny: I probably had heard people say things like, “The lawn needs mowed” without it sinking in, but the first time I was conscious of it was when a coworker from Pennsylvania was explaining some of the linguistic characteristics of his home area, and he mentioned that one. That’s a normal grammatical construction in German (if memory serves), so I imagine it got into English in Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio from the Pennsylvania Dutch or from other German immigrants to the region. It may be spreading some. I seem to see it more often recently, although perhaps I just notice it more.

          10. Reply to Dodo: Yes, “the lawn needs mowing” or “the grass needs cutting” is how I would likely say it. Maybe I sense a hint in “the lawn needs to be mowed” that it’s somebody’s job to do it and they have failed in their duty. And it’s wordier. “The lawn needs mowed” would save syllables, but it’s not grammar that I would natively use.

          11. I think the construction I learned was more aggressive. “That lawn needs mowed.” “That kid needs smacked.” Or that may just have been the adults in my life.

        2. In my fairly wide acquaintance with audiobooks. I find that the standards are FAR lowered than they’d be for some medium with a bigger budget, and that slightly unusual words are often mispronounced. It can get really annoying when the word often comes up in a book. I don’t think the voice actors are paid enough for them to stop and look up every word they have doubts about, or for other people to quality-control the actors’ every word, the way that mainstream broadcast media at least try to do. I think we just have to grit our teeth.

          1. I’m happy as long as we get human narrators. Even though mistakes can be annoying. Or their way to narrate can be annoying. But the automatic voices are REALLY annoying. On my ebooks with whispersync the audiobook every now and then switch from the great Cooper North to the automatic voice. Gosh, that’s jarring!!
            Also, I remember Andrew Napier narrating the Lymond books – I still have the box with the x cassettes. He hero, Lymond, is multi-lingual in English, Scottish and French (and a number of other languages), which is a bit much to ask from a narrator. And while AN was great with Scottish, he definitely was no mother tongue in French. Poor guy, poor language…

        3. Much like the “pool shark” comment above… I was trying desperately to figure out when Vince spelled out the pronunciation of ANYthing in my Kindle version of Vermillion, and it took me until Patrick’s comment below to realize the pronunciation was, of course, in the audio book, not the written. I don’t do audio books; listening to someone read out loud has always put me to sleep and probably always will. Glad it got cleared up, though, I was about to have to go re-read them all for the third time, and my line-up of books to read is already lengthy beyond redemption. 😀

          1. Lisa, audiobooks have the same effect on my when I just listen, but they are great when I have to do something no-brainy chore with my hands only. Makes doing those said chores a pleasure.

          2. Exactly the same, Dodo. I find myself finding things to keep doing when I am in the throws of a good audiobook that I don’t want to stop. Putting away laundry or cleaning the bathroom aren’t nearly as arduous. Or when I had a 40 minute commute, one way, twice daily that didn’t require anything more than driving in a nearly straight line.

    4. Anyone whose name is underlined – like mine – has included a link to their website, so if you click on their name you should be able to connect with them via that. (I’ve no idea about searching this site: sorry.)

      1. Neither do it, which is just sad. But I love your garden pics. Argh Gardener, our own Jane B.

    5. I’m with you. I’m usually late to the party. Stupid day job. I’m counting down though. Only 7 more years and I can stay on top of Argh and read all the comments and add to them.

      I never thought I’d be an author, and technically, I was a co-editor. I thank Jenny for posting the book when it was published.

      1. Well, this comment landed in the wrong place. It was meant to be under JeanMarie Ward’s comment.

        To Melissa CP – I encourage you to post photos of your craft projects on Instagram and use the hashtag #WorkingWednesdayPix and #ArghInk

        1. And post links here! I don’t do Instagram. I do not have infinite spare time.

          1. I will admit to avoiding IG like a plague until Argh went on it. Now, I’m on it for usually 30 min/day. I set a limit and it shuts off when I reach it. I can extend it by 1 min, 15 mins, or unlimited. So, I guess I’m saying, good choice.

  14. I read every day but mostly just come out of lurk mode for GBT. Maybe someday I’ll feel I’ve contributed enough to send an email for Argh Author. Or not.

  15. I’ve been a lurker, mostly because my avatar looks disappointed when I comment 😂 and my good friend, social anxiety, also extends to internet interactions. I’ve never been a part of an online community other than the rare Instagram post.

