Working Wednesday, May 8, 2024

I had an epiphany last night. I was rereading a hockey romance because that always relaxes me–I know what’s going to happen so I can leave the book at any time, and it’s a hockey romance so I know it’ll end okay–and I started to think about the list of things I had to do. The epiphany? I wanted to do all of them. They were all things that were going to make me happy: cooking for the freezer (vegetable soup and stir fry so I can get fast healthy meals), getting the Damned Boys’ stories started now that Rocky Start is off my plate, doing the self-portrait steps that Rose does in RS to see if those will work for the day break pages, going back to VNF tomorrow when Bob sends it back, painting half of the back of my folding white board gold so I can collage with a print of St. Lucy, painting one of stained footstools blue (I think I’ll do that outside, it’s so beautiful here), rearranging the last of living room furniture so I can put up a progress photo, sorting and counting my yarn, getting the guest room rearranged into a more usable craft room . . . I could go on, there’s more, but it’s all stuff I want to do. Okay, I also have to do my taxed, but it’ll be a thrill when they’re done, and I have to take out the trash, but I love going outside here at night because it’s so safe and quiet (no bears) so I can take the trash out at 3AM and it’s not a problem. Most of it is out there, but there’ll be at least another bad that I can just toddle out there in the still of the night and I do love that.

Key takeaway: Work at what you love. Yes, I know, easy to say, hard to accomplish, but when you’ve got it, it’s not work at all anymore. Like going to the grocery with a good pal, it’s more play than work even while you’re searching for snow peas and annoyed because there’s no baby bok chop AGAIN. (Thanks for going shopping with me yesterday, Pat. You’re the best.)

What work did you do this week?

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  1. Whoa, I am tired reading your list!
    I am rereading Agnes and the hitman, I love defense via cookware.
    Can’t wait to see your living/office picture.
    I have been looking forward to it.

  2. I submitted my last company’s Year End to the accountants yesterday.
    Now I just have to catch up in the day-to-day that I’ve ignored, but after this week I can relax a bit.

    At work.

    My BIL just asked me to do 3 years of back taxes.

    And my at-home to-do list is as big as Jenny’s.
    I’m going to start with the items I love.

  3. The only thing on my plate today apart from a few little pesky bits of admin was a French oral for a student who had deferred. He is a nice boy though so we had a 10 minutes slightly halting conversation in baby French and then a nice little chat. Then I walked back home in the sunshine. That certainly helped my mood too.

  4. There are days when the list of things I want to do is so long that I feel overwhelmed. I go with the ‘every0ther’ system. I do something house related and then I take a break and do something fun and/or restful. Otherwise the ‘adult’ work would eat up all the play time. At least I have audiobooks so I can multitask a bit and do two things I want at once.

    I finally made a start on my garden. It has been raining every weekend here, so I am behind. But I got off from the day job at 4 on Monday and weeded the two raised beds and got the peas, bok choy, potatoes, carrots and radishes in. More to come, but I feel better.

    I am taking a break from painting after last month’s concentrated push, but I am thinking about signing up for a one day outdoor show in a local park in June. I probably have enough work, but the little voice in the back of my head says “no”… I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort or not. On the plus side, it’s usually well attended for such a small show and I wouldn’t need to travel for it. And it’s relatively cheap to participate. Downside, I know a lot of people in this town and I would probably have to TALK to them. Ugh. I need to hire a body double. And it’s a lot of work to set up for a show even without travelling and I don’t know if I really want to do that on a precious weekend day… I am still waffling. I have until Friday to get the application in.

    1. Talk to people? Argh. I have been to very few outdoor art shows (crowds, ugh) but at the ones I’ve been to I never noticed people talking to the artists unless they wanted to buy something. But of course I was paying attention to the art and not the people.

      1. Unfortunately, all sorts of people usually want to talk. Most of the time it is to tell you that your prices are too low, or too high, or your work would sell better or be better if… Or they want to tell you what a good artist they or their daughter/grandchild/dog is. Sometimes they want you to donate free work for ‘exposure’. Once I got into an argument with a woman about how my talent was a God-given blessing and not the result of years of work. No. Just no. I find it a belittling attitude. Grrr.

        But sometimes something really nice happens and you connect with likeminded people. Other artists share about good shows or venues, etc. Or you connect with a viewer and even if you don’t sell anything, it’s a boost. When I was doing the show thing regularly I had a couple of people who would look for me and usually buy something. That is always good for the ego.

