13 thoughts on “Crusie’s Guide to Art 5

  1. Great caption! These old paintings portray a very different standard of “beauty” from today. Wider hips and smaller breasts, tinier nuts and berries, no six-packs, no tans, strange hairdos. A whole painting about a woman rolling her eyes at a guy! I love it!

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 what a disappointment.
    I love how femininely beautiful they both are ♥️

  3. Well lesson for her, don’t betray your father and country for someone who’ll abandon you on an island to be propositioned by the God of Wine.

    1. Nope, I’m on Ariadne’s team there. Her father and country were sacrificing fourteen teenagers a year to her half brother, the Minotaur. Theseus volunteered to be a victim to stop the murders. I’m all for killing the Minotaur. After that, it depends on the myth your read. Some myths say Theseus abandoned her, some say he just stepped out for a minute and when he came back, Dionysus had moved in, some say Dionysys (a god) had told to get lost, Ariadne was his, some say Theseus killed her. Some say Athena killed her. Some day she ran afoul of the head of Medusa (I think wielding by Theseus, but I’m not sure.). Some say that Dionysus went to hell and brought her back and married her and made her a goddess and they had thirteen kids. Anyway I’m team Kill the Minotaur. Not in favor of countries that murder people for political reasons.

      1. Totally agree! As far as I’m concerned, all the news lately is about feeding the Minotaur. Which is why I am reading your books instead of reading something new. I finished Crazy for you and I’m on To Bet Me

      2. It’s obvious that fanfic was popular back in the Mice&ninnies age. Bronze age. Whatever. (Right there with ya, Chelsea.)

      3. See, I feel like the Minotaur gets a bad rap and is horribly misunderstood. CM Nascosta has a short story about him and yes, he ate people, but not the way everyone assumes…

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