Happiness is a Plan

I’ve been sitting in my living room trying to figure out where I want things. I did manage to switch the couch and the long table around so the couch is up against the window, and got everything cleared off of it so Veronica and I can sit there while I work, so that’s been a win. But I still have furniture in the wrong places, in particular two tables with shelves, a console, and TV cabinet and four walls they go on, and I’ve been switching them around in my head, trying to figure how they’d best work with the problems in the room, and then it came to me, exactly how to fix all of it, and I made a plan. Which is so much better than, “There’s a problem here, what am I going to do to solve it?” Same with Very Nice Funerals which is a damn good book, but it has problems–we’re on the truck draft now–and I’m trying to figure out how to fix my part of it–Bob has his part in shape already–but I have a white board and I am sure that by tomorrow night I will have a plan and that will make me happy

Happiness is a plan.

How did you find happiness this week, planned or unplanned?