Happiness is a Sunny Couch

So I’ve been working on the living room (and doing a last rewrite on Rocky Start and organizing my books and researching another novel and doing my taxes and . . . ) and I decided to move my couch to the front window, which involved rearranging the entire living room/office and which turned out to be a brilliant idea. Because now I can stretch out on my ancient couch, comfy on the memory foam mattress I replace its cushions will and work in the sunlight. Lots more cleaning and sorting and putting stuff away, but my couch makes me very happy.

What made you happy this week?

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  1. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day. We have had so much rain that it was lovely to walk outside in the sunshine.
    Today it’s raining but the memory of yesterday still lingers…

    1. There was a year long ago when a pair nested in a very large tree within view of my bedroom window. Glorious.

  2. Yesterday’s highlight was taking in some much needed sunshine with my husband just watching the birds, who were activated for some reason. We have so many species drop by, I love it. My favorite were a pair of small woodpeckers running up and down the black walnut tree.

  3. I’m happy we are traveling tomorrow. Train to five days in Durham. Tiny suitcase, no passport, only a little warmer, no family visit or other social commitment. Might be the easist trip in years. I’m spending some of today playing with yarn. Got to have a fun, portable craft for the train after all.


    I also don’t need to arrange cat sitting. We had to get her an emergency vet appointment. Easier than her brother’s death last year but still hard to watch. A detail never known before, if you bury an animal that has been euthanized it must be deep because any animal that digs it up is at risk of death from the chemicals used.
    I am happy that her suffering is over. We have philsopical differences here. I think there are points at which it is ok to stop and he thinks it is neccessary to cling to every last second of life no matter what.

    1. I’m sorry, I put “skip the sad” between the but the site ate the words

      1. So hard for you both, Clancy. Loss of a loved one in any form can be shattering. Having to make the decision that results in the letting go is traumatic. In my early adulthood I heard it described as the ultimate gift of love & that has continued to be meaningful to me.

    2. I’m so sorry for your loss. No matter which side of that philosophical fence you are on, it’s never an easy decision to make.

    3. The timing is always so hard. I worry sometimes that I let my cats go too soon (by a few days, not months or even weeks!), but I’d prefer that to extended suffering for myself, so it seems right for the animals I’m responsible for too. It’s still hard. I’m sorry you had to deal with the difference of opinion on top of the letting go!

    4. So sorry for your loss. I understand the philosophical differences thing. When our elderly cat suddenly collapsed and was non-responsive I wanted to take him immediately and my husband wanted to delay, hoping for a miracle. I took him to the vet after promising that if the vet thought there might be a chance, we could wait but the vet agreed it was time.

    5. My sympathies. I don’t see how any of the arguments against euthanasia for humans apply to animals, who don’t know what is happening except that they feel pain. (The argument against human euthanasia has other components, for instance regarding humans who are too young or too incapacitated to know what is happening, but I don’t see how those components apply to animals either.)

      I hope you can put it behind you and enjoy your trip.

      1. the trip will help. she spent most of her time in the kitchen. I keep expecting to hear or see her every time I go in there

    6. I’m so sorry, Clancy. It’s always so hard, but it’s worse to hold onto them and make them suffer when it really is the end.

      1. thank you, everybody. It helps to have this place, and you lovely people

    7. I have this issue with my dad and all his side of the family. They believe in clinging to life no matter what. I think that it is more about fear than anything.

      I subscribe to the quality of life rule myself.

    8. I’m sorry for your loss. When we finally chose to let go of our cat in November, two things helped. The hospice vet repeatedly mentioned that most pet owners would rather it be a week too soon than a minute too late. Also, I saw it as we were doing our very best to continue to give her the care and love she needed.

    9. I am so sorry about your cat. It is never easy to make the decision to let them go.

  4. My big happy for the week was getting my hair cut. I went from long to a short chunky bob. The big surprise is that my hair is now very wavy. It’s always been very straight, so not sure when it changed but I’m super happy with it.

    DS and I spent a lovely afternoon at a craft fair and wandering around the little town where it was being held. We did a fine job of assisting the local economy.

    Snow peas are coming up in my garden and I planted lots of greens this week. My tulips are in full bloom – so pretty.

