Argh Author: Anne Stuart’s Return to Mariposa

Never ask a good friend to blurb her own book because you get this: “Krissie’s got a new book out, a modern romantic suspense called RETURN TO MARPOSA. She made me read it and it wasn’t half-bad, so go out and buy it.” Okay, Krissie, aka Anne Stuart, does have a new book out, and it is a romantic suspense called Return to Mariposa with a gorgeous cover, but it was excellent (I got to beta) and you should go out and buy it. As Krissie says, “. . .it has all the Stuart requisites, a dark, brooding hero, hidden identities, a soupcon of violence and a happy ending. It’s available at all the usual suspects, including Amazon. Oh, you wanted more detail?

Kitty Whitehead has never gotten over her banishment from Mariposa, the family home in Spain. When her glamorous cousin Bella comes up with the daring suggestion that they take each other’s place, she reluctantly agrees for the chance to say goodbye to the house and her estranged family.

But turning mousy Kitty into the glorious Bella is harder than she thinks, even if everyone seems to be fooled. Everyone but her hateful almost-cousin Ian, who’s getting too close to the truth and too close to Kitty, as he invades her dreams and makes her question everything she’s ever known to be true.

Someone is out to kill Kitty…or Bella. Who wants her dead, and why? Could Bella’s old enemy turned lover be the greatest danger she’s ever faced?

A modern story of romantic suspense and masquerade, where no one is as they seem.