        I stopped all shows with covid, of course and haven’t really been looking to pick them back up. It’s a lot of time and energy and not usually financially worth it. More of a break even situation. But I feel the need to push and grow and this is the only way I know how.

    2. I think I may need to adopt your everyOther system. I tend to do everything I should and then I do run out of time for fun stuff.

      How is the other show going? I totally get not wanting to talk to people, but you might be able to hide behind the display and read a book/look at a device so that people are less inclined to speak with you.

      1. Thanks! I am bad at prioritizing fun.

        I haven’t sold anything yet at my little show, but that is ok. It’s not about the money, it’s about continuing to make work. And I had a nice conversation with an art professor from some distance away and his artist wife.

        1. Oh, and my wardrobe malfunction trying to find something to wear for the event has left me with the burning need to organize and purge my closet, but making that many decisions in a row is hard.

          1. Could you ask a friend to help you? Going through your own closet is hard. I find it easier to hear another person say “yes, keep it” or “no, it’s dated/unflattering, etc.”

      1. I’m usually pretty good at it by now, with all the public service I do, but when you throw my art into the mix I regress right back to an awkward teenager. Also, I am an introvert my nature. Talking is exhausting.

        1. I would love the blue one with the moon please if it is not a pain for you to ship to Australia. Happy to meet all costs of course.

          1. Marianne,

            Do you use social media at all? I will post a link here on my lunch break. Instagram is the only way I have found to share images here.

  5. This week I made steady progress on my manuscript. I’m feeling really good the scenes I’ve finished and the decisions I’ve made to solve problems I’ve discovered in the manuscript.

    My weeks are filled with online write-ins. I love my writer friends, I just wish my task list didn’t include so much housework.

  6. And I thought I was being unusually busy this week. We have multiple doctor’s appointments and just yesterday the roofers started practically at the butt-crack of dawn to put the new roof on in eleven hours. I really didn’t think they would come that early so, at 7 A.M. I was running around taking down the pictures and anything I thought would suffer from falling from a wall or shelf. In my PJs. The granddog let us know how she felt about that as she was stressed and at one point followed me into the bathroom. This morning, I watched her when she was outside and noticed her staring at the house and I went outside to investigate, she was focused on a young turkey that was perched on the roof. Hackles were raised, the stare down continued until she went back inside. Me, I’m grateful it wasn’t a seagull splatting on our brand-new roof. Today I’m going to check for roofing nails in the driveway before I move the car back.

    In good news I received an e-mail from the library that I have three books to pick up. Yay! The drought is over.

  7. I’m finally emptying out my (small) storage unit. Things I had to keep, apparently.
    I’ve taken several bags of books to donate, although I admit to pulling one out just as I handed them over. And kitchen things, why do I need two colanders? It makes me tired to look at it.
    Sat out for tea and the fresh morning, which was smart because now the wind’s up and it’s grey and about to rain.

    1. I have two colanders. I prefer my mother’s aluminum one with little feet to raise it while it drains, but I hardly ever use it because it is hard to store. I use the plastic one I bought years ago because it can hang on a hook over the sink and drip into it, and since I use it at least once a day and often more, that’s essential. If I waited for my mother’s to dry so I could put it away it would take up permanent space on the counter. But I can’t stand the thought of giving it away, because I like it so much better.

      1. Could you use your mother’s colander in a decorative way? Filled with fruit or worked into a light shade?

        1. Oh, no, I want to use it as a colander! (My attachment to it is practical, not sentimental.) But it’s impossible to get it to hang by the sink and I can’t put it in a cabinet while it’s still wet.

      2. I also have two colanders. I used to have three, but the plastic one I bought in the 70s in the USSR (with a molded-in Russian warning to use it only with cold water) died of old age. My mesh one hooks conveniently over a dishpan to drain water from cooking. My mother’s freestanding one is handy especially for letting vegetables drain after being washed.

        1. I have two spaghetti monster colanders that I adore, and an old blue metal one that Krissie gave me. Somewhere (I hope it’s just packed somewhere and not lost) I have a great white plastic one, too. Colanders are so excellent for so many things, you really can’t have enough.

      3. Okay, I guess I actually had four, but having given away two, I’m back to the classic metal with legs, and a light plastic Japanese one.

