Crusie’s Guide to Art 7

Detail of Judith Beheading Holofernes, 1599 by Caravaggio. If you want to do a deeper dive on this subject, check out Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith. I liked this one for humor because Judith just looks annoyed, but Gentileschi’s Judith got help and went to work and she is furious. It’s wonderful, particularly if you know that painter’s background. Possibly the first Me Too painting.

Kathleen Gerberick over on Facebook had a cogent comment: “I read somewhere that women who have put on a few extra pounds live longer than the men who point it out.”

14 thoughts on “Crusie’s Guide to Art 7

  1. I giggled as I read this so my husband who was passing behind me paused to read it. He wisely agreed with all that was said and left to get the mail.

  2. I LOVE Artemisia Gentileschi, but I agree that this Judith is better for comedic purposes.

  3. My friend put on a few pounds during lockdown (still within healthy range).. same as everyone else really. Her partner just told her he thought she’d been too thin before and he liked curves

    1. Gary, more men need to have the kind of sense you display…Of course I have not been out and about for a decade or so, my data may be obsolete… Taf

  4. Reminds me of my favorite “writer friends ” character, Madeline Jones or Dupree.
    She didn’t resort to physical violence but cut him off immediately! When he said she had a fat ass.

    I always feel a good place to be in is in the “Enchanted Cottage” frame of mind. You focus on things you love about your partner 😍. Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire 1945 film.

  5. I also like the story in Judges of Jael pounding a tent stake into the temple of the enemy General, Sisera, who came to take shelter. She gave him milk and he fell asleep, and she killed him.

  6. To me she’s always looked more like she’s trying to figure out the best angle to hold his head to keep the blood splatter away from her, a little concerned, a little confused; this is her first beheading and she wants to get it right.

  7. There’s a manga I’ve been reading that I think is quite good that’s apparently loosely based on her story called Arte, though reading her wikipedia page, it seems like the author takes quite a few liberties. Still, I think it’s a really interesting depiction of what things were like at that point in history

  8. The lady on Facebook had it right. I love her supremely annoyed expression.

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