  5. I’m happy that the Arizona conference and hiking last week were both ‘amazeballs’, as my business partner likes to say. Ended with a hike on the Butcher Jones Trail, which traverses a lake in the middle of the desert. Truly gorgeous. And now I’m happy that I’m home with my husband who was unfortunately laid off the first day I was away. So yes, the conference and hiking were great, but it was teeth grinding to be away from him while he was shocked and upset. Our friends rallied around him. He is still a little shell-shocked and processing. On the happiness side though, his former company’s main competitor has reached out to him, interviewed him, and already said they are going to make him an offer. Don’t know yet if this is the right place for him but it’s certainly a promising early sign of his potential job search, plus balm for the wounded ego.

    1. On the other side – the Leafs lost game seven in the playoffs last night against the Bruins, in overtime – SAD!

      1. Yes, the Leafs’ loss was a heartbreaker. My niece (my hockey guru) did warn me that the Leafs would break my heart if I got invested… I’m still team shopping but the Leafs were near the top of my list. SAD indeed.

      2. I thought of you, Tammy!

        They fought valiantly.
        I can only stomach hockey news in small dises these days, I’m just too much of a wuss for playoffs.
        2nd round will be hard: canucks vs oilers means dd’s team vs (one of) mine.

        1. I’m now rooting for the Canucks but I’d be happy if any Canadian team won, really. It’s hard to see all these Canadian boys winning on American teams.

          1. Sigh. I’m rooting for the team with fewer fun loving guys (not the C…), looked up their roster some time ago and they seem to have mostly Canadians and a few Europeans, iirc hardly any Americans (Americans seem to be averse to sticking it out in Edmonton), so it’s a very Canadian team to root for 🙂

            I definitely do not root for the Vegas Knights, nor for the Panthers (in spite of Barkov who seems to be a very nice teddy bear of a captain).

          2. Edmonton has horrible weather. And this is coming from a Canadian. Oh so cold. And my husband moved there as a kid and says one of the most traumatic parts about the move was that there was snow 11 months out of 12 the first year.

          3. Yuk. No climate for me for sure. We hardly get any snow anymore. This winter just one glorious weekend with loads of snow.
            And dd and me on our way to Berlin (for a concert) where it was oh so cold, grey and unfriendly.

    2. I’m glad he got some validation so quickly. It’s awful to leave unexpectedly, no matter what the reason.

  6. My happy is my handy DH. Last Sunday, the wire shelving in my closet pulled away from the wall, dumping my clothes and shoes everywhere. DH spent the last week repairing and actually making it much better and sturdier than it was (the previous installers didn’t use studs for some reason). Now I have a beautiful wooden clothes rack and shelf, and it is making me happy putting most of those clothes back. I’m also trying to be a little ruthless with what goes back in the closet. I’m just so happy to get the clothes and boxes out of my bathroom and living room.!

  7. Finding a good tshirt as a birthday present for my BIL led me to finding good presents for others. I may have missed on the sizes for two people, and one is intended as a Christmas present, so I am considering options. I may just get larger sizes of the two and find new recipients for too small ones. BIL liked his, DH loves his, and mine says “Books, because reality is overrated” which exactly describes my philosophy.

    Birthday celebration lunch was great and cake created by my talented sister was divine. I am eating a piece for breakfast. We had fun making marzipan mushrooms for it, which are also surprisingly pleasant as breakfast items.

    1. Excellent quote! My neighbor accused me of not living in the real world yesterday, and I told her I prefer not to hear about death, violence, hate, and other unpleasant things, but I know they are there.

  8. The smile on my guys’ faces when the Canucks won their last game was pretty good.
    Took K2 to the fair, and his joy and his gratitude for taking him were worth the crowds and long lines. He also enjoyed getting royally sugared up before we came home. He didn’t enjoy how sick he was later, but I will enjoy using that tidbit of memory at a future date when I need to shit down his sugar gluttony.

  9. Nature provided happiness and entertainment for me this week. I’ve been trying to teach Kali to speak when she wants to go out, so I say, very excitedly, “Do you want to go outside? Speak!” and then I give a little bark like hers. After a few tries, she made a little huffing sound, so I praised her. I kept working with her on it, and now I am pleased to announce that I have taught my dog to snort. When I say “Speak!” she snaps her head down and makes a loud sneezy/snorty sound. I’m not sure how that happened, but it just gives me the giggles every time. Yesterday, she was giving me the eye and did the snort on her own. We went outside.

