13 thoughts on “Wear the Lilac and Don’t Forget Your Towel

  1. I was always more a Pratchett fan than an Adams fan. Nevertheless, I have a lilac towel which I will keep handy today.


  2. I’m going to have to buy something lilac—I failed to pack anything lilac for my trip. But some traditions must be honored…

  3. Off Topic – Using the most recent topic to say: Lian Tanner has started posting again, but possibly has not gone back far enough to see all of us congratuting her for her Aurialis Award win. So if you see this, Lian, please check. (I think she had not gone back since she mentioned the threefold win of Tansy Rainer Roberts, which I had earlier mentioned when congratulating Lian, as if it were news. Lian modestly said nothing about her own win.) Multiple congratulations are in last Sunday’s post, and Yuri posted one elsewhere, I think to the preceding Thursday.

    1. I’m with J/CC, mostly. I really like some of Douglas Adams, although I came to think that he had repeated himself too often. I sort of like a bit of Terry Pratchett, but am indifferent to most. I once did have a sort of lilac shirt, but it’s serving rag duty now, in any case. Besides, as I recall I’ve failed already at two wear-a-color days this year. Forgot until too late each time. There may be a cloth towel in my car, and are certainly paper towels there. At home, I’m never more than a few feet from a towel and am often sitting on one (to protect the furniture), and that as far as I’m willing to go.

  4. I read the Hitchhikers books waaaaayyy back but I don’t think I’ve ever read any Pratchett and, well, there are lots of good books in the sea. 😉 In any case, my entire actual house can fairly be described as ‘lilac’ so I guess I’m covered?

  5. I basically raised my son on Pratchett; my daughter read some. My son (possibly along with classmates) tried to get their 5th grade teacher to pick one for her read aloud—maybe Jingo? But she inexplicably refused .
    My son thinks it was because of Nobby cross dressing?
    I read one Adams and didn’t feel compelled to read more.

  6. I discovered Hitchhiker’s Guide one weekend at my boyfriend’s flat on my first trip to London and have fond memories of the low tech costumes and special effects, After I came back to The States and moved to Minnesota, I was delighted to find that the local PBS station was running the series. There was something so endearing about the inept characters running around in a version of the future that wasn’t quite as glittering as some fiction had led us to assume that I really enjoyed.

  7. Our family’s cat was called Zaphod, fair to say I grew up in a Douglas Addams positive environment. Gnu to both of the gentlemen.

  8. I enjoy Douglas Adams, but Terry Pratchett is the KING. I’m always amazed there are readers who don’t like his books.

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