Admin: Computer troubles

I just did something horrible to my laptop and the screen is flashing and leaping about, so if I suddenly disappear from here for a couple of days, I’m fine, but my computer is not. Carry on.

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  1. You remind me that I desperately need to recharge and update my laptops, neither of which has been so much as plugged in this year, nor in memory, last year. Also a Kindle tablet. Oddly enough, Should I wish to read the Kindle on the move, I use the old one. The $69 model with physical buttons instead of touchscreen.

    Saving files in multiple thumb drives is insufficient. I need to assure myself that a computer failure will not render me incapable of attending my finances.

    Good luck with yours!

  2. I hope you get that resolved, soon. I know you depend on your laptop for many things. Talk nicely to it. I really believe machines know how we feel about them. It’s demonic.

  3. The worst feeling!
    Hopefully you get it resolved soon.
    There is darkness in the web.

  4. Praying for the rapid return of health to your computer. I know exactly how annoying that is. My laptop became unreliable during tax season and last year. And I had to replace it.
    Happiness is a reliable laptop. That does what it’s supposed to.

  5. My partner and I have decided to call the technical difficulties in particular with computers a “wizard” problem, an inside joke from our shared love of Harry Dresden novels and the always problematic coexistence of technology and magic. Much more fun for me who has bad luck with most things electronic and computer.

    1. A favorite quote in my house is by Dave Kellett from his comic strip Sheldon, “Technology – Magic’s lame younger brother.”

  6. Do a hard reboot. Made my same situation back to normal. Alt delete control.

  7. My FIL’s computer seized up with a warning and he called the number listed. That was a mistake.

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