Admin Note: About Argh Author

I just realized that it’s been awhile (years?) since I explained what the Argh Author posts are about.

They’re about about this community. They’re about the people who post in here on Working Wednesday and Good Book Thursday, who engage in conversations, who are a visible and active part of the community. Those people. And the Argh Author goes up whenever one of Those People has finished something that’s ready for the rest of the community to look at and read. Which means that I don’t care if it’s traditionally published or self-published or fan fiction or a deck of tarot cards, I care that it’s something the community is interested in because they know the author.

You may have noticed from my books–those of you who read my books, that’s not a requirement to hang out here–that I’m a bug about community. So I am not interested in letting authors who are not part of here just drop in to push a book. But if you’re active here and you’ve got something to share, don’t hesitate to e-mail me and say, “I just finished this and here’s where the Argh people can find it.” You don’t have to apologize for asking, and you don’t need to qualify it by saying, “It’s not a book, it’s a tarot deck” or “It’s not a whole novel, it’s just a short story,” or even “It’s my master’s thesis and I’m damn proud of it.” As you should be. I look at it as the same as sharing pet pictures. It’s something we want to see. We may not read it or even buy it, but we want to know what you’re doing. Because it’s us. And you’re part of us.

So here’s what I need in an e-mail if you want an Argh Author post:
Your user name here on Argh.
The name on your book or whatever if it’s different from your username.
The blurb from your book, which I may cut if it’s longer than the book itself.
The website (probably yours) that has the book info on it.
Buy links, or the links where the thing you’re sharing can be found.
Anything else you want included.
Sent to (Please do not write that on any bathroom walls.)

And then I just cut and paste right from the doc you send me into the blog.

And now that we’re talking about this, I’ve been thinking we should consider doing a variation on this called Argh Artist. We have at least one master quilter on here, and at least one really good painter, and I’m not sure how many other artists are on here because we’ve never shared that. So maybe we should do the same thing for visual art. It’ll be like Argh Author, not a weekly thing, just whenever somebody has something they want to share with the community.

I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve been dealing with PR now that we’re self-publishing (although from what I hear even trad published writers are having to do that) which has made me think what this blog is about. My nod to that is Facebook, and I should probably be doing more than that, but not in here. Although I do mention my books here when they come out, since I previously did one a year and then nothing for ten years, it’s obvious that PR is not what this blog is for. For whatever reason we started it back 2006, it’s a community now and it’s going to stay a community where we talk about what we’re reading and what we’re writing and what else we’re working on and our animals and our good times and bad. And I kind of what to do Argh Animal posts because I like animals and I love seeing the pictures, but I don’t want to overload this place.

The big thing for me is that since I just cut and paste, these community posts aren’t a lot of work–you do the work and send it to me–and I think they might be good. But if you’re already getting too many Argh posts in your mailbox, and you want to keep the focus on reading and writing, then new Artist and Animal posts would be too much. Don’t mess with a good thing, Jenny.

This is your space. I just hang out here to see what you all are doing. So tell me what you want in the comments, please. And while you’re at it, let me know any other way things could be improved here.

And I thank you for your support.

52 thoughts on “Admin Note: About Argh Author

  1. You’re wonderful and whatever you want to do here is great. It’s just nice to be part of your community. (I’m not a writer. However, I am a creator & lose myself in glass fusion that I share and occasionally sell.)

  2. These all sound like great ideas! I’m neither an author nor artist, but I would love to see other artists’ works – even just in progress. I am in awe of the quilts I have seen so far and would like the various artists to let us know if these pieces are available for purchase.

    1. I don’t usually sell my quilts or take commissions, but I’ll have some small, affordable ones (about 20″ square) and probably a couple lap quilts (although they tend to get pricey because it’s for a good cause) in an auction to support voting rights next month (first week of July). I’ll mention it again when it goes live or is about to (probably on happiness Sunday, because this auction makes me happy). Sneak peek of the little ones here:

      1. Beautiful work, I love quilt art. My favorite part of any county fair is the quilt show

    2. I’m one of the quilters. I quilt other people’s quilt tops, batting, and backing as a side gig. I tend to give quilts away more than sell, but I’m open to being commissioned to do one or potentially sell one that’s done. But like Gin said, they get a bit pricey if you factor in the material and time.

  3. I love the idea of Argh Artist. Whenever anyone posts about quilting or painting or whatever, I always go to their Instagram link to take a look (assuming I’m not already following them, and have therefore seen it). I like that we celebrate the accomplishments of this community, and I appreciate everything you do.

