123 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, May 15, 2024

  1. Depending on your point of view my day can only go up if I pace myself. For instance, first thing this morning I had to put vanilla ice cream in my tea as the milk had gone by. Next, I started to make copies of invoices for the insurance company only to find out the printer is having a hissy fit. Good news the library is down the street. See what I mean. Up, up, up!

      1. It’s a rare day indeed when I have vanilla ice cream around that lasts long enough to be there when I’ve run out of creamer. I think I once used vanilla protein powder, though.

      1. I rarely have some at home to use.
        But vanilla ice cream and coffee are a perfect mix – with a dollop of whipped cream it’s a staple in cafés here as “Eiskaffee”, yummy.

        1. Love Eiskaffee, and Eisschokolade.

          Could enjoy vanilla ice-cream in coffee, but I’d prefer tea black if there was no milk.

    1. Putting ice cream in your tea is very efficient because it lightens and sweetens your tea in the same step. And it is very appropriate for today because this IS Working Wednesday.

    2. Oh woah, did you bring enough up-up-up-days to share with the whole class? 😉 <3 Sounds lovely. I'm happy the downs resulted in lots of ups!

  2. Last night I moved some furniture around to make room for the second pair of white boards (arriving today.) Still not ready for pics.

    I mentioned making chili. I finished off the leftover batch from last week, the one with ground beef. That still left me with (of course) leftover steak chili. I was concerned with the best-before date on a three pack of small pizza crusts, so I figured WTH and made a small pizza with that chili plus onions and lots of mozzarella cheese. It was… okay. Needed more garlic. I have crusts and chili still left over, so I may give it a second chance.

    Or I may make that stroganoff and serve that on a pizza crust instead. White pizza. I’ll work on it.

  3. After getting home from my work trip, I checked out my front garden. I decided I had to get the camellias pruned, along with my azaleas. It was a lovely day, temps in the low 70s F, and I think I achieved my goal – make someone say “OMG what did they do to that bush!” My gardenias have started blooming, along with the coreopsis that continues to return.


    I did make great progress on the closet declutter, packaging up and donating a mountain of things that didn’t make the cut when I hung things back up on the new rod. I told DH just this morning that I’m enjoying the clear space on the floor – and that he’s not to put his stuff there just because it is clear!

    Work work continues apace. I’m hopeful things will slow down a little in June.

    1. Wow Nancy – that is what we would call a short back & sides haircut for your camellia 🤣. I have some azaleas that are more than 30 years old that can take some strong autumn pruning but have had no luck with getting camellias to flourish despite desperate efforts at trying to nurture them through 6-9 months of v hot dry summers. I am going to try some in pots when retirement happens.

  4. I used a white board to display steps to a long workout. It counts 😁

    I have just over half the sod removed around the plum tree. Need to build the cat/dog guards for the raised beds.

    Two PAC Meetings this week, and I’m done with one of them this year which is exciting.

  5. Does a Kanban board count as well? Not a creative tool but I love it nevertheless: to see the post-its with tasks slowly wandert towards the “done” column is satisfying.

    Have seen notebooks where this system is utilized as well. I’m a sucker for notebooks and this extra detail makes them even more attractive.

    I’m absolutely no bullet journal gal – don’t have the patience to write all those lists and trackers that I will only forget to fill in, also I LOVE cursive writing and the tiny black script that looks like printed on all the nice insta pictures is so not my style 🙂

    Workingwise I’m still in overdrive, loads to do and very little time to do it. It’s like juggling with to many objects. Very likely more hours of overtime than allowed before I’ll be off on holiday for some days. Not going away. Unpacking boxes still.

    1. Addendum: K J Charles’s The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen: The Doomsday Books, Book 1, is on sale everywhere, insta told me. Supposedly only $ 1,99 until 25-05.

      In Euros even less.
      Plus Whispersync available on amazon after purchase for less than 4 Euro.

      I love KJ Charles, would have ordered the book anyway, but since me tbr pile is huge, I urged myself to be patient. Not anymore.