  8. My list is smaller, but just as much fun (I think). I did cooking for leftovers. I made a pot of chili using all my ripe poblano and jalapeño peppers and tomatoes – the green tomatoes finally turned golden. Earlier I made a stew with NY Strip Steak and lots of beef stock and rehydrated veggies.

    I have a couple of 24×36 white boards to hang near the plants to track plant growth and water usage.

    I have books to read and reread.

    I managed to get my trash out before trash day. Sadly, it included most of a loaf of bread that was busy creating penicillin. It’s okay, I bought two loaves and froze one, so I’m just toasting slices as I need them, now.

    Happy Wednesday, all!

  9. This week was a big one for me. I submitted my first book to the publisher, complete and on-time. It won’t be published until next February, but except for reading page proofs later this year and doing some publicity, it’s done and dusted! (It’s non-fiction, co-written with an amazing colleague, and is about how to make smart personal leadership decisions and navigate midlife career transitions, as we live longer and healthier lives.)

    1. Congratulations! Great topic – I would have really appreciated a book like this when I was mid-career.

    2. Congratulations! That’s such an amazing feeling; I envy you!
      Let us know when it comes out and we’ll Argh Author you. No, we don’t care that it’s non-fiction, we care that you wrote it.

      1. Thank you, Jenny! It is an amazing feeling to have finished. Since submitting yesterday, I have been alternating between elation and exhaustion. I plan to celebrate on the weekend once I’ve recovered from compiling the index. (Now I understand why the indexing was written into the contract.)

  10. I’m working on making a decision and am hoping folks here might have some experience to weigh in on it. I have some torn muscles around my right hip/butt. There are 2 choices to try to heal them – platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or Tenex.

    PRP takes your blood, spins it down until they have platelet-rich plasma and then they inject it into the area where the muscles are torn. They can’t use lidocaine to numb it because that will kill the platelets. I’ve been told it will HURT.

    From WebMD: “The Tenex procedure starts with the radiologist using real-time ultrasound to locate the scar tissue. After applying numbing medication on the area or areas, the radiologist will use the ultrasonic needle to target, break up and remove the scar tissue. The healthy tissue is unharmed. You’ll need a bandage and you can go home.” Also supposed to HURT.

    I have a torn gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, labrum, and it’s fraying by the hamstring, plus bursitis. A literal pain in the backside.

    Tenex is covered by insurance. PRP would cost me $650 as it is not covered. Both would take up to 12 weeks to heal with the first 2-4 weeks having very limited walking & lifting.

    Has anyone had either done? If so, did it work?

    Other than medical stuff, I planted sweet peas, weeded part of the garden, sewed eyeglass cases and started on some string blocks, began longarm quilting a customer’s quilt, annoyingly started book 3 in a series thinking it was book 1, did the day job, and have enjoyed the sunshine.

      1. possibly, but I fear it’s more likely that they will tear completely through.

    1. Ouch! Never done either of them, and they sound difficult to choose between. Sending strength and decision-vibes!

    2. Success rates? Haven’t had either but it may come down to whether you can tolerate pain during the procedure.

      1. The medical professionals have told me they have similar success rates.

        Also, thank you everyone! I was hoping someone would have experience with either/both, but I may be the first one in this community.

    3. I have done 3 PRP treatments to my knee. The first one was somewhat of a bee sting. I dont recall the second. The third also stung but not for long. I did have to lay off the ibuprofen for a couple of weeks afterwards, which was hard. Now, 6 weeks later, i think things have improved with that knee.

      Bottom line, its a manageable pain, not overwhelming, and if you give it time, it works.

      1. Ps, PRP wasnt covered by my insurance, so i had to think long and hard about it. But it was definitely better than knee replacement!

        1. no experience to offer but one question I’d ask: if the first one I try doesn’t work for me will I be able to try the other?
          as in, if a chiropractor might help a spinal problem, much better to try that before surgery cause after might not be possible.

          another would be what are the side effects, even the rare ones?
          I’ve been prescribed a painkiller with a very rare side effect of death. That much pain I am not in.

          1. Thanks for the ideas! I can do one if the other doesn’t work. I was told that the athletes would do the Tenex procedure one day and the PRP the next, but they’re not paying for it. Also, as Nancy mentioned, you can have multiple sessions of PRP, but the pamphlet I read suggested waiting 4-6 weeks in between.