    Also, you can’t go wrong with pet pictures. Just sayin’.

    1. I agree completely. Plus, not being artistically skilled myself, I like to admire what other people are doing. (I’m still “working on” those crocheted pillow covers I mentioned a long while back.)

  4. I think it’s a great idea. I’m always interested in hearing or seeing what the people in this community have created. And I am concerned that you have opened the door to my sending you weekly requests for posts of pics of my dogs… will try to contain myself.

  5. I come here every day but don’t post often. I love all these ideas. Looking at great visual art or someone’s sweet pets is a great way to start the day.

    1. Same for me. Although I joined relatively recently, and post infrequently, I have been hovering in the background, ever since ‘Maybe This Time’, waiting, and hoping, that Jenny would begin writing again. I joined to add my support as soon as I realised that the lavender series was about to become a reality. And soon there will be Rocky Start. I can’t wait. I may not comment often, but I love reading the blog posts.

  6. I want to thank Jenny from the bottom of my heart for the Argh Author posts. Having the work I’ve done acknowledged by this community was incredibly uplifting and inspiring. Some of you even bought one or two books!

    I may not engage every week, but I read every post. And I can honestly say this is the only blog I read that consistently.

    Thanks for making it such a great space, Jenny!

  7. I would love to see people’s arts, crafts, and pets! And it’s really lovely of you to share when community members have books and other things come out.

  8. Thanks, Jenny. I always enjoy the author posts–and have found a lot of good books that way, as from Good Book Thursday. I hope have one of my own soon. In the meantime, though, I’d love to see the community’s various arts. I’ve been clicking on the Cherries’ Instagram links when I run across them. This would make them easier to find. And pets. We’re all here for the pets. And for the words. Looking forward to ROCKY START. Only three weeks to go now. 😀

    1. OMG! It’s June, and Rocky start is coming out, soon! Time somehow passed. Yay!

  9. ooo! I’d love to see art stuff. I’ve been romanticizing about being a quilter (and secretly wishing I found a rom-com where the protagonist is a sewist, a quilter, or someone that uses textiles in their art. I’m sure there is something out there, I just haven’t found it. I’ve tried some basic quilting and I’ve unfortunately gotten the addiction of buying quilt patterns, quilt rulers, quilt magazines, and so so much beautiful fabric. I don’t need inspiration. I need someone to do my taxes, and vacuum, yard work, and remind me to eat. I also need to retire. I think if you label the posts clearly to let anyone know if they are of writing, art, pets, etc then anyone can just skip the ones they aren’t interested in, so no worry about overloading on posts. Also, I was just so tickled with myself when I finished a quilt that I really forced all my family friends to look at pics of it. I wasn’t confident enough to post on an online quilting site.

    1. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This heart of mine. One of the older characters is a quilt artist. I’ve read it several times.
      I’m pretty sure Nora Roberts has got one too

    2. Janet – you really need to share pictures of your quilt with us! I’m sure it is gorgeous! I also feel the same way as far as needing to retire. I have too many books to read and quilts to sew.

    3. It’s not a rom com but a romantic suspense – Barbara Michaels’ Shattered Silk.

  10. I try to read your posts, but life gets in the way. Just like I dream of being a writer and an artist. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you. The community that you have created is so amazing and inspiring. And i love to be in the background and read about everyone’s accomplishments.

  11. I’m so inspired by the Argh community! I love seeing all the books, tarot cards, etc. posted.

    I’d love to see art and creative endeavors as well. I know I would be excited to share my art with this supportive community!

  12. I think this is a fabulous idea. After all, we listen to the writer/artist/crafter’s travails along the way in Working Wednesday and this allows us to celebrate the fact that the project made it out on the other side. It also gives us another way to see who the maker is, which only makes this community stronger.

    When I first started hanging out here, I did feel inferior because I am not particularly creative these days and am not a visual thinker any day. But over time I came to see that nobody here judges me for being different in that way, which allowed me to let myself just revel in the fact that people I like are accomplishing things and reaching their goals. And just because I can’t paint (or quilt, etc.) doesn’t mean that seeing your work doesn’t brighten my life.
    And Gin, any excuse see pictures of your cats is a good one in my book!