    2. Have you looked at Trello? It’s a cloud-based kanban board that you can make pretty with different photo backgrounds. I use it for all my writing projects. Probably not of interest if you really enjoy the tactile part of writing post-its and moving them around, but I like it because I can update my boards from my phone while I’m out and about if I have an idea, and I can keep them forever (or until I run out of free boards–not sure when that will happen).

      1. Will look into it. I’m indeed a very tactile person so the moving around bit is important /the satisfying part 🙂

      2. I love Trello! I’m a bit annoyed with them for limiting contributors to a max of 10 for free.

  6. I’m working on packing for my trip (leaving tomorrow for California), trying to write an article and send it in before I leave, and accomplish other tasks that should be done before I fly out.

    I do have a white board. At the moment it is covered with post-its that tell me which podcasts I’m supposed to be guesting on and when, and yells at me to put something up on my Patreon…

  7. I am back home and today is my first day back at work. Re-entry isn’t great, but I am hanging in there. Also, I have no idea what day it is.

    I didn’t manage to get even half the things done that I had hoped. I knew it wasn’t likely but I still mourn a little bit. Still, it was a good trip filled with lots of food.

    And I got two small paintings done last night, so I am back in the swing. I decided to do the group outdoor show, so I am trying to get a couple more pieces finished in the next month.

    1. Yay!

      I understand. My retreat ends today which means tomorrow must be Monday, yes? Also, I never even got to 4 of the 7 projects I brought. Sigh.

  8. Day job, which changed again. Some company, different task.

    But! I started a new book this week with an idea I had a few weeks ago. I’m a pantser for the most part, so I’m not sure how it will go. This is my favorite part of writing, though!

  9. I had to look up the definition of “pantser”. I had no idea what it could be lol!

    Yesterday I took advantage of the rare nice day here in central NY and went for a hike where I took several photos, some of which turned out not too bad. Does that count as work?

  10. I took Kali for a blood draw for dental work. She objected strenuously to this, and they had to take her to another room to actually get it done. Someone must have hurt her badly in the past. After a month, she’s still not sure she trusts me. It will take time.

    I am joining the ranks of the old, with enough change in a DEXA scan to need medication. I tried that once, and it exacerbated my GERD, necessitating medication for that, which tends to cancel the benefits of the osteoporosis medication. Ah, allopathic medicine! The doctor referred me to an Osteopathic specialist. Oh, joy.

    No white board, but I have two paper calendars, and my phone, for appointments and events. My mind prefers to work out the details of things when I am trying to get to sleep. Sigh.

    1. Hi Jan, Good luck with the osteoporosis medication! (I am back on Fosamax, just osteopenia not full on osteoporosis.) I have not checked the CDC site recently to see if there are any newer medications, you may want to check their site and Mayo Clinic’s to see if any new research has been done. I hope you also get weight bearing exercise and enough calcium to help. The CDC site at one time listed absorption rates for different chemical varieties of calcium, good to research before you pick up a supplement… Taf

      1. I don’t take calcium supplements, but I do count up the calcium in what I eat so that it is sufficient. Fosamax is the one that wrecked my GERD. It was awful. I have a machine for resistance exercise, and I walk most days. Thanks for your concern.

    2. It can take up to 2 years for a dog rehomed as an adult to fully relax and feel comfortable and safe in their new environment. We’ve had Hannah for about 14 months now and she still isn’t 100% settled and she was a preadolescent puppy when we adopted her.

      I wouldn’t read too much into her being cranky at the vet clinic. It’s a high stress environment and weird people are invading her personal space with nasty things like clippers and needles, it only stands to reason that she would try to defend herself.

  11. No whiteboards and no wall space to put them, between windows, doors, and bookcases.  I do have a small corkboard and also notes and documents held up by refrigerator magnets and clip magnets not only on the fridge, but also on steel bookshelves (upstairs—the downstairs bookcases are mostly wood composite), on a file cabinet, and on the steel folding closet doors in the bathroom and the home office.  And one on the washing machine.

