Crusie’s Guide to Art 6

“Numa Pompilius receives the laws of Rome from the nymph Egeria,” Felice Gianni, 1806.
What I want to know is, what was a nymph doing with the laws of Rome, and who are those guys watching them?

16 thoughts on “Crusie’s Guide to Art 6

  1. I can find nothing to say, except that Darla/Egeria appears to have a skateboard on a ramp under her feet. There is so much weirdness here.

    1. And, back in the real world, as someone who has modeled I can tell you that her upraised finger and arm would be numb in about twenty minutes.

    2. Definitely a skateboard. Darla isn’t hanging around after she’s delivered the laws. If anything goes wrong, it won’t be on her.

  2. Why a nymph? What, you were expecting maybe wolves?

    The onlooking onlookers are the producers ready to prompt lines.

  3. David immediately goes out with the boys. Ego damage. Says : I’ll show you , you are not the boss of me.

  4. one of those guys watching seems to be a woman whose top is malfunctioning

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