    1. Thanks! I’ll try to combine both cats and quilts if I do an Argh Artist!

      Also, I once thought I wasn’t a creative person despite knitting/quilting/etc, until a friend thwapped me upside the head and told me to cut it out. She was right, and I’ve come to realize we’re ALL creative, just in different ways. May not be either visual or verbal, put we all have creativity. Even lawyers (insert lawyer joke here, which I’m allowed to do, as a lawyer myself), and mathematicians and scientists (who are viewed as purely logical) and strawberry pickers and ditch diggers and everyone else who cares about what they do. It takes a lot of creativity to craft a good legal argument or view a math/science issue in a new way, and so on. It’s just not what we think of when we hear the word “creativity.”

      So, thwap. I bet you are creative, just not in an obvious way.

      1. I used to be good at putting menus together and finding funny things to share, but I let myself get out of practice. My friend Harriet has been nagging me to have a dinner party, but ever since she and her husband moved farther out in the suburbs, they don’t drive this far. I only see them at my sister’s house which is in an inner suburb.

        1. There really is an art to creating a great dinner party menu and decor. I’d be up for posts of gorgeous charcuterie boards and folded floral napkins and colorful glassware. Etc.

          1. I don’t do any of the decor. Since I moved into a smaller apartment, my kitchen rack is in what passes for my dining room and I’ve been too embarrassed to have any but my oldest friends over. I may be at retirement age, but I still live a lot like a student.

    1. I believe with any flower that looks that outrageous I would prefer horticultural nomenclature and knowledge of where in the world’s zones it grows. Also, the name of the hybridizer.

  13. I love everything Argh, and would love Argh Art, and pets. I also have two cats that have not appeared here. 😝

    I am so very grateful for you, Jenny, and for all the Arghers who post and lurk here. It’s a wonderful, affirming community, and I credit you, Jenny for that. These posts are the highlights of my retired days. The humor, caring, creativity of all kinds, and sharing of knowledge and insights are inspiring. Go, Us!!

  14. I really appreciate the Argh Author posts, Jenny, and would love to see some Argh Artist ones. I nearly always go and look at the quilting links that people post, and the photos, and it’s a delightful extension of the community.

  15. I vote yes on the Argh Artists! A) Because I selfishly like seeing cool stuff and B) Because it meant a lot to me to get to share The Last Big Fake on here a few years ago. Why limit that experience to just the writers?

  16. I started reading your blog due to your books, but it has become so much more, while my friends are readers, we don’t really talk about books, tv, crafts, so I come to this blog to chill out, check out book recommendations and crafts and whatever fun you have cooked up. So whether it’s a blog post about you and Bob, a new draft or a break down of a cool tv series (loved your take on Lucifer) or fun things sold on the internet, I am there for it. Also I totally understand about the books. It is one thing to have a friend tell you excitedly about a book, either one they wrote or recommend. It is another to have a stranger turn up and try to sell a book to you under (sort of) false pretenses, you don’t know them, why should you put them in your blog

  17. I’d LOVE to see Argh Art! Quilting, pottery, jewelry, painting, glasss, metalwork, art journals. All things fiber arts. Everything. We are here because we love your books and your point of view. It’s fun to share!

  18. all or any, I visit most days and would gladly look at any art or animal anyone here wants to show. Or other creations, all sorts
    The titles make it easy to skip for anyone that want to opt out of something. I skip Thursdays, mostly. I have too many want to read books always. Everytime I glance through I find far more than a weeks worth of reading that look interesting.

    I remember having the ambition to read all the books! My local library was small. 🙂 These days my ambition is closer to only read books I will love or learn from. Turns out there isn’t enough time to read ALL the books, not even all the good ones.
    Occasionally I meet a writer out in the world, I often suggest they visit here. Last time was in a bluebell wood. She been taking photos of her just published book, with a dog as protagonist. I thought she’d be a particularly good fit around here.

  19. I like reading about people and what they think and do and…yeah…feel. Argh is always interesting and will continue to be no matter what you add.

  20. Being currently petless, I’m in for Argh Animals, and maybe we could have a special memorial post for all of us to share our beloved babies who have passed.

    Thanks to Working Wednesday initiating the Instagram posting so we could share photos of our creative works in progress, I ended up spending too much time on IG and lost track of Argh blog posts. Thankfully, I’ve made it back here but I still spend a LOT of time (I try to limit it to 30 min/day) on IG mostly watching cat videos, checking out Arghers posts, Gen X videos and Menopause posts have also made it into my feed with regularity. It’s been delightful to see everyone’s work, pets and vacations! I now want to be a #Portugeezer thanks to an Argher.

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