    Still waiting to get further tests scheduled.  I called yesterday and for unknown reasons, my medical records have not yet been forwarded from the doctor’s group.  Called my contact person, who said she’d nag the records people and if the records still weren’t there today, she’d send them herself.  (When I called she was working from home and couldn’t.)  I’ll call after breakfast and we’ll see.  Feh.

    Stress has lowered my efficiency,  but I’ve been working on routine chores and have gotten quite a bit done there and also have finally finished some stuff for GBTh, assuming I get it written up.

    1. Much sympathy, Patrick. My new cardiologist wanted me to do a sleep study (he thinks I have sleep apnea, although I doubt it). Between his office, the sleep lab office, and me making months of repeated calls (all left on answering machines and never returned), I finally got an appointment at the end of June. The doctor ordered it in January. Sigh.

      1. At least June is approaching. I hope everything goes smoothly for you from here on.

  12. Continuing the book purge. Down to small stacks. Books not to be moved include the Alice Monroe section, one shelf over from the Cruise books and two shelves away from biographies. Alice Monroe was a great Canadian short story author, icon, and Noble prize winner. She took an entry out of the Booker contest to give new authors opportunity to shine. Alice passed away yesterday at 92. Dusting the bookshelves today. Letters to write and a visit to my sister in care on way home from a celebration of life. Cancer is a *itch!

  13. Now I am seconding thinking, Alice Munro took an entry out of a major contest to give new author’s opportunity and exposure. Could have been the Geller Prize. On any case, a wonderful story teller is gone.

    1. Yes, Alice Munro won a Nobel. I had seen it in the news, I think from a US source. (If not, it was likely the BBC website.)

      1. Context above is unclear. “It” is her death, not her Nobel. I had probably read news of that too, but it was a while back (2013).

  14. I have to bake something today–I’m out of low-histamine, gluten-free breakfast items, and running low on granola. I made a “nomato” sauce last night that had amazing reviews. People claimed it was indistinguishable from tomato-based marinara sauce. I did not get that kind of result–mine tastes distinctly like beets and carrots. The texture and consistency are right, but the color is… well, much too pink for marinara. I think the recipe has potential, though. Will add a bay leaf and more leafy greens next time to mute the pink and bring out the savory. I think this batch might work ok in a lasagna. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll add it to veggie soup. It’s not great over gluten-free pasta, but then again, not much is great on gluten-free pasta. (If I could eat cheese, that would probably change my perspective.)

    I’m trying to plot the build-up and big climax of the YA novel. I’ve decided where the “final battle” is going to take place, but I haven’t figured out why my characters would end up there. It’s going to be cool when I work that out, though. No white boards involved at this point. I’m just brainstorming in my notes app.

    1. Can you eat turmeric? If so, that might help adjust the color of the nomato sauce. 😉 I find it almost flavorless when in the company of other herbs & spices.

      1. Turmeric stains terribly! After I eat curry, it stains my toothbrush, and anything else it comes into contact with. Just a warning.

          1. I wonder if golden beets might work better. They are the only kind of cooked beet I actually like eating and they don’t stain.

    2. Fortunately, gluten intolerance is not among my own various ills, but I’ve tried chickpea pasta for the protein and fiber; the consistency and mouthfeel are definitely off. So I feel a tiny bit of your pain. (I’ve had chickpeas instead in hummus, roasted, in Hoppin John, and used like other dried beans, for instance in chili.) To up the fiber content, I’ve been mostly using whole wheat pasta, but for some reason whole wheat elbow macaroni has virtually disappeared, so I’ve compromised there, as well as in pasta that comes in mixes. The mouthful of whole wheat pasta is a bit suboptimal, but not bad with sauce or other flavor doctoring.

