Admin: Quick Reminder on Argh Author, Etc.

Three things:

1. While we value lurkers, if you’re not part of the conversation, nobody knows you. That’s fine, but it means nobody will recognize you which means you’re not part of what makes the community. Become part of the community for a couple of months and ask again. Or don’t–it’s a time sink, I understand, nothing wrong with lurk, I do it myself other places–but then understand that I can’t give you a post to serve a community that’s never met you. Which means if Susan does Macbeth again, we want to know, but if Brad Pitt asks for an Argh Actor post, he’s not gonna get one, no matter how much he begs.

2. If you do post here–YAY!–please don’t send me the title of your book or art or anything else without that accompanying information I asked for (see below). The idea is that you tell me exactly what you want the post to say and I cut and paste it, not that we go back and forth while I try to pull information from you. I don’t have the time for that and neither do you.

3. Please make sure this is your work. Don’t send me things that somebody else has done or information about a shop you run that sells work by other people, no matter how lovely it is. If you have an Etsy shop where you sell things that you make, have at it with a picture of one thing that you have made and a link, but this is not an advertising opportunity or primarily a way to sell to this community (although if people volunteer to buy, have at it), it’s an opportunity to share your work with a community that wants to know what you’re doing because you’re a part of it.

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