    The last time I posted was forever ago after I quit my super toxic and soul-crushing job. You all very kindly cheered me on, celebrated my escape, and introduced me to Ask a Manager. It’s amazing how deeply you can grieve something that was also Very Bad for you.

    7 months later after lots of therapy (turns out ketamine-assisted therapy was a game changer for my lifetime of deep, dark, “treatment resistant” depression!) lots and lots of art, puppy snuggles, walks around the block, and ice cream sandwiches – I’m emerging.

    And. As I watch you all comment, get to know each other, uplift, and support each other… I’m seeing the joy that an internet community can provide. And I’m seeing a lot of common ground (hi, ADHD fam! hi, crafters! hi, “I love to dabble but not sure if I’m a real artist” friends! hi, tarot card lovers! 👋🏼)

    My next goal is to start reading again to have a good book to recommend. Maybe even a “Happiness is…” contribution? See you there 💛

    1. I think that the problem with Very Bad Things is that they are rarely all bad. There is something good in there to keep you hanging on, which makes it so much harder to walk away. Bad relationships for example. There are usually good things in the past, shared experiences, and we can love someone who treats us badly. It’s hard to truly hate or just be ambivalent to someone. It’s easy to love, pity, like or empathize…

    2. I find that trying to think of something to post on Sundays helps me remember the stuff that is obscured by the much louder frustrations. It really helps me to strt the week on a better note.

      As for posting late, a few people check back more than once to make up for the time differences or because they are hoping for a response to a question they asked. And some of us check our email at 2am. You never know when you’ll find another lurker

      1. And there are Arghers all around the Globe so even if it’s 2am when you check your emails, it might be lunch time where I live or afternoon where our beloved Aussies and Kiwis live and are stuck with their heads in a fascinating book.

  16. It’s so nice to see so many faces pop up out of the lurk! I have been reading Argh posts from years past and sometimes I wonder where people went. My husband has strict instructions to let you all know if something happens to me.

    1. Feh. I’m back from the dentist, which I thought was just going to be a cleaning and getting measured for a partial denture. But the dentist reported that now that she could get a better x-ray because the the adjoining tooth was removed last time, one more tooth should go. So I’m minus one more tooth and back to a week of soft foods. Denture measurement in mid-July now.

  17. My comment under Lupe’s should have gone as an independent comment. Sorry, but I plead my missing tooth. I’m still clenching teeth on a gauze pad to stop the bleeding!

  18. Longtime Leisurely Lurker.
    Longtime, as in, I remember the Yahoo Group days. (Was it Yahoo Groups? It was very cherry long ago. But I have no cherry name. Because, Lurker.)
    Leisurely, as summer is my time to catch up on podcasts and blogs.

    I do enjoy the conversations here, so thank you to the less lurk-inclined.

    Now back to my troll bridge.

  19. ADHD and know I say to much all the time, makes me very conscious about anything written on the internet. I erase more comments then I post. Stir in a little social anxiety and paranoia about the internet…. one of my talents is also folding fitted sheets.

    My talent in the Miss America pageant would have been inserting catheters. I also mow my lawn in intersecting crop circles, (Takes hours). After years of doing it, I realized I had been mowing a labia in the side of my yard. These 2 talents may be related.

    Really not surprised I am not more of a hit at parties.

  20. I’m a lurker. I was active on the Yahoo lists and a little on the other Very Organized group thing we had for a while but I think it was my email that caused the GREAT SNAFU of ARGH a few years ago because my email was putting Jenny into my SPAM folder. That has been looming over me for a bit…

    I’m a teacher more than a writer but because I teach Special Education I have choices. Right now I have the Best. Job. Ever. because I’m “just” a case manager, which means I don’t interact with the kids much (both Yay! & Boo!) I just hold the IEP meetings and get to talk to parents. Oh, and I work from home (100%) so Woohoo! I’m pretty good at it, apparently, because my parents love me. I’ll explain later…

    I’m married to the love of my life for 33+ years now. We have five adult children and three grandbabies that are the reason for my existence. I have one son that is Special Needs that we just moved to a group home and it’s been FANTASTIC! We’re practically empty nesters which is Amazing! We can also travel now, which we do. Mostly to see the grandkids, but I digress.

