Happiness is an Inflatable Play Tent

Okay, stay with me here. The ad for an inflatable bubble-like play tent popped up, and I could immediately see it on my back patio (very small patio) with a mattress inside it, and me inside it, too, with a book watching the rain fall. Of course it would be insufferably hot in the summer and bone-chillingly cold in the winter, so there would probably be three days a year I could use it, if ever, but for the five seconds I thought about reading in there while the rain fell around me, it was heaven. I think it’s time to find a psychiatrist. In the meantime, I’m going to pretend it floats, so I could be reading inside it with cookies and milk as it floated down a nice river. Yes, that could never happen, but it’s a writing rule that knowing it could never happen does not mean you must stop thinking about it. In fact, I think it means you must think about it.

Happiness is no forbidden thoughts.

What made you happy this week?

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