The Office 1: 2024

Those of you who have been here forever know that my office becomes a pit very quickly and then I finally do The 12 Days of the Office posts as a way of guilting myself into getting organized and running the vacuum. Today is that day.

Well, yesterday was that day. Yesterday I was looking for something that I needed to do the day break pages on Rocky Start and I could not find it. So I spent the day rearranging furniture, cleaning (yes, I actually assembled my vacuum and used it), putting craft stuff in the guest bedroom and yarn in my bedroom, throwing stuff out and . . . it’s still a freaking mess. So I will be putting up Office 2024 pictures until this place is organized. I’ll talk more about it on Working Wednesday, but here’s where it was when I started yesterday (Monday). (I showed this picture to Bob and he said, “Where do you sit?”) Continue reading