    I read everything Jenny writes. I think I read Faking It when it came out (2002?) and have Every. Single. Book. (a couple are protected in plastic bags, if that tells you anything).

    I read and comment sometimes because I love the Cherries!

    1. Oh, I remember that Snafu. Don’t worry, haven’t thought about it in years, all is forgiven. Welcome back!

  21. Outed lurker a couple of months ago, because Jenny was buying a freezer (something I know a little about).
    I also can fold fitted sheets and towels that look good in the closet. The trick to folding fitted sheets is tucking all the corners together to make a square.
    Like a few have mentioned I am here because I love Jenny’s stories and I work where many of them happen, it’s fun to go there!

    1. Many years ago, I was watching a cousin fold a fitter sheet. She said that when fitted sheets came out, there were instructions on how to fold them. (Tuck all of the corners together, fold in the sides of the sheets and you’ll have a square or rectangle to fold.)
      Of course, I use the from the drier or clothesline to the bed method.

  22. I try to post on GBT even though that’s a heavy teaching day for me and I usually can’t read it until Friday sometime.
    But lately, I just haven’t been able to do much reading. Partly it’s a reading slump and partly it’s exhaustion from finishing my dissertation and my degree. But I love the community here and I’ve found so many books through everyones’s recommendations. Thank you, Arghers!

    1. I second the congrats! Been there, done that, and I remember all the time and effort involved!

    2. Oh, congratulations! You’ve done something I’ve never managed to do, finish the dissertation.

      1. Yes, but I can’t write witty romance/mysteries! Thank you though. All of you for your kind words. I’ll find my reading groove again and I’m excited about the new books coming from you and Bob.

  23. I’m a 99 percent lurker from South Australia but the reason I jumped on Arghink when I found it was because I love Jenny’s books. I bought every book as they came out and couldn’t wait to bury my nose inside. To live through another funny, warm, entertaining story. To step in the shoes of her feisty protag and go for another wild ride.

    I’m so glad your’e back writing again, Jenny.

  24. Lurking makes me feel mysterious and stealthy. I can wrap myself up in a cloak of enigma while eating cookies and learning about new books to read.

  25. I don’t intend to drop back into lurk so often, but the past six months have been a bit full on and work has used up pretty much all my energy so I haven’t been doing anything creative worth mentioning on WW or reading basically anything that wasn’t golden age mystery or Murderbot for GBT. I still love seeing what you’re all doing and reading. Argh is a great place to lurk.

  26. If I think hard about it, I may have been mostly lurking for … a decade or more? Yikes. I certainly remember the He Said/She Said blog which first brought me here. Was that more than 10 years ago?

    I love the book recommendations, the fun exchanges of info, and trying to make sense of mystifying conversations for which I clearly missed the prologue by not dropping in often enough (tentacle romance, I’m looking at you. It’s like coming to a party sober when everyone has been drinking heavily.)

    Also, occasionally, I sense there are Argh members in my city (Edmonton, AB). If so, please say hello here.

    1. He Wrote/She Wrote was fifteen years ago, Helen. How time flies. Nice to see you out of lurk!

    2. Not living in Edmonton, but certainly rooting for your local hockey team 🙂
      Which might or might not be rootable (I hear you snicker, Lian, all the way from Down Under)…

      1. Thanks for adding to the Oilers’ fan base, dodo. People here are so antsy having to wait all the way till Saturday for the first game.

        1. The hockey bug only got me early last year, but the Oilers were the first team I followed avidly. Fellow countryman there on the roster.

    3. Hi Helen! I’m not in Edmonton but close by, for an Albertan value of close by meaning I’m 2.5 highway hours away. I often wonder when I’m in the city if there’s another Argh person close by and neither of us know it.

      1. Ha! I’ve lived here for several decades and still chuckle at the “not far away” view of Albertans. In Ontario (Toronto, to be precise) everyone thinks of a two- or three-hour trip to the cottage as “way up north.”

        Let me know if you’re ever in Edmonton and want to meet up for coffee. I’d love to.

  27. I’m a lurker. There are so many times I want to respond to a comment here, but I just can’t. The thought of maybe posting this is making me nervous. Please keep me anyway! I love all the wonderfully creative people in here and enjoy seeing what you’re doing and reading. Thanks, by the way, for introducing me to Murderbot! I’m a big Jenny fan and I’m not sure how y’all can choose a favorite of her books. When life gets hard I pick a random one up and let it comfort me. Three more weeks until I get to read RS!

