Happiness is Being Close to the Finish Line

I’ve spent the weekend working on the truck draft of Very Nice Funerals. Bob had written as far as he could and I needed to do my stuff, but I couldn’t get a grip on the book. It had all this good stuff in it, but it wasn’t making sense to me, so I spent weeks doing diagrams and tables and writing scenes as they came to mind, not knowing if they’d even fit. And then this week, I got it. I knew what I needed to write and what I needed to rewrite, I knew where everything went and all I had to do was do it. So I’m doing it. We’ll have this done pretty soon. That makes me SO happy, not just because it’ll be done but because I know what the book is about now.

Happiness is getting close to the end of something you’re doing that you love.

What made you happy this week?

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