            Nerve damage was listed as a rare occurrence. Also, I’ve been reading about PRP that if they don’t take enough blood to start (should be at least 60 cc) and depending on the centrifuge, it may not be effective. Some centrifuges eliminate white blood cells and some don’t. Some don’t concentrate the serum enough.

      2. Thank you!!!! I can not tell you how scared I am of doing this! Your comments have helped!

  11. The other good thing is that almost everything you buy is tax deductible. White boards, gold paint, furniture for your workplace. Not baby bok choy, though.

    1. Very true. I’ll save the receipts for you (g). And Giant did not have baby bok chow. I was bummed and picked up the regular which looks HUGE in comparison.

  12. Doing housework this morning in preparation for our trip this afternoon. Our neighbor is coming by each day to check on the cats hence the housekeeping. LOL! Looking forward to our trip despite being in the middle of one manuscript and taking a class to plot another story in the contract. Have laptop, will travel. Our older son & wife live in Chicago and our younger son & his wife are flying there from Hawaii so we can all be together. That doesn’t happen often enough and I have a suitcase half-full of baby clothes for the granddaughter due this fall.

    My only regret is I’m going to miss my online writing group’s first Free Write Friday. We decided we’d dedicate our Friday write-ins to writing something fun or from the heart. We can write anything as long as it’s not under contract. Hoping to rediscover the joy of simply writing.

  13. I’m struggling to balance work and play – the latter’s not getting much of a look in. Hoping upcoming holidays will help. I’ve got my allotment planted, sown & mulched, and am going down regularly to open and close the greenhouse, to keep the baby tomatoes happy. Added an extra layer of cat defences to the garden – so far, so good. And managed to give away 100 Victorian bricks, plus broken concrete slabs and brick bits, in three lots. I was really thankful to have the last of them picked up today: my back’s grumbling from all the heavy lifting and digging, so it’s good to avoid another trip to the tip.

    Still need to weed & plant the garden & pots, but my back’s insisting on a couple of days off. I meant to do some extra research on Irish ferries & accommodation, but can’t resist going to sit in the garden in the sun instead. Guess I can still read the Rough Guide on my Kindle. I was feeling too tired to contemplate a trip to Snowdonia to shop for a new waterproof jacket, but have just discovered a stockist in Llangollen, only 10 miles away, so will try there. Jackets are so expensive: it makes shopping for one extra stressful. But it won’t kill me to get damp, so I daresay I can manage with my old one if need be.

    1. For me outdoor & travelling jackets are high on the functional clothing hierarchy & often require a lot of investment of time to find the ‘right’ one. I have purchased & given away many over the years. I also have a short trench style leather coat I bought in a market stall when backpacking in Italy in my 20’s & a tweed English riding jacket (& can tolerate quite a bit of drizzly rain) that I was given when I was nannying in London when I was 18 & I wear them both 40 + years later.

  14. That’s really great, Jenny! My to do list is not fun, but has to be done. Mowing, once the grass dries out from a freak hail storm, dental work from a broken filling, and so on. I already spent one morning pulling out oxalis from the yard. It was taking over.

    On the fun side, I ordered a book on prayer beads, and will make my own personalized string when it comes. I also ordered Deborah’s Oracle deck and accompanying book for some fun.

  15. I finished the skirt for my Halloween costume this week, yay, and another panel of the dress I’m working on, and started another skirt to work on during the show (I’m allowed to crochet during it).

    I’m sitting in limbo this week waiting for fingerprints to come in on the preferred job, wondering if I’m going to be quitting my job by the end of this week or not, afraid to leave the house in case the call comes through. I’ve been up since 4 a.m. worrying, whee.

    I also can’t figure out the insurance conundrum with working for the state. I currently have Health Insurance A and have my whole life, and they are That Insurance That’s Notorious For Being Bad At Mental Health. Now, they haven’t been bad towards me for the most part, but they outsource their therapy elsewhere. My current employer provides Health Insurance B for regular therapy appointments in tandem with A, but that’s not going to be happening with the state. Either I keep A and all my setup medical care, and lose my therapist that is provided by B, or I have to switch to Health Insurances C or D offered by the state that DO partner with B. I note I’m not even sure if I can keep doing therapy at all once I have to go back into the office every single day or if they’ll allow me to do Zoom appointments anyway, as they won’t answer that until the fingerprints come through. A new surprise complication is that while A is the cheapest health insurance option offered by my current company, they are NOT the cheapest/cost me more out of pocket with the state, and C and D look like I don’t even pay out of my pocket for those? Except I’m bad at math so I’m not even sure if that’s right?
    Since the new job is still a pay cut for me, that’ll be important.