    A Barred Owl has been hanging around the neighborhood, and one morning it was just across the street on a lower limb, so I went out to photograph it. There was a Blue Jay sitting on a limb above it, and it dive-bombed the owl on the back of its head, more than once! The owl was jostled and just shook its head and stayed there. I call Blue Jays the early warning system, because they follow hawks and owls and other predators and make a lot of noise.

    1. One of the tricks the grandog learned from the grandkids from her amazing repertoire of skills is after ‘speak’ is ‘whisper’. With ‘speak’ she will bark. If you say ‘whisper’ she will go low in her voice to a little huffy bark.

  10. The couch by the window is brilliant—I have a couch in front of a window and I can lie there and look up into the trees and read.

    I’m limited in what I can do, but lately I’ve made consistent small progress at putting together a little metal shed in the backyard, and at getting a few plants planted in planters. These things make me happy.

    Keep chipping away at the living room—we all deserve a restful living space where we feel calm and secure.

  11. Today’s happy is being home after a lovely (but exhausting) trip to Europe. It’s raining — so DH and I can totally loaf all day. Add to that there are 2 NHL playoff games to watch. Bliss! Will now go back to GBT to get inspired for my next read.

    1. My dd quizzed me on which two teams play today/tonight. Her preparation for the Canadian exchange year is obviously progressing nicely. She’s a strict taskmaster…

  12. It’s raining here. I’m okay with that. Ironically, my happy is having a friend cancel on coming over for our weekly dinner last night because he was too tired (so was I) and my group canceling our gathering today (because still tired). I’ve been pushing way too hard and it has caught up with me. The rain means I don’t have to feel guilty about not working in the yard or garden, although it does make for a messy grocery store run.

  13. On her way back home to NH after visiting her mom and sibs, out granddaughter stayed the night with us. Yesterday she bathed the grandog for us. That is something I have a hard time doing. She is the one who taught the grandog most of her tricks. When I would do it, I would have to practically drag the pooch into the bathroom. All my granddaughter did was point and the dog went right into the tub. Amazing!

    I have got to learn though to keep my mouth shut with my comments around her. Sometimes my brain does not relay the message fast enough to my mouth. She has a 17-year-old diabetic cat that she has brought back from the brink many a time. When she said she spent $900 to the vet for a visit I popped up with “don’t you think it is time to let go”. She immediately let me know how she felt. In my defense I was brought up by depression era parents, while she is of her generation. Other than that, it was a good visit and made our weekend.

    1. Vet fees have gotten so high in recent years, but I think it’s largely because they can do more than they used to. There are so many more treatments available for all sorts of things And the new insulins are so much better now than for my first experience with them twenty years ago. My current diabetic cat is 15 years old, diabetic for the last five years or so, but stable on insulin (with the help of my other cat who can smell when Todd’s glucose is too high, and yowls at him, which warns me to check his glucose and make adjustments tot he insulin). He has to go to the vet twice a year, and with labs (and routine stuff), the fees are about a fifteen hundred bucks a year. And that’s just for routine stuff! So, yeah, sticker shock, but, shrug, I figure my cats are my one big extravagance in an otherwise frugal life.

      1. Here’s a trick for saving cost at the vet I’ve learned: if your animal is being prescribed a drug that is also available for humans, you can simply take the prescription to your local pharmacy and get it filled there, usually for a third of the price.

        1. Except it isn’t always. It depends on the vet and the pharmacy. (And the drug.) Some of our clients want to get the animal’s prescriptions filled at the same place they get their own for the convenience. Others find us a more convenient pickup place. Also, mail ordering from Chewy if they carry it. Also we work with a compounding pharmacy (the only one in the city) to get liquid medications that aren’t normally available that way, which is far from convenient except for getting the drug into the pet.

          In other words, it’s complicated.

    2. My folks went through the Depression in teens and early adulthood (and each was not brimming in money even pre-Depression). It certainly was a factor in how I was raised, often, but not always, to the good. But beyond that, another factor in my reaction to prices is not being fully habituated to inflation. Prices on average are at least eight times what they were when I was learning about money, and incomes have risen more or less to match. I keep reminding myself to divide by 10 before I get too excited.

  14. I was having a very cranky day on Friday, so at about noon I decided to play hooky and go strawberry picking. It was a beautiful day, so being outside was a joy, and I came home with a bunch of delicious strawberries and a beautiful hanging basket for my Mom. A little early for Mother’s Day, but they will still be blooming next weekend!