      1. I find the gluten free pasta experience pretty similar to the whole wheat pasta experience, except the GF pasta turns to mush if you’re not careful…

    3. I find the Barilla chickpea pasta delightful. Might even be better than real pasta to me.

        1. Being the lazy slob that I am, when my doctor said no pasta of any kind, I started putting my favorite pasta sauces on short grain brown rice. It doesn’t have the mouthfeel of pasta, but it does have the substantial filling feel with only a relatively small portion. And since it takes 45 min. to cook, I usually have a container in the fridge that I can heat up a portion at a time. I was going to recommend my favorite eggplant saute to go on top until I remembered that it also contains tomatoes.

          I think one of the problems that you had with the beets was the fact that they are so much denser than tomatoes. Try something softer, with a higher water content. And if you miss the red color, remind yourself that tomatoes come in a variety of colors these days.

          1. The texture and consistency were actually spot on—that was the magical part of the recipe. The flavor and color, not so much…

          2. I’m surprised to learn that rice is indeed gluten free, given that it’s a cereal grain, but I had never gone deeply into the matter. I agree that brown rice is filling, better that way per calorie than is quinoa, although I think quinoa has more protein. For a while, websites were all telling people to freeze cooked rice rather than refrigerate it, since there’s a bacterium that survives cooking and refrigeration. Evidently it’s rare (and should at worst make you nauseated) and the fuss seems to have subsided. However, I got in the habit of portioning and freezing cooked brown rice, just as well since it means less worry about mold. A portion repeats quickly in the microwave.

          3. Reheats, not repeats. Curse autocorrect! I could turn it off, but it does fix genuine mistakes and sometimes saves me from thumb-typing all the letters in a word.

          4. I don’t actually like pasta, and only eat it for what’s on top of it. When I cook for myself, I use rice all the time.

      1. I’m pretty sure that what I tried was not Barilla. I’ll keep it in mind, especially if I see Barilla at a discount.

        1. I find that if I leave my brown rice in the fridge too long it goes sour before it molds.

    4. tonight was spaghetti con vongoli only I added some sautéed lardons (I wiped the pan free of grease after and substituted olive oil for the needed fat) plus some fresh oregano then proceed pretty much as the recipe asked, except for the small amount of grated parmesan at the end. Plus a green salad with tomatoes and chèvre (Have you noticed that if you say chèvre it sounds so much tastier than if you say goat cheese??) We finished off a bottle of wine with it and sat out on the deck gazing out at downtown lights in the distance and watching the crows fly over (only about a 100, it is still early in the season). And the moon came up and the kid next door who is really good was playing his piano. Life is good.

  15. A while back, I had raised the issue of some writers using “may” rather than “might” as the past tense of “may,” which, as it turned out, sounded okay to some people here. Below is a headline from the BBC website, presumably quoting something said orally.  It has past (actually past conditional) tense may plus lack of pluperfect (JaneB’s peeve).  (If it shows up in an odd font it’s because I can’t figure out how to make my notes app reformat existing text. … But it looks like this site discarded the text formatting. ):

    ‘I may not be here if my stroke was at different time’

    To my ear, in standard language that would be, “I might not be here today if my stroke had been [or, better, had happened, or had hit] at a different time.”

    1. Yes, that’s horrible. I think the BBC should have junked the direct quote and written it in decent English as reported speech.

  16. Apparently I am working on commenting on other people’s comments! Also I’ve written 6K on the novelette-in-progress over the past week, which has been *such a relief* to my overcrowded brain.

    No whiteboard here. I have a handwritten to-do list, updated every few weeks or when it becomes too bescribbled, containing only the really hard deadlines and the tasks that I really must do in order to consider myself a paraprofessional author. Also have two calendars – a monthly wall calendar (this year’s: from Yosemite Conservancy) with minimal notes, and a monthly datebook-style calendar on which I scribble many notes about things I’m doing or have done or intend to do.

    And now it’s time to do the working that pays for it all. TTYL

  17. Finally! My records arrived and I could make an appointment, and a second appointment dependent on that one. Nothing on that front happening until next month, though. I should schedule a covid booster soon, though.

    I see the dentist and an eye doctor next month too, as things stand. The joys of seniorhood.