    Beyond that, it’s tech week for Twelve Angry Jurors, we launch in a few days. I started (one) rehearsal for Little Mermaid but will go back to that next week.

    1. No idea how arcane American health insurance works, but would the HR department be able to advise you once the new job’s definite?

      1. Don’t take HR‘s advice. It could be good. It could be bad. In my sons case it was bad. go outside. There are insurance specialists who can help you and they I think they can work for free because they get their money from the insurance companies. The other nice thing about insurance specialists is sometimes they can make things very clear.

  16. At work, more data issues. Now it seems that there’s been a change to what data is published which kills off 3 of my indicators, so I’ll have to persuade them to do a special run or think of more indicators. If it had been published as it was last time the work would have been done in an hour.

    On a more positive note, I wasn’t doing any writing at the weekend as my daughter was home to visit, which was lovely. Just doing nothing and having long conversations (mostly political/societal). So when I went back to do some writing last night I wasn’t very motivated and decided I would read what I had written instead, starting at the beginning of the story.

    I was pleasantly surprised. Somehow I usually think it is going to be cringeworthily awful, but it wasn’t (or at least I didn’t think so). I had written it so long ago (4 months) it felt like it was written by someone else, so I got sucked into the story as if I didn’t know what was to happen.

    This made me happy. I get to read more tonight too. I think the tone may shift around depending on the mood I was in when I was writing but I’ll see if that is apparent.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing is going to happen when Bob hands me back Very Nice Funerals tonight. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it (my fault, I was slow on finished Rocky Start) that it’ll be like reading a whole new book. Exciting! (g).

  17. I did yardkeeping over the weeking, did some promo about a nice affirmation (both my submissions (different categories) to the New England Romance Writers Readers Choice awards made the finals!), and otherwise it’s been Day Job and recovery from a long social day. I like the socializing, but it’s exhausting (especially when it involves 2.5 hours of driving).

    1. Nice! (Finaling in Readers Choice contest) They get a lot of really good submissions, so the competition is fierce.

  18. I’ll have to be brief, since again yesterday I decided that by the time I was ready, it was too late in the day to conveniently do a shopping and library trip.  Trying to go faster today.

    I already discussed my medical-appointment “work.”  Less unpleasant,  but not really fun, were all the household chores.  There were a few departures from the norm: since we were having another spell of warm weather, this meant less cooking, and that on the stovetop or in the microwave.   And sorting through my summer clothes. 

    Debbie wanted to know about Wasa crispbread.  It isn’t cheap, but I like the sourdough rye flavor, per the package made in Sweden.   The sourdough multigrain is rye plus oats and other ingredients, and has a more neutral flavor, and was made in Germany.  I don’t plan to try that again, too bland.  The crackers of both are sturdier than the non-Wasa traditional big ring that I got at Lidl, but if there’s a price advantage and it’s still in stock, I may buy it again.  To date I’m spreading the crispbread with cheese, peanut butter, margarine, or hummus, or using it to top soup or chili.  (I’ve used matzo for all those things too.)

    The more fun “work” in the week pretty much all involved short writing in various places online plus a little personal correspondence,  plus finishing one online jigsaw puzzle and working on another.  Plus reading and taking notes to prepare for upcoming book club meeting and stuff related to voting for future book club books. I can’t rationalize reading books or audiobooks, or listening to podcasts or Great Courses, as work at all.

    1. Well I’m glad one worked out. It sounds like they are not exactly the Swedish crackers you were looking for.

  19. Things are a little crazy here. Today is release day for my new oracle deck, the Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle. Which is great, except it hasn’t reached the Amazon or B&N warehouses yet, so I have to tell people they should buy it directly from Llewellyn (which has been sending them out for a week). But everyone is excited, so that’s good. I’ve also had a lot of orders of my signed copies with goodies from my Etsy site, which took forever to pack up and get ready to mail.

    On top of that, the guy who build the pond in the middle of my garden was here yesterday and is back today to rebuild and expand it. I spent a lot of time out there helping, and also trying madly to get the garden in before I leave town next Thursday (especially since it is supposed to rain for the next week).

