This is a Good Book Thursday, May 9, 2024

I’m reading Bob’s revision of Arresting Anna (remember that one? the pick up in Vegas that led to the FBI art crimes unit?) and making notes. We’re thinking about doing a series on art crimes with a mixed community of agents, consultants, and general miscreants, but that’ll be next year. Tonight, I’ll be reading Bob’s revision and continued writing on Very Nice Funerals with the idea of finishing it, or at least coming close because I’ve been a real drag on this collaboration lately and I need to stop up.

I also kind of want to reread some Michael Gilbert and, if I can get my TV moved and hooked up again, watch some Leverage, which Bob was not impressed with but which I adore. I think art crimes novels with a Leverage vibe would be great, so I have to do my research.

What research/books did you read this week?