  18. Yesterday morning I went it for an ADHD assessment, but when I got there, I wasn’t in the schedule, although I had indeed made the appointment. So it’s happening next month. Bought some flowers at my favorite nursery and did put most of them into the large containers. Usually we buy small flowers and let them grow over the summer, but we’re quite old so from now on I will just buy the big geranium pots, etc. You never can tell.
    Apparently everyone but me saw the Northern Lights. I forgot to look.
    I have a reasonable to-do list, and I will just keep on chopping wood and carrying water.

    1. We looked but didn’t have new enough phones to see them that way, and to the unaided eye, there was just the faintest hint of purple at the horizon. Couldn’t swear it’s not always like that…

    2. Didn’t catch zhem either. Dd and me were in bed in our hotel room, kiddo out with severe headache and cramps.
      The next night I was out (emotionally) but was told hhat on Sunday night there wasn’t anything to see because of heavy clouds.

    3. I was up multiple times in the night, both nights, and I didn’t see them either. The one time I wish Paul had been working nights. Many people here got good photos. I’ve seen red but not the purple

    4. I didn’t see them either, but that was weather related, not lack of desire. We had rain and overcast skies for the whole thing, although someone about 15 miles from here was able to see them a bit on the final night.

      1. Back at the beginning of time, I spent a month in Australia, and for most of it, it seemed I was fated never to see the Southern Cross. Rain, clouds, and city lights. (My self-planned and deliberately non-comprehensive itinerary did not include the isolated parts of the continent. ) Finally the clouds let up and I got a view just before going home. I’ve seen the summer White Nights in then-Leningrad and spent a winter in Moscow, plus significant winter time living in other places more northerly that I do now, but I never managed an aurora.

  19. Worrying as to whether or not the job will be pulled since someone announced online yesterday that the organization is having a hiring freeze start right now.
    Trying to figure out how to change insurance–looks like I’m screwed dentally but otherwise will be okay.
    I have one last interview today for reassignment, I don’t know if I even care at this point since I’m about to pull the ripcord as is.
    Tomorrow I’ll have to quit, and I’m nervous about it.
    Otherwise: have rehearsals and yarn and am trying to take it easy before I go back to work.

    1. I wish you the best of luck with your job situation, may you get a job as good as or better than many of mine were! I am retired now, but was very lucky with just about every job I had…Most I got through cold calls or want ads (remember those?), but the best job out of all of them came via recommendations from multiple friends. I even ended up working with a few of those friends… Taf

  20. No whiteboard for me. I like the idea, but I don’t think my brain works that way. I’d just use it for reminders and I already have too many of those.

    Stressful start to the week work wise as I’m going on holiday on Friday week and I’d added up all the work that needed to be done before then and had a minor freak out. Calmer today, got stuff done and killed off other stuff so I can try and relax.

    In my writing I read over a story I’d written where I used different POVs (1st, 3rd, two different MCs) and different tenses. Basically I’d just written whatever I felt like at the time. Useful, because it’s clear what worked and what didn’t and what I should stick to.

  21. Double Glazing is practically in!
    That is, after far too many tries I have a glazing company lined up, quote agreed to, deposit paid.
    Last lingering question of pattern of obscure on the bathroom glass. You knew that stuff came in different patterns right? At least twenty in five different levels of visibility. The quote just listed one but I hate it. Completely inexplicable levels of “don’t like”. So hopefully we can easily change to something else.

    The three of us have discussed, mosly on separate occasions, type of window design(casement, tilt&turn, sash, reversible), color of frame, color of handle, placement of handle, and then back to design because the offical measurers mentioned in passing that “tilt” was only a few inches, not wide as we had assumed. And now the pattern on glass that we won’t be able to see through. For windows.
    I am still planning a full remodel of the 1980’s kitchen, the one that currently boast about eight cabinets and no range hood(over a gas stove!). I’m thinking I am going to need a lot more fait acompli and a lot less “so what do you think”. So many more choices that must be made than for simple windows.
    Maybe like the glass guy, I’ll present a plan and only deal with objections as and if they come up. These are not people who have given kitchen design much thought. In all fairness, I, myself, may lean just a tiny bit obssesive between the money and knowing we’ll live here for at least a decade.