    Plus my poor kitty Koshka had to go to the vet early this morning for dental surgery, to get two teeth out that were wobbly and infected. He’s only 6, but he had a rough start, so he’s had lots of physical issues. Thankfully, he came through just fine, and I love my vet. (Although I’m pretty sure I’m not going to love the bill.)

    Back to it!

    1. Congratulations on the release of the new deck!
      And hurray for a great vet and successful surgery! Sending healing vibes in the kittycat-direction. <3

  20. Belated but very heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent me congratulations and wishes on my birthday the 28th. <3 Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. MUCH love!
    I'm working on just managing through the days. I'm feeling very tired. That's also why I've been abscent last 1.5 week. Worn out in head and body.
    I finally got the pics of the kittycat i knitted back in February, which was claimed by a nice couple during a birthday party beginning of March, despite him not even having a face. I put the pics up on Instagram a few days ago with his full story. (Yes I always write long stories!) The WordPress-Gods always hate it when I post links and tend to chuck me in the verification-bin when I do, but I'll be brave and see what happens. Thanks to everyone who already reacted to Owlet!
    I'm now working on a mini-cat. It's so mini that it should almost be a nano-cat. And woah see what happened there: It named itself! 🙂 Nano.
    Yesterday I had the pancake-scan where I had to munch on a radioactive pancake and have my belly scanned every 15 minutes for 3 hours. All in all, it went well. Sven went with me, so we were reading together and I was knitting inbetween scans. We'll hear from the internist on the 23rd.
    I've also emailed a tai chi-school to ask about introduction classes (no reply yet), made pulled pork (nom!), tried on some of my new clothes (hurrah! Still waiting for big batch though) and plodded on with the housekeeping and all that fun stuff. Changed to a new litterbox on the kitts's birthday on the 3rd, happy with the new one. Come Friday I have an appointment for the kitts to be vaccinated and nail-trimmed. Gonna be an…adventure. And yesterday it was Trippie's turn to have her butt washed under the tap. Note to self: Trim hairs on rear end of these cats and see if that helps. As you can hear I'm living on the edge!
    Hope you are all keeping well and enjoy the sunny weather and treat yourself to yummy things. You deserve 'em all. Plus love and hugs, every day.

    1. Owlet is just marvelous! I want to squish him from over here.

      1. In Swedish, a tawny owl is a “kattuggla”, a cat-owl. I’m thinking, perhaps he’s a hybrid? Owl and cat? Hmmm!

    2. I’m so glad you had the pancake test and it went well. Will be thinking of you May 23.

  21. Since I retired, I’ve tried to focus on doing things I really like. There’s always dishes and other household tasks, but DH has always done more than half (I do most of the grocery shopping). So I get to garden, make cards, work on the flower farm and volunteer. I’ve cut back my time with Dress for Success for the next few months as I prefer to be available to work on the farm. But I realized that I was starting to learn more than I wanted to about staff personalities and internal politics. This is not the fun part of volunteering for me. By late next fall, as gardening season winds down, I’ll be ready to spend more time at the organization.

    I turn 65 this week. Not sure what DH and FS have planned but I’m sure it will be fun. I’m taking my own cake to book club tomorrow (vegan red velvet).

  22. This week, I’m on the road (for work). I don’t often get to northeastern Alabama, so that’s fun. The work itself has been non-stop and very stressful, although I think we are making good progress.

    Speaking of good progress, DH got the closet rebuilt, and I spent Sunday sorting through things and getting most things put away. I still have some boxes to go through after the great closet explosion – like my box of belts. I don’t wear belts, and haven’t in years. Do I really need to keep a box of belts around, or can those go in the donate pile (which is quite large – yay me!)

    On my flight I spent a lot of time with my latest crochet baby blanket. I have a favorite pattern, done on a diagonal, that I hadn’t used for my previous baby blanket but after going through one skein (out of 2 that I purchased in 3 different colors), I decided I probably could do it. So I stopped blanket #1 and started #2 just to make sure. And I’m almost at the halfway point and I have plenty of yarn left in the first skein, so I think it’s going to make it. Then I’ll decide if I’m going to finish #1 in its current pattern, or rip it out to make another of my favorite pattern. Such decisions!

    Anyway, just a quick peek here to say hi and now diving back to work.

