Crusie’s Guide to Art Lesson 4

A detail from “Spring Landscape” by Lucas_van_Valckenborch 1587

19 thoughts on “Crusie’s Guide to Art Lesson 4

    1. There’s only one guy, the one in yellow with the horns. The others are women. I think.

        1. I saw him later. (Remember, I did these in 2014, so they’re all new to me now.). I’m pretty sure it was the guy in yellow I was thinking of, but you all the story you want.

  1. He just wants another chance. He gets nervous in big groups. Maybe if they could go somewhere a little more private… His mother will kill him if he doesn’t seal the deal!

  2. Just curious, did Philip bring the satyr along? Because if not, maybe Alice and her girlfriends are interviewing Philip for some position the intricacies of which have not yet occurred to him.

    1. Oh, wait, you’re right, there is another guy.
      I only had eyes for the guy in yellow.

  3. I think the guy in yellow is the matchmaker. Seriously, he hooked her up with a rabbi?
    She’s not a rabbi, kind of girl.

  4. Except for the guy in yellow they all look terminally bored, although Phillip looks kind of anxious as well as bored.

  5. And the lady in pink is saying “If we get these flower garlands made we can just leave! Will you all hurry up?”

    1. The women all look fed up. They are having a nice evening with the girls and these two jokers show up causing trouble

  6. Are we sure Phillip isn’t the one thinking about “bottom five blind dates?” Setting him up with the guy in yellow was no favor.

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