    1. Good grief-even my place has a built-in range hood (built in San Diego in the late 1920’s)! You aren’t obsessive, you just want good customer service, like most of us…
      I think your idea of presenting a plan will save you (and them) a lot of time, they should appreciate an efficient customer. Good luck getting what you want on the first try at a good price! Taf

  22. Trying SO HARD to weave all the threads of the story tangled in my head into a cohesive whole. (Or maybe ruthlessly snip some of them.)

    Perhaps what I need is a whiteboard…

    1. All lot of the whiteboard use mentioned here seems to be as a place for Post-its rather than one to be written on with a whiteboard marker. I would think any other flat and very smooth surface would do as well for that. I have a vague recollection that the whiteboard at work used to be steel-backed and would take magnetic signs and fridge magnets too, but I wouldn’t swear to it. But if you’re just using Post-Its, I would have thought a corkboard was probably cheaper, and scrap paper trimmed to size probably costs nothing, while Post-Its are not especially cheap and dry markers go missing just when you need them. I see that half-and-half boards seem common on office supple sites, too.

      1. It seems all the whiteboards I own allow for magnetic stuff. There are six: four in the plant room and two (notebook paper size) on my fridge. I don’t much use post-its and I have two cork boards by the computer with a plethora of pins. As for the pens, each board came with a pack of four and I must have bought extras some time back.

        I use the ones on the fridge to track ingredient weights or quantities when prepping/cooking. The plant room boards… we’ll see.

  23. Laundry, prep chopping / cooking, reading, binge re-watching Dead Like Me. Loving it again.

    Started The Belly Fat Diet which parallels my daughters liver disease diet in a lot of ways. I always feel dreary in the beginning of a diet.

    Dreariness is exacerbated because it is too hot to go outside here right now. Currently it is 82F / 28C with a humidity at 71%. It is supposed to stay this hot or slightly hotter for the next 10 days with equally high humidity broken only by actual rain. And, btw, in Florida when it rains – it doesn’t cool everything down like it does other places.

    Still a little sad about the partial estrangement from my brother. Still experiencing some insomnia.

    I’m going to escape back into the book I’m reading now.

    I feel compelled to end on a sunshiny note but it would be insincere so gonna end with my chants instead – I am healthy! I am wealthy! I am wise!

  24. I’m packing and getting the house ready for my two week trip to London. It makes me realize how much the house takes on a regular basis . I did get all the annuals in the ground. If I’m lucky they will be flourishing when I come back.
    If I’m not so lucky they will have been pruned by the deer.

    I hate packing. I always want to take lots of options . And I can’t handle a lot of luggage because of various joints .

    On the bright side, I had to wait to do the outside chores because I didn’t want to chase away the mama fox and her two babies . I have them on video. Later a deer strolled through.

    We live inside the DC beltway . I used to commute to a job that was three blocks from the White House.

    1. Have a wonderful trip! I envy you and am glad you’ll have a break from all the drama.

      1. Thanks! I’m cautiously optimistic that there will be no drama —the last time I went we were dealing with the drama while I was there !

    2. Aaah! I love foxes. Wish I could see that video. Watch it for me, will you? <3 Especially the little ones!
      Hope you'll have a great time in London! When is it you're going again?

      1. I’m leaving tonight .

        Honestly the video isn’t that good —they kept being really cute right until I pressed start. Kinda like human babies.

        But they were amazingly fluffy and curious and such fun to watch.

  25. My big (only) accomplishment this week is that I went to see the knee doctor’s assistant to get a prescription for this year’s round of PT and immediately went to the therapy gym to set up appointments. Since I have long since stopped doing my exercises, I was pleased to find that I have not lost all muscle tone in either leg. Of course, after pushing as hard as I could against the PA’s hand, my legs were tired and I had to hobble home. I was happy to learn that the same therapist I worked with last year is still there and this morning they called to say that he had a cancellation tomorrow if I wanted to start early. I couldn’t make the offered opening, but I am happy that in a month or 2 I should start to feel more mobile. It was also a relief to do the booking with a live person instead of the online portals or AI voices that drive me crazy everywhere else I do business.

