Working Wednesday, June 5, 2024

So here’s the thing about work: half the battle is figuring out HOW to do something. For us, it’s this new collaboration.

We already knew that Bob is a linear writer and I write in patterns. That is, he starts at the beginning and goes on to the end, with much revision, and I skip around the story, writing the scenes as the appear to me. On one book, that’s not too bad, Bob keeps going in a straight line and I fit my stuff in where it logically appears in his story line and then we rewrite a thousand times and we have a book.

But now we’re writing trilogies, and I have just realized that Bob is starting at the beginning of one book and getting to the end and assuming (after much rewriting) that we’re done, and I’m looking at the series as a whole, leaping back forth among the books, and I won’t be done with Rocky Start until we’re well underway on The Honey Pot Plot. And I had a meltdown that Rocky Start was coming out in three weeks and I wasn’t finished rewriting it yet. Bob, who really does have the patience of a saint, put it back for me even though he was sure we were finished. So let’s have a round of applause for a good work partner who sighs a lot but always come through.

How did your work week go?