    1. For work, back when, I made several trips to Huntsville. That’s in NE Alabama, but near the east-west line. As of quite a while ago,you pretty much needed a car to get around, but in my limited free time, there and in adjacent suburbs I found good restaurants, a good used bookstore, an interesting museum, and other tourist sites. I imagine the rest of that quarter of the state has a different character.

    1. The Graham Effect. Elle Kennedy. It’s about the adult daughter of Hannah and Garrett from The Deal. I really like that series, and I really like The Deal, so reading about Gigi coping with her parents is fun plus I think it’s a really good romance.

      You know, I should have known people would ask and put it in the post, but I’ve been going ninety miles an hour later which does not lead to rational thought. Sorry about that!

      1. No apologies needed! We are interested in what you’re reading as always, and especially if it’s a hockey romance.

  23. I’m still struggling a bit with the revised ending of my WIP — thought I had it figured out, and I did partly, and I made those changes, but then it took another wrong fork, so I had to backtrack, but I think I’m on the right path now.

    Meanwhile, I made a pillow to match the graduation quilt for my niece, which won’t be ready until shortly before she takes it to college. So the pillow serves as a sort of IOU, and a placeholder, so she’s got an idea of what the quilt will look like, and samples of most of the fabrics. It went into the mail today, plenty of time to arrive by graduation later this month. And I’ve been getting a lot done on the quilt too. Goal is to finish all the blocks by Memorial Day, then have the top assembled by the end of June, and then quilt it in July. Fingers crossed for weather that’s not too hot/muggy, so my sewing machine and its operator don’t overheat.

  24. I’ve got a short work week since tomorrow is a bank holiday in my Bundesland. I’ve taken the Friday off because kid #2 and I have to go to Berlin for the next step in our Canada-adventure (biometrics appointment at the VAC).
    This means I had to cram two days worth of work into the three remaining days and well, surprise, I didn’t manage to do so. I still have to write up the minutes of a 3+ hour meeting, so I ponder whether to take the laptop with me and try to work on the train. Or should I reserve half of Sunday to write up those d*mned minutes? However, Sunday is Mother’s Day and so we should better visit my mom.

    In short: My to do list for the foreseeable future is loooong (very stressful year at work) and almost none on that list is anywhere as exciting as the tasks you mentioned, Jenny.

    So maybe I capitulate and really take time off, take the Suzanne Brockmann I wanted to read for some time now, plus Second Song by Con Riley that came out today, plus Einhard’s Vita Karoli Mango (kiddo has to read it for school and I remember liking it a lot when I read it at uni, so maybe I can transfer my positive feelings onto her…).

    BTW, which hockey romance did you read, Jenny??

  25. I’m investigating paving stones, cement versus recycled rubber, for the smaller hardscaping project. We put the larger one on hold for the moment as we have several things on the go that need to happen first.

    I got one of these guys for Christmas in 2022 and we were finally able to put it together. It will look nice with black and white Wave petunias in a checkerboard pattern around it. I think black and white. I’m going to plan it out and resist my natural inclination toward chaos and simply throwing the most colourful plants in it and letting Mother Nature do her thing. I am. I am. I am.

    There’s all the usual suspects – housework, laundry, day jobs – but I, too, am concentrating on the fun stuff. Or at least the less tedious stuff.

  26. I’ve been observing my county’s post-primary election work for the Democrats. Long days which is starting to get on everyone’s nerves. And one really close race which the opposing candidates are fighting ballot by ballot in the adjudication and the courts.

    It needs to be concluded on Monday. And it’s given me a great excuse to ditch the regular cleaning. I did do the grocery shopping because food.

  27. My brother-in-law used to say find work that you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. That’s what I have now Monday they flew me to Vancouver Tuesday. I worked. Wednesday I flew home and I really love this new series. The writing is so funny. It’s called Laid And it will be on NBC I don’t know when. I think I’m in two more episodes. 00 I hope so. They are putting me up at the Sutton Place hotel, which is the new name of the Meridian hotel that I stayed at in 1989 and 1991. It was such a thrill to think this time it was my work taking take me there.
    When I got home, I had to answer tax questions for two people so it was a while before I got to my chair but now I’m going to read. Tomorrow I get to go see come from away at the Pantages theater, I am living the dream.

    1. You really are and you SO deserve it. Cannot wait to see LAID. Great title (g).

  28. It’s almost five am here and I am working at getting to sleep. Insomnia has raised it’s bitchy ugly head for the second night in a row and I am very unhappy.

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