  26. I’ve been going crazy with my lists today, as I get ready to go to Ireland tomorrow morning. Every time I ticked something off, I seemed to come up with two or three more things to take its place. But I’m now nearly there: I’ve got my garden and allotment planted, the house ready for the friend who’s going to garden sit, and my bags packed and lined up in the hall. It’s a good job I’m going to have a holiday: I need one.

    I’m afraid the birds and slugs are going to eat most of my seedlings, but I daresay I’ll fill the gaps somehow. It’ll be good to go exploring, anyway.

    1. Hope you’ll have a lovely time in Ireland! Please do tell us all about it when you’re back. 🙂

    2. May you have a lovely trip and post photos on IG with our hashtag – either #arghink or #workingwednesdaypix

  27. I’m cranky because after a period of high productivity, I’ve been unable to do much this week. I get a monthly injection to regulate my blood phosphorus, and this month’s was supposed to be on Thursday of last week, but it got delayed four days, which is enough to send me into abnormally low phosphorus blood levels (which causes overwhelming fatigue and muscle weakness), and then it takes anywhere from five to seven days to get back to peak, assuming I started out in low-normal territory, which I didn’t.

    Plus, I keep thinking I’ve found the solution to the ending of my WIP that’s due the end of this month, but, dear reader, I have not in fact found the solution. Well, I’ve found several mini-solutions to preliminary issues that were cluttering up the ending and needed to be resolved earlier in the story, but not the solution to a final scene that’s boring. Sigh. I WILL find the solution, just a bit more slowly than I’d hoped.

    1. I’m so sorry your recovery will take longer than expected. Sending energy your way.

  28. I’ve had an Eventful week, but I aten’t ded yet, to quote the inestimable Granny Weatherwax.

    A standard partial root canal developed an infection. What wasn’t in the risk plan was *how* infected it got. So I escalated from “I don’t feel great” to hospital, a cocktail of antibiotics being pumped into me and surgery.

    But I’m recovering, and apple juice is awesome. I never appreciated the ability to drink apple juice before.

    1. Oh dear, that’s a rough week! Happy to hear you’re feeling better, but it must’ve been quite the scare to end up in hospital for a tooth. Feel better soon, stay not-ded! <3

      1. Emily, I echo the comments Shass sent…When teeth go bad and you have an expensive visit to the dentist, that is bad enough, the hospital sounds way too extreme! Hope all goes well for you from now on!

    2. The nice thing about IV antibiotics is that they don’t upset your stomach. I hope you recover quickly and have someone to help you out until you get your energy back.

    3. And I felt sorry for myself when my infected root canal filling meant I had to have the tooth out. I’d no idea it could escalate like that! Hope you feel better very soon.

