We’re Romancing the Vote, 2024

The Romancing the Vote folks are putting up their 2024 auction July 1-5 (that seems right, they’re working to guarantee voting rights for all), and they asked if I’d critique again. The person I critiqued for last year did not like the feedback I gave her–I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but sometimes I lack tact–so I figured a new approach might be in order.

Yes, Argh, I’m making Bob Mayer collaborate with me on the critique this year. Here’s what we’re doing:

“NYT Bestselling authors Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer have written six novels together (and many more apart) so by now they know how to analyze a work of fiction and discuss it in detail. That’s what they’re offering here. Each author will read the manuscript and do a short written critique outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the work. Then they’ll go into a chat room and talk about the book in depth, analyzing it and possibly changing each other’s minds about their critiques. (It happens.) The writer will get two short critiques and the exported discussion of the book which will probably be lengthy. Please be warned: Bob is a fiend about plot and Jenny lives or dies on character, so the critiques will be vigorous and soul-destroyingly honest (they suggest drinking before reading) and their conversation about your book will be equally frank and tactless. If you are a sensitive plant, this probably is not for you.”

Starting bid is $100 because we’re arrogant enough to think we’re worth it.

So . . . this should be interesting.

Oh, and there are a TON of other great things up for auction, book baskets and crafts and yes, critiques by other writers. That’s July 1. Go and bid on something for democracy, it needs all the help it can get in this election. Thank you very much.