    1. Well, obviously you have nothing to worry about; I enjoyed that comment immensely. You should at least post on Good Book Thursday. If you loved Murderbot you’re obviously our kind of people.

    2. It helped me greatly to pick a new name for posting here. That way, if I really embarrass myself I can just type in a new name and add an avatar and poof! Back to page one. In fact, I am actually several people on Argh. We all fight with each other on book recommendations. (JK)

      1. Wait, we have a many-faces-of-Eve on here?
        Now everybody will be trying to figure out the other Lupes.

        1. I’m not saying that I back up all my recommendations for tentacle books, but I’m also not saying that I don’t…

  28. Sorry, I’m a lurker. I love your posts and a lot of the comments I read too. I’m not much of a commenter, which is weird because in real life I’m quite chatty😊

    1. Do not apologize for being a lurker! Lurkers are an important part of structure.
      Having said that, welcome out of lurk!

  29. Long-time lurker, some-time poster here, since I generally don’t see new posts until they are a few days old. This blog was a real lifeline for me when I was dealing with my mom and her journey through Alzheimer’s years ago and now that I work 100% from home it’s my confirmation that there are real live people out there somewhere.

    I had high hopes of an Argh Author post after the McDaniel writing program, but then menopause melted my brain.

    Unlike Elinor, I am only a so-so fitted sheet folder, but I’m an excellent organizer and maker-of-things-out-of-leftover-wood. I’m still basking in the glow of the garden shed I made out of leftover decking pieces.

  30. It’s in my username! I do read most posts but rarely feel I have anything to contribute – the odd book recommendation. Some of you have obvs known each other for years, so I feel a bit diffident participating.

      1. Agreed. It took me a while to find my voice online. I felt like my comments came out too harsh sounding, or too contrived. It helped once I started to make friends here and now it feels more like a family group text.

    1. We’re very friendly. We’ll talk to anybody (g). I really think you have to stay out now just for the meta of your username.

  31. I’m so pleased to meet all these lurkers peeping out of the shadows! I lurked for a long time too, for many of the same reasons — posters seemed to know one another, maybe they know Jenny, they are probably all well-known authors, etc. etc. etc.

    It helped me to post under a screen name. Mine was the name of an independent sort of cat in the favorite series of my childhood — the “Freddy the Pig” series by Walter R. Brooks, of which there were many in my elementary school bookmobile. When questioned about something by one of the other animals, Jinx the cat would go all aloof on them, sauntering off to go hunting or napping or maybe he was sulking — I don’t know but I liked cats and liked the character. So as Jinx, I’m anonymous, although I tend to post things that can get a trifle wordy.

    But I’m really pleased to see other lurkers here, so, Yay You Guys!! Welcome from an aloof, formerly serious lurker cat!

    1. Chances are good that anybody I know here, I met on the blog. Some of us have been talking since 2006. But as you’ve found out, we’ll talk to anybody. You’ve been out of lurk for ages, Jinx, or at least it seems like it.
      But again, lurk is fine. I lurk a lot. Not here, of course.

    2. I had forgotten Jinx the cat! (It may be sixty years since I last read any Freddy the Pig, but I loved them.) Thank you.

  32. And this is why many of us are on argh. 105 positive and welcoming comments in response to an administrative notice.

    1. There was a time on He Wrote/She Wrote that Bob accidentally put up a blank post. I think the comments reached 300.

      1. 300 comments on a blank post; this is really the best group. I joined after He Wrote/She Wrote but have gone back and read a lot of those posts when I need a happy boost.

    1. Oh, come on, Chelle. You’ve been here forever. (Okay not forever, you’re still an infant, but a long time.)

  33. Who knew there were so many people who could actually fold fitted sheets? Eleanor, you’ve opened my eyes now. I can’t remember all of the new names except Lisa. But it’s delightful to see all of them. Lurking is a good thing. Think of it is a form of birdwatching.
    Imagine Making your own deck out of found pieces of wood. I’m in awe. There are so many people here with different talents not just writing but quilt, making an art of all kinds and cooking and just being funny and living through craziness in an upbeat manner. this is the only group I belong to. And I’m so glad to be here And Jennie if I ever do Macbeth again, I will ask for mention ❤️

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