  29. I took the kitts to the vet Friday, and that was… traumatic for Trip. Normally she’s making a lot of noise but doesn’t fight, but she REALLY did not like the vet, I guess. She tried to attack her from the get go, screaming like a banshee and growling like a t-rex, so vet called in assistance and she and the vet-nurse wrapped her in towels to be able to trim nails and vaccinate. They told me to go outside with Matcha until they were done. Despite this, even Matcha was wound up and for the first time EVER, she swatted and hissed at someone in anger/stress, with nails out. I have never experienced her doing that before, she’s a very gentle cat. So it wasn’t a very fun day for the kitts. We have a booster-appointment planned for the 31st. Vet suggested I give Trip calming meds before next nail-trimming-appointment to see if that helps. Bleh. Anyway, positive part of it is that I wasn’t the one holding her, so she doesn’t seem to associate me with all the bad stuff. She was attached to me like a calico-tick all Friday afternoon and evening, seeking comfort and safety. Cutie.
    Triple seemed to be in pain this evening however; she growled and yowled when I touched her right side and twisted to bite me. Will keep an eye on it. Hopefully she’s better tomorrow so no vet needs to happen. I can’t feel any scabs or wounds or bumps or anything out of the ordinary, but if she keeps acting as if she’s in pain, we’ll have to have it checked. Admittedly she’s been a bit off over the last days, but I just assumed that was post-vet calico-grumpiness. She’s on my lap now curled up into a fluffball and seems okay, so let’s keep fingers crossed she’s pain-free tomorrow.
    I *did* buy the yarn Sunday! And scissors and safety-eyes. And received it today. Also got most of the rest of my clothing, just haven’t unpacked and fitted it yet.
    I’m experimenting with a variation on the Ms. Kitty-pattern that was the pattern I used when knitting Owlet. Practicing short rows to make ears and am now knitting the kitty in two parts, i.e. head separately, to see if that will be better. Working on Nano still too! But I need sighted help to figure out some weird things in the written pattern that are shown in the accompanying video, but not described. I think I’ve solved the decrease on his snout though, very happy about that.
    MIL has printed and cut out the sewing pattern in carton for a kitty-plushie I was considering enlarging, so I will have to try to sew that at some point too. Fun, fun times! …I hope.
    AND I’m toying a bit with a story-idea…
    Stressful stuff is going on inside head, and I have a lot of trouble sleeping, so my brain is down on the level where I can only take in Disney-movies, nothing else. Good thing I love Disney.

    1. When I had pneumonia the first time, Bugs Bunny cartoons saved my life. They were funny, had good music and only 6 minutes long. That was as long as I could stay awake in the beginning. Thank God my sister lives in the same city I do and could check out a new batch every few days!

  30. I turned the white subway tile backsplash behind my kitchen sink (very much not my style, very much not in the budget to replace) into a white board using wet-erase markers. I keep my weekly meal plan in light blue, food prep to-do list in dark blue, grocery and hardware store list in green, house and garden project list in pink, and cooking reminders in black (how hot and how long for roasted garlic/baked potatoes/roasted almonds, etc., for instance – not worth digging up an actual recipe, just need the memory nudge when it’s been a few months). I’m much happier with that boring backsplash now!

    I bought myself a weed torch, and have spent an hour or so every day wandering around the yard burning the seed-heads off the dandelions. Maybe not the most efficient way to get rid of them, but rather satisfying. It is remarkable to see how quickly they develop new seed heads when stressed, though. After one full circuit of the yard, new ones will have already burst out on the plants where I started. I’ll be solarizing most of the yard over the next year, but I want to cut down on as many of them as possible. Unfortunately, the dratted creeping bellflower seems relatively impervious to torching – it just sends a new shoot up in the middle of a torched section a day or so later.

    1. That’s a brilliant solution to what I call abattoir tiles. Most of the houses I looked at when I was house hunting had them – newly installed, adding to the price, and horrible. Though there was one even worse: the kitchen was done in rusticated black tiles, giving a 3D effect.

    2. We painted white board paint on one of our basement walls and chalkboard paint on another wall. That was for kids to play with but it has gotten some work use at times.
      In the move to working from home we also acquired some of those giant postit note pads and easels. Those are nice when you want to keep old iterations of ideas but try new ones

  31. I have had a lovely week at a quilting retreat in Chesaning MI with 8 friends. I got the center of a quilt put together. I had already had over half of the parts made so I’m annoyed that it took me nearly 2 days to get the center done. String blocks take longer that I anticipated.

    We also had a “jelly roll race” – which is where everyone starts with 40 strips of fabric and you sew the short ends together creating a 2.5” x 1600” strip that you fold in half and sew down 800” then fold in half and sew 400” and again 3 more times. My machine is super fast and I won!

    See pictures here: https://www.instagram.com/p/C7CUU5lLRxv/?igsh=MTRwNXc0czd0Mm5zNA==

    I love a whiteboard and Trello and post-its and really any office supply item.

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