12 thoughts on “More Happiness–Kali–and Admin

  1. Kali is very photogenic. I wonder if her former owner had her brushed and looking at her best especially for the handover.

    Sorry to hear of the “massive computer problems.” I hope it turns out to be something simple, like one of those stupid error messages that turn out to have next to nothing about the real problem, once one figures it out.

  2. Kali’s such a cutie!

    Sorry about the computer problems. I tend to do a lot of cursing under my breath while working them out. Doesn’t fix anything but passes the time.

  3. Three of my friends lost dogs recently. One friend is finally planning her honeymoon (she married 5 years ago) — maybe she and her husband are waiting to complete that event before getting a new dog. The second friend plans to pick up her dog on July 1st (after a big family trip to Alaska). The third friend picked up a new dog on a trip to Florida and has also found a new partner (both her husband and her dog died last year). She recently met a local widower and they’ve moved in together. Her life is really taking off.

    I guess the old punchline is true: life starts after the dog dies.

  4. Thank you for letting us know. It must be like having an entire village of anxious mamas. We do worry when we don’t hear from you.

  5. Thanks to Jenny Smith for posting my photo of Kali, and for all the nice comments. I missed it when it was posted, but my brother alerted me to it.

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