Crusie’s Guide to Art 9

“The Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli.
“Ever since it was first exhibited to the public in 1782, this picture has been an icon of horror. Showing a woman supine in her boudoir, oppressed by a foul imp while a ferocious-looking horse glares on, the painting draws on folklore and popular culture, medicine, concepts of imagination, and classical art to create a new kind of highly charged horror image.” From the Tate website.
All this needs as an update is a bear in the background with the title “Wrong Choice.”

12 thoughts on “Crusie’s Guide to Art 9

  1. They do say be careful what you wish for… and use a legal team and a lab… those innocent dust motes at the end of the contract sometimes contain sub-clauses

  2. The incubus reminds me of a pervious accounting professor I had.
    Who was ” in person ” a nice man, but in class a brute.
    Also it could be a representation of gastritis.
    I will have to read the Jungian version.

    1. Looks like MENstruation and the horse it rode in on. The kind you can only sleep off. Like a uterine migraine.

  3. This painting figured in a recent episode of Will Trent on ABC. He used it to figure out the means of murder by a serial killer.

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