The Office 1: 2024

Those of you who have been here forever know that my office becomes a pit very quickly and then I finally do The 12 Days of the Office posts as a way of guilting myself into getting organized and running the vacuum. Today is that day.

Well, yesterday was that day. Yesterday I was looking for something that I needed to do the day break pages on Rocky Start and I could not find it. So I spent the day rearranging furniture, cleaning (yes, I actually assembled my vacuum and used it), putting craft stuff in the guest bedroom and yarn in my bedroom, throwing stuff out and . . . it’s still a freaking mess. So I will be putting up Office 2024 pictures until this place is organized. I’ll talk more about it on Working Wednesday, but here’s where it was when I started yesterday (Monday). (I showed this picture to Bob and he said, “Where do you sit?”)

12 thoughts on “The Office 1: 2024

  1. I’ve studied the picture You say Bob asked, “Where do you sit?” It’s obvious. You open a window and sit on the sill.

    1. That was a massive job. And yes, MJ, we have been together for over seventeen years.

  2. Wow I so want to come help. I love cleaning and organizing stuff so that pic makes me itchy. Good luck getting it how you want it!

  3. Just looking at this picture stresses me out.

    Best of luck.

    (Long time lurker, occasional commenter).

  4. It’s funny, I saw comments about the lamp and was doing my best where’s waldo study to see what people were talking about. Once I found it, it was obviously a very pretty lamp that I shouldn’t have missed the first time!

    And I feel you. Right now, with the collapse of my shelving and hanging rods in the closet, I have my clothes in the bathtub, and the stuff previously stored on the shelves strewn about the house. It was really mortifying to see how much was there that I had been ignoring because it had a place.

  5. Ok, I feel little better. My studio is very similar to this and I am having trouble finding things that I know I have. I have a terrible habit of throwing things in there and shutting the door until later. But it’s getting to the point where it is overwhelming…

    At least I am doing better with the doom piles in other parts of the house. I start some project while I am sitting on the couch, abandon it and then it sits there for literally months… Some of it is indecision and some of it is weariness/depression I think, but I am happier when the chaos is contained. And I am actually finishing things this year, which helps. I am stagnating less.

    I also took pictures, but I don’t have the guts to share them. Trying to rein in the rest of the house first and keep it a a less hoarder-esqe level first. Because my house is my friend and I always want try to be respectful of my friends.

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