    The strawberries became two batches of Ottolenghi’s roasted sumac strawberries (some to freeze), a strawberry spoon cake from NYT cooking, and many servings of just plain strawberries. I may not get back to the strawberry patch, but at least I’ve had the indulgence.

    Strawberries are one of those seasonal delights that I try to take full advantage of, like asparagus and peaches/nectarines.

    Today I’m going to see the Nationals play. They are pretty fun to watch this season. It’s rainy, so we’ll see how it goes, but any day at the ballpark is a good day.

  15. We had unexpected rain yesterday (I mean, it was in the forecast, but I was skeptical), which was lovely. I didn’t think we would get any more again until fall. Got a few projects done this week and figured out a thing in photoshop that was bugging me.

  16. Threefold happies: 1) I finally connected with a contractor to do a couple little projects (replace warped boards on my deck and rework a small staircase at a side entrance so the steps aren’t too high for my limited range of motion in climbing stairs), and liked him, and his estimate was reasonable, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to do it next month, maybe even before my cataract surgery, and 2) I figured out where I went wrong with the ending of my WIP, and the path I should have taken, so I’ll be able to fix it, starting tomorrow, after one more day of playing with fabric; and 3) after two days of playing with fabric while taking time off from the WIP, I’ve got all of the “football units” (partial quilt blocks sort of shaped like footballs) pieced for my niece’s graduation quilt, so I’m on schedule for her to be able to take it to college with her (it’s in her college colors, at her request).

  17. FedEx delivered my purple Okinawan sweet potato slips this week and I planted them in giant pots on my deck. The fact they’ve perked up makes me happy. Now to keep them alive until I get potatoes.

  18. You could have opened a window and sat on the sill. It would have required a lot less rearranging. 😉

    Whatever makes you happy is good with me.

    When my sainted mother died in 1971, my step-dad invited her sister-my-aunt to clear out her closet and keep anything she treasured. My mother treasured shoes and matching purses. I can’t give an accurate count, but there were many of each. Mama also liked spiked heels. I think 3″ were the shortest.

    I mention that because of apples and trees. I looked around yesterday and realized that I, a nearly housebound recluse, have six pairs of shoes and four pairs of house slippers. I’m breaking in a new pair of slippers right now – the basement has a concrete floor only covered with carpet in the owner’s suite, so I need padding on my feet. Slippers make me happy.

  19. We went to NYC, saw two nights of great ballet, walked the new-to-us high line and saw good friends for dinner.
    The trip was timed for a memorial service of a mentor to DH but as soon as we sat down on the train he got a notice that the memorial service was postponed, presumably due to Columbia protests, with less than 24 hour notice. But the trip was still well worth it and will get repeated.

    The annuals I bought survived our trip and now I have to get as many as I can in the ground today…

    I spent much of the last two weeks preparing committee members for a census advisory committee meeting on Thursday that went really well, so that made me happy.

    Many of last year’s dianthus, theoretically an annual here, came back and are in full bloom, looking great and reducing the planting I have to do. And it’s going to rain much of this week reducing the watering needed .

    I have tickets to London for the second half of May where we will celebrate DD’s birthday and mine.

    DS, who has been agonizing about finding a new apartment when his lease is up in August, found a place that meets all his criteria. Well, the rent is more than he wanted but cheaper than much of what he looked at and since he can walk to work and doesn’t own a car, his budget should be fine. As a result I think he is unwinding on Twitter and I’m getting some very strange texts from him, which is fun.

  20. I’ll see if I can get a more domestic post in later, but I’m posting the below by itself to be sure I get it in.

    I’m happy that my medical test on Thursday is over and done.  I had surprisingly strong aftereffects, although I suspect more from stress, unsuspected dehydration,  and the unseasonable heat than from the procedure itself— I have almost none of the listed usual after symptoms.   One and only one of many websites mentions tiredness, one of my main ones.  Digestive upset does not seem to be listed at all. Anyway, I felt crummy on Friday, almost well on Saturday but took it easy as a precaution, and a little down again on Sunday (today), possibly for unrelated reasons.  On Friday,  I didn’t feel like writing at all, which happens when I feel genuinely ill and not just tired.  Fortunately, that passed on Saturday.  Late Friday, the heat wave broke, and I decided fresh air was worth the risk of pollen.  The pollen count is still high, but the season for whatever I’m most allergic to seems to be over, so hopefully now the windows can go up when it’s cool enough.

    I won’t know the test results until Thursday.  I don’t anticipate anything too bad, but you never know.

    I had an unrelated medical appointment scheduled for this month but that got rescheduled (the rate of my reschedulings by specialists is getting ridiculous), so except for the results-discussing appointment, I’m hopefully off the hook until June.

  21. I’m in planning mode for a party next Saturday, which makes me almost unaccountably happy. My brain loves the planning part (and the cooking-for-a-crowd part), less so the actual socializing part — but if everyone else has fun, I’ll be thrilled.

    I’m aaaalmost as excited to be turning 40 (hence the party) — feels like I can finally take myself seriously. Does that make any sense?

    1. Happy Birthday!
      The fact that you think you need permission to take yourself seriously means that you still have a little way to go towards your goal. However, the fact that you see this milestone as something to celebrate and not a frame limiting how you view your goals and accomplishments is a great start. Enjoy the results of your superior planning and cooking,

    2. I too love the planning and set up of an event, but have no urge to attend.

  22. Happy this week was manageable Day Job, BroadwayHD, a museum date with a friend (Hilbert Museum in Orange, CA – it was really great) followed by a visit to her house to see her garden, and this morning a couple hours of yardkeeping which made an enormous difference to the front. That is also “working” but seeing the birds partying in the newly-cleared area makes me happy. 🙂

  23. Sorted and ruthlessly organised family room bookcases. 14 boxes to Friends of the Library. Found two hardcover “French Women Don’t Get Fat” cookbooks. Will give one to my cousin. “Hello, my name is Carol and I’m a book hoarder. I am in recovery.” Several duplicate books. More leaving today. Coming week lots to Regent College. Feeling much lighter and the kiddos won’t have to do it in the future. Books of YA and favourite kiddie books for future great grandchildren. Greats are many years away.

    1. I am totally impressed, Carol. And if you could channel some of your ‘ruthless organisational’ vibes in my direction I would be ever so grateful ☺️.

      1. Elly,
        just have to make the decision to let go. Because the books are going to the Friends of the Library, readers will buy them and the library benefits. That made me pleased.

        Have been putting it off for long time. I felt I was drowning under the weight of all the books in three rooms and bankers boxes of books I’ve never read but wanted to, a box of Heyer and a box of Victoria Holt books. Am I going to reread them again, probably not for the VH’s, but who knows, got me through the teens, twenties. It is sort of a preemptive strike to clean etc should something happen.

        It’s a mind set thing, I guess. Maybe do a little ruthless give away. See how you feel. That’s how I started.

  24. It took me a long time to realize how being raised by depression era parents influenced my spending/saving habits. That said, money is finite and you have to make choices according to your needs and desires. (No, the colder temp settings are because I like it on the cool side and not a cost cutting strategy.) My precious furbabies definitely are a priority and finances haven’t had to come into the decision as to when to ‘part ways’ for me. It’s never easy, though.

    Wonderful how moving furniture into the right spots improves everything.

    I’ve been moving overwintering plants to my covered front porch. And have amazingly, successfully started my favorite geraniums again this year. I found one called ‘Annabelle’ at a farmers market a decades ago. It has pink-edged white flowers. I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep propagating them this long. My best reoccurring happy.

    And I cut the grass again. And ditched a political meeting. (It’s raining and I’ll be back on the Democratic beat Monday.) And I went to a showing of one of my favorite local artists. Loved the paintings to look at but couldn’t purchase anything. (I do have a couple of his smaller water colors. All I have to do is look up away from the screen.)

  25. Yesterday I realized that my Minnesota Niece’s birthday is fast approaching and went in search of a present. I found a sequined cocktail dress on a sale rack, but I wasn’t sure about the size. So I put out calls to the birthday girl, her sister, and her mother for advice before I bought the non returnable dress. As usual, only one of them returned my call, but I really enjoyed an excuse for a chat with her. It was only after I got the dress, now giftwrapped, home that I realized that this is going to cost a fortune to mail. And there is no guarantee that the birthday girl will like it. She has very distinct tastes.
    I just called the birthday girl and she said, “Oh, good! I don’t have a long sleeved party dress!” I now feel free to spend a fortune on the postage this box will cost.

  26. My friend Pam is back from her travels and still keen for us to go to Ireland, so I’m enjoying making plans with her (we’re due to go a week on Thursday). The sun came out today and made it t-shirt weather. Everything’s accelerated since May Day – suddenly the garden’s green and abundant. And yesterday I was tickled to read a great-great uncle’s account of travelling from Sheffield to London for the first time as a young man in 1840: he went by train, third-class, and had to sit on a long wooden bench in an uncovered wagon – which gave great views, but rather failed when they went through a thunderstorm and downpour. He said railway managers hadn’t yet grasped that they might attract more passengers if they provided a roof, as they did when transporting horses. (I’m curious to know how fast the train would have been in those days.)

      1. I suspect the railroads were in 1840 charging more for transporting horses than for 3rd class passengers. In 2nd class Uncle James could likely have had a roof. That said, it would not have cost much to rig up sailcloth roof or some such in 3rd. But it might have reduced the incentive for 2nd class.

        Enjoy Ireland! I suppose I need not warn an Englishwoman to be prepared for rain there even if it has been sunny at home and looks sunny in Ireland at the moment. This American was not entirely clueless but seems to recall a few chancy moments once when out strolling in an open area with all rain protection left in his room. (My one trip to Ireland was, alas, short for unrelated reasons.)

  27. Still waiting on the job offer stuff. Am kind of hoping I don’t have to start till next week. Prison said the fingerprints went through, so hopefully I get the call Monday.

    Also I had a bank card malfunction and it said “insufficient funds” and I just ran home to check and it was only a malfunction and everything is fine, WHEW.

    Beyond that, went to some craft fairs and had a pretty relaxing week without job hunting, saw another show, etc.

  28. Church:
    First Communion always makes me happy weepy
    A dear niece had successful eye surgery for complications related to juvenile diabetes


    In the mail–Phoebe and the Traitor and A Dead End Christmas. My cup runneth over.

  29. What made me happy was that one of my students who has been doing very well in lessons but kept failing to match that same level of performance in tournaments for the past few months just had an amazing performance this weekend in Chicago. Which I got to see despite not wanting to travel to Chicago just a few days after getting back from Salt Lake City, but I’m glad I did because she won the Under-17 event (at the age of 14), and took 3rd in the Open event (All ages)

  30. Art often makes me happy. I stumbled on a pic of a painting by Steve Hanks & remembered loving him years ago. Wiki says he died in 2015. My wish list now includes coffeetable book or books of his work. It was lovely just looking at the pics on google images.

    Another artist with a piece of art I absolutely adored that came to my attention this week is Robin Wight who does art nouveau, metal FAIRY sculptures. I particularly love the one titled Dancing With Dandelions. It made my week.

    My artist friend who is now living back in his birthplace of Aberdeen Scotland did an oil painting this week that I found kind of amazing because the color pallet is browns & tanks yet the painting is cheerful and with his work, as usual, whimsical. I will put an IG link in the comments.

    Also for anyone who doesn’t follow Bob Mayer – he put 13 books on KU this week. They include the Liz Danger series & a lot of his own best sellers.

    Bills are paid. Roof over my head. Food to eat. Gas in the car. Good stuff.

    Oh – and Tuesday is one of my normal days off & this week on Tuesday May 7th – the new Jayne Castle book from the Harmony series will be out! Yay!

      1. Wow Judy, that is just an amazing mix of artistry & physics & engineering.
        I have never been interested in faerie 🧚 related ephemera. But for some reason that has an energy & vibration that resonates with me. Thanks for sharing.

  31. My happy moment came yesterday when at a friend’s place, they finally were able to produce their large cat, who let me hold him. He’s a CHONKER! At least 20 pounds possibly more. It was delightful! I held him on my chest like a big baby and gave him scritches and smooches.

  32. Rain, glorious rain, an all-day soaking rain.

    We went to the green house owned by Paul’s friend’s wife and I got some plants. We made a plan to remove some of the grass that’s dead in an area where the dogs like to potty and replace it with pea gravel. One more hardscaping project and that should be it for this year on that front.

    My sister and I bought a new tv for our parents and Paul and I delivered it today and Paul set it all up for them. I get a good discount at the drugstore and my boss doesn’t mind if we buy for other people so I always get things for my parents and aunt. Vitamins that are 20$ I pay less than 5$ for so it’s worth it.

    Also, The Tortured Poets Department has been making me very happy. My sister and I have had some great conversations about it.

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