22 thoughts on “The Damned Family Reunion, Episode 1

  1. I’m curious if they all share the same middle name – “The.” Or possibly one of their middle initials is “B.” Or “S.”

  2. Jenny, I love you! My anxiety went away for the entire time I was reading. I need more of this family…

    1. Tuesday and Fridays, Kate. Bracketing Working Wednesdays and GBT.
      And then there’s the art series on Mondays plus Happiness Sundays.
      Fortunately the art and the cups are limited series. WW, GBT, and HS are eternal.

    1. I’m completely down for a cupcakes of the damned series.

      Susan, was it you who did the chick devilled eggs on Insta? Doubly thematically correct. Lol.

  3. This is why I love writers, I get to see inside someone else’s imagination and it is usually way beyond what I could imagine. Sometimes that is scary, sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes both! Love your mind Jenny – it